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This is why people should be allowed to carry guns especially women…

Yep, things like this is why we should be able to carry legal guns. In this story, 5 young black thugs raped a young girl at a park in NYC while walking with her father. The men ordered the father to leave the area, though.


Sad and heartbreakin’ but think how things could have been a little different if either the girl or the father had a gun on them? The girl was old enough to get a gun ’cause the age limit in order to get a gun is 18 years of age so she should be able to have a gun. I think it would be even better if the father had a gun and he would have protected her by shooting all of those fuckers.

Wouldn’t you want to have a gun so you can protect yourself and others? Having a legal gun on you would help protect yourself from things like this, ya know? This would have been a good time to have a legal gun on ya. If I had a gun, I would have no problem shooting them all in the face just to save my ass and others.

I really am thinking about getting a legal gun permit and am thinking about joining the NRA as well. Fuck all those gun control loving assholes.