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Thoughts on Tom Hanks yelling at autographs & selfie hounds after they trip his wife…

This is starting to be the most talked about thing today… Tom Hanks screaming and yelling at fans in NYC after they nearly knocked his wife, Rita Wilson over.

Tom Hanks, the iconic actor has been on a promotional tour, doing events to help promote the “Elvis” biopic movie that he has a role in. Here you see Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, just arriving in NYC… surrounded by bodyguards of course… and ya know this, where ever celebrities go in big cities such as NYC, there will be obsessive fans and paparazzi around.

On Tom’s way out to his vehicle, he was trying to be nice to the crowd at first by nodding to everyone and smiling but things got a bit aggressive when things got too crowded. Rita was almost knocked over ’cause the black dude with the black hat on bumped into her.

Was it the black guy’s fault? Everyone in social media and youtube comments blaming the black guy but I watched this video a couple of times. It wasn’t his fault at all. To me, I think the black guy was just trying to help and try to give Tom and Rita some space. To me, I saw that it was the big fat ass with the blue sweatshirt and backpack on that bumped into the black guy and pushed the black guy into Rita. Blame the blue sweat shirt guy.

On top of that, it seems that Tom was in no mood for autographs and selfies ’cause it looked like he was in a real hurry… note his fast walking. I think Tom’s in NYC this week to do a slew of interviews with the press to promote “Elvis”. Rita just goes with him everywhere he goes and he just being protective of her really.

Doing a little research, Tom Hanks is very accommodating w/ autographs and selfies with fans but at a time like that, he wasn’t in the mood for. He looked to be in a real hurry and was looking tired. Plus, those fans didn’t deserve it… trying to hound him with autographs and shoving their phones in his face like really? And most importantly, almost knocking over Rita which she could have been hurt. I can understand Tom getting pissed ’cause I’d be the same.


Never forget the Twin Tower attacks in NYC on Sept. 11th, 2001… I never will…


This is a huge part of why we elected Trump in office so we can stop something like this from happening again. “Make America Safe Again” wasn’t a political slogan, y’all. 9/11 is why we badly need the border wall and it’s why we need the travel bans as well. Nope, instead the left have to get all political and call us names by calling us racists, bigots and all that crap. Trump is doing a good job fighting terrorism so far.

Where was I when all of this was happening? Well I was working at Reserve America in Ballston Spa at the time and was home on a day off of work. I was sleeping in and got woken up to this. I was watching the news all day ’cause of it too like most people.


Obama would never release that 28 page 9/11 document, even if he did they would be redacted anyways so why bother?

There’s a 9/11/01 bill that’s going on through Congress and if it passes, it would give families of 9/11 victims the right to sue foreign people for being involved in the attacks. The Saudis threatened to sell US assets (aka property in Saudi Arabia owned by the US government) if the bill passes.

They are also trying to get Obama to declassify the 28 page document. Some of it has already been released but only certain pages.



It’s a waste of time trying to push Obama to release that 9/11 document ’cause even if he did they would be heavily redacted anyways. When he had the “Operation: Fast and Furious” and “Benghazi” documents released, you couldn’t see much on those at all. The same would happen if he was forced to release the 28 page 9/11 document. You would see a lot of blank spaces and black outs on it.

Obama’s a fucking coward. I’ve been saying for years now that Obama is not on our side. He’s the enemy of America and he’s showing it even more over the 28 page document.

This is another reason why we need Trump in office. Get Trump elected then the full un-redacted 28 page document gets released and all those gets exposed involved in the attacks. I’ve been saying for a long time that Obama has always been obsessed with “classified” information. Why do you think Benghazi and Operation F&F are still unsolved? You will never get top secret info from Obama.

The only reason they redact documents is ’cause obviously it would land Obama into a lot of trouble. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect himself that’s why he gets away with so much. When they release documents, they pick and choose of what to show on them so they won’t expose people. My bets that the reason they won’t release the full 28 page document is ’cause it would expose those in government involved in 9/11. They would expose Obama, George W. Bush and the Clintons. All of them were in on 9/11. All the liberals want to blame Bush for 9/11… yes, Bush was definitely responsible but he’s not the only one to blame. George W. Bush definitely had some help in the 9/11 attacks.

Under the Obama administration, it’s very hard to expose Barack Obama of his crimes ’cause he’s having people in his administration to help protect him like Valerie Jarrett and others.

And also, the documents would prove that Bin Laden and Al Qaeda wasn’t involved in the attacks at all.

Like I said above, this is another reason why we need Trump. Get Trump in office and he’ll get to the bottom of most Obama crimes like 9/11/01 involvement, Benghazi, Operation F&F, The IRS scandals, the VA scandals and everything else. Trump will prove that Obama is behind all those. Maybe that’s why so many hate Trump ’cause they know Trump is about to throw Obama in prison soon.


NYC taking away “rights” and freedoms from costumed characters and topless women in Times Square…

This is bullshit. I too am not a big fan of those costumed characters taking pics with tourists to get tips off of but Times Square is a public place. They should be able to do that stuff if they want to even if you don’t like it. If you don’t want to be bothered by them, all you have to do is ignore them and keep walking. It’s that easy isn’t it?


If women complain about topless women in Times Square, how come nobody says anything about the naked cowboy that walks around with an acoustic guitar? You know who I’m talking about right? People complain about the topless women in Times Square but nobody complains about the naked cowboy. WHy the double standard?

This country is just sad. When things don’t go people’s way, they take away their rights. Like I said above, I’m not a big fan of costumed characters taking people’s money either but that’s their right and their business. If that’s how they want to make their money, that’s their decision. NYC is run by liberal politicians so it’s no surprise anyway.

Taking away peoples rights to do what they want to do is disgusting. When will it end? I thought this was America?


This is why people should be allowed to carry guns especially women…

Yep, things like this is why we should be able to carry legal guns. In this story, 5 young black thugs raped a young girl at a park in NYC while walking with her father. The men ordered the father to leave the area, though.


Sad and heartbreakin’ but think how things could have been a little different if either the girl or the father had a gun on them? The girl was old enough to get a gun ’cause the age limit in order to get a gun is 18 years of age so she should be able to have a gun. I think it would be even better if the father had a gun and he would have protected her by shooting all of those fuckers.

Wouldn’t you want to have a gun so you can protect yourself and others? Having a legal gun on you would help protect yourself from things like this, ya know? This would have been a good time to have a legal gun on ya. If I had a gun, I would have no problem shooting them all in the face just to save my ass and others.

I really am thinking about getting a legal gun permit and am thinking about joining the NRA as well. Fuck all those gun control loving assholes.


Thoughts on NY State soon raising the minimum wage for fast food workers…

Here it comes, y’all. Even more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder! NY State will soon be the first state in 6 years to raise the minimum wage of fast food workers… NYC will get it first, soon the rest of NY State. Then later on, I’m sure it’ll happen for the rest of the U.S.

For years fast food workers have protested this to happen and look like they got their wish.


Like everyone else, I disagree with it. Fast food jobs have low pay for a pretty good reason ’cause it’s a pretty easy job just to stand there and flip a burger or talk to customers in the drive-thru. They’ll be making a lot more money than people who work the harder jobs. They’ll be making more than factory workers, landscaping jobs, construction workers, office workers and they’ll be making more than people who work in a grocery store. These fast food workers will be making more than people who work as a waiter/waitress or as a cook at a real restaurant which is a much harder job. How is all this fair?

Fast food workers are not happy with their jobs ’cause they don’t get paid good? Well here is a bit of a reality check… why don’t they quit and find other jobs that pay well? I understand that some people have to get stuck working at fast food jobs ’cause they can’t get a job anywhere else. Maybe it’s because they didn’t have a good enough education which is why they get stuck working crap jobs. Well, if these fast food workers are getting stuck working crap jobs like McDonald’s, Burger King or Taco Bell well they brought it upon themselves since they didn’t get their life in order. Don’t blame everyone else. Blame yourself.

Here’s an interesting write-up about it by local news anchor, John Gray.

Read this, it’s interesting…


This is bullshit and it’s gonna hurt the economy even more. This smells “communism” too. Barack Obama will love this idea though ’cause he was the one who came up with the idea of raising the minimum wage so he would praise NY State for this.

Hope we get Donald Trump in office so this don’t happen everywhere else.


Donald Trump and Neil Young are still friends, despite Neil not letting him use his song…

Since the news broke out today that Neil Young said that the Donald was not authorized to use his song “Rockin’ In the Free World” at his president announcement at Trump Tower, this news got libtards all excited. I’ve seen a lot of dumb posts and comments in Facebook, begging Neil Young to sue. Look like that’s not gonna happen ’cause despite Neil not letting Trump use his song, they’re still friends so it looks like a lawsuit isn’t gonna happen. Sorry to disappoint you libtards.

Trump defended himself and claims he did get the rights for the song but he will respect the musician’s wish if he doesn’t want him to use it.

Neil himself wrote a statement on his facebook page as you can see above… clarifying that he makes music for people and not for Presidential candidates.

Even though it may look like that they’re enemies over the use of the song, they’re not enemies at all. Neil is just trying to protect his music which he has the right to do.


Just more proof how dumb and childish libtards really are.

Anyway, while I am a huge Neil Young fan and have a lot of his albums… I skipped his previous album “Storytone” and I’m gonna skip his next one too ’cause I don’t believe in this save the world and get rid of GMO stuff. I’m not interested in that stuff but I still think Neil makes amazing music even though he is a liberal guy.


This is to those who thought King Abdullah and Saudi Arabia were our allies… they helped funded plane hijackers for 9/11/01…

King Abdullah and the Saudi Arabia were on our side, hey? Libtards have been begging for years on answers from 9/11/01, well look like they will soon get exactly that and I’m sure it wasn’t what they were hoping for.

Saudi Arabia was never on our side at all.



Liberals are predictably silent on two murdered cops in NYC…

Obama, Sharpton & Jackson the three race stooges are not only responsible for the 2 murdered cops in Brooklyn… you can throw Eric Holder and Mayor De Blasio in there too.

I’m noticing that liberals are silent about the two murdered cops in Brooklyn which is good actually. Liberals should stay silent on this ’cause they are at fault too. Liberals in America also took part in race bating and making this country divisive. Liberals are definitely silent on this. They haven’t said anything about this in social networking. Not one word from the left in facebook and twitter. It’s mostly right-wingers grieving for the two dead cops.

I hope the black community and libtards in America are proud of themselves ’cause I have a feeling that this will happen more and more in America. Police officers getting killed in cold blood. Protesters claim “Black Lives Matter” well the truth is that all lives matter, that includes police officers.

It’s a shame what happened. Two police officers murdered in the streets of NYC and they won’t be able to spend the Christmas holidays with their families.

It’s a proven fact now that libtards hate cops and it’s a shame. I’m sure they could care less that those two cops were murdered in cold blood for no reason. They should be respected. They sacrifice themselves to protect all of us. Libtards are really despicable human beings.

I’m so fucking tired of Obama. He really needs to go to jail for this, the blood in his hands now. While all of this is going on, Obama is in Hawaii with Moochelle and the kids. Obama doesn’t give a shit. This is what he wanted and he got it.