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Never forget the Twin Tower attacks in NYC on Sept. 11th, 2001… I never will…


This is a huge part of why we elected Trump in office so we can stop something like this from happening again. “Make America Safe Again” wasn’t a political slogan, y’all. 9/11 is why we badly need the border wall and it’s why we need the travel bans as well. Nope, instead the left have to get all political and call us names by calling us racists, bigots and all that crap. Trump is doing a good job fighting terrorism so far.

Where was I when all of this was happening? Well I was working at Reserve America in Ballston Spa at the time and was home on a day off of work. I was sleeping in and got woken up to this. I was watching the news all day ’cause of it too like most people.


If you trust Obama on his fight toward ISIS, then you are an idiot…

Last thing you want to do is trust Obama on his fight toward ISIS. If you believe what he says is trustworthy and honest, then you are an idiot.

You know Barack is full of shit when he claims destroying ISIS will be a long struggle. You know he is full of shit when he claims that our U.S. Troops fighting ISIS themselves isn’t the answer. The truth is, destroying ISIS shouldn’t be all that hard. Why can’t our US troops fight ISIS themselves instead of them training Iraqi militants? That’s what the U.S. Military is supposed to do and that’s why they’re around so they can sacrifice themselves to kill enemies such as ISIS and other terrorists. Have the U.S. Troops battle ISIS themselves instead of militants. Kill ISIS by shooting them all and bombing them all to death… Problem solved??? It’s that easy. It’s that Obama is just trying to make it look difficult to destroy ISIS when it shouldn’t be.

If Obama is trying all he can to make it look difficult to destroy ISIS then he’s hiding something and being secretive about something. What’s his real goal with ISIS? He and the Pentagon created ISIS together, they wouldn’t kill what they created. They’re doing something with ISIS either topple Assad or take over America or both.

Don’t trust Obama. If you believe what he says is credible only because he says it, once again you’re an idiot.

ISIS is not that tough as Obama tries to make them out to be. I mean, Isis has all kinds of military style machine guns and vehicles, where do you think they got that stuff from? The U.S. Government duh.

You should be afraid of Obama and this admin. With the handling of ISIS. You shouldn’t be afraid of ISIS, you should be afraid of Obama himself.


The Pentagon and Obama helped start ISIS, don’t believe what comes out of them…

Want to know why ISIS hasn’t been defeated by us yet? It’s because the US government and Obama are ISIS. ISIS was created to try to get Bashar Assad ousted as President of Syria.

Check these articles out:



And check out this when John McCain took his secret trip to Syria to offer them weapons, training and funding.


They don’t want to destroy ISIS. If they wanted to destroy ISIS, they could have easily done that a long time ago. Of course, I don’t agree with Obama’s view on defeating ISIS, training Iraqi militants. I think he just secretly wants more recruits for ISIS and this is what he’s doing. Making ISIS even more powerful and bigger.

They’re just trying to battle Assad. Which this brings back to Benghazi… this is what they were trying to do out of the Benghazi attacks when they were running guns so they can try to topple Assad. Obama’s obsession of taking down Assad is nothing new… Obama’s been trying to remove him from office in Syria for years. He’s not gonna give up until Assad is done. That’s the goal with Isis. It’s well documented that Obama and Assad have been feuding for a long time.


Government watchdog says, Obama and Pentagon broke the law with Bergdhal prisoner swap….

Every time Obama does something suspicious or questionable… chances are, delusional idiots will make claims that Obama did not break the law or did nothing impeachable. It happens every time Obama does something bad. People will always think he did nothing wrong no matter the situation.

Look… Obama is not above the law, you uneducated losers. I know you’re probably gonna look at this article, laugh and make idiotic statements like, “That’s only according to the government watchdog” or “Look at how many other presidents who done the same thing?”.

People will never believe that Obama broke the law no matter what gets put out there.

Whenever a conservative politician like Rick Perry gets in trouble with the law they’ll be like, “Oh goody, another slimy right winger got busted!!!” Whenever a liberal politician gets in trouble, they’ll be like, “Oh, he did nothing wrong. He is completely safe and innocent”.

Obama needs to be impeached for this and the entire Pentagon needs to go too.

Keep acting like Obama is innocent, dumbasses. You just keep looking foolish and idiotic every time.



Was 9/11/01 perpetrated by our own government??? I wouldn’t be surprised…

So, “#Investigate911” is a trending topic on twitter. Yes, they were referring to the 9/11/01 WTC attacks, of course. I was trying to figure out why this became a trending topic all of a sudden and I think I just figured it out… some guy interrupted a Superbowl press conference and says that, “9/11 should be investigated and was perpetrated by our own government”.

Well, for many years, people have blamed the 9/11/01 attacks on President Bush and our US Government. The US government during the Bush Administration blamed it on Osama Bin Laden but I don’t think Bin Laden was involved. There was no proof that Bin Laden was involved and they didn’t even put him on trial. Ever noticed there was no full on congressional investigation on 9/11/01 just like there was no investigation on the Benghazi attacks 9/11/2012???

The Obama administration claimed they went out and killed Bin Laden with no proof of that either so this gets me thinking that Obama could be helping to protect George W. Bush over 9/11/01 ’cause everybody knows that Obama and Bush have a strong relationship together.

Was 9/11/01 an inside job by our US government?

I agree 9/11/01 should be investigated and the same goes for Benghazi – 9/11/2012. They both need a full scale investigation.

It’s nice to finally see the American people waking up on 9/11/01 that the terrorists attacks wasn’t exactly committed by Bin Laden but it was actually done by George W. Bush himself.