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Government watchdog says, Obama and Pentagon broke the law with Bergdhal prisoner swap….

Every time Obama does something suspicious or questionable… chances are, delusional idiots will make claims that Obama did not break the law or did nothing impeachable. It happens every time Obama does something bad. People will always think he did nothing wrong no matter the situation.

Look… Obama is not above the law, you uneducated losers. I know you’re probably gonna look at this article, laugh and make idiotic statements like, “That’s only according to the government watchdog” or “Look at how many other presidents who done the same thing?”.

People will never believe that Obama broke the law no matter what gets put out there.

Whenever a conservative politician like Rick Perry gets in trouble with the law they’ll be like, “Oh goody, another slimy right winger got busted!!!” Whenever a liberal politician gets in trouble, they’ll be like, “Oh, he did nothing wrong. He is completely safe and innocent”.

Obama needs to be impeached for this and the entire Pentagon needs to go too.

Keep acting like Obama is innocent, dumbasses. You just keep looking foolish and idiotic every time.