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When ex-Trump supporters accuse the true supporters of worshipping Trump and staying on the far-right…

When people bail on supporting Trump, you call them out then chances are they’re gonna say bullcrap like “Trump isn’t god”, “You worship him too much”, “You’re so far right just like those liberal zombies”, etc. blah blah blah blah, you get the deal. You’ll get that type of response each time you call someone out who claims to be on the Trump Train still. Before the Syrian strike happened, these are the same people who fully supported Trump and helped us defended Trump when he’s in trouble with something. Now they’re out of the closet as Trump haters since after the Syrian strike happened. Not only they seem to be hating on Trump all the time now, they treat the true supporters like myself so horribly. They are worse than liberals. The Ex-Trumpers treat the true fans so nasty and mean. They quickly went from being cool people to a bunch of assholes.

They keep saying they’re on the Trump Train still but I’m not buying it if they keep trashing people in Trump’s administration and trashing Trump’s true fan base just because we disagree with them opposing Trump’s Syrian strike. Not sure what’s going on here, it’s all too weird for me.

I called out a certain youtuber who flipped on Trump and got all kinds of hate comments from so-called Trump supporters, I’ll post a few examples below… these are straight from the youtube comments from a certain youtuber who should be nameless at this time:

  • “Kev Brock no, it’s because us conservatives don’t worship our leaders. We trust them until they lose our trust then we give em hell. Obama could kill a village of babies and puppies and liberals would still lick his shoes. Conservatives think for themselves, not in a collective mob.”
  • “did he say he’s now against Trump ? He’s just criticizing a dumb move . Quit being a worshiper…. no one is to be trusted .”
  • “He’s not a partisan brainwashed shithead trained to take political sides instead of the aide or right and wrong.. the DOCS is a TRUTHER! Maybe God bless him.”

What everyone is trying to say is that they are trying to be “objective”, ya know, trying to stay “unbiased” is the best defense they can come up with.

Ya know, they are totally way off on a lot of things. 1) We don’t agree with everything Trump says or does, we are honest with him too. 2) We true Trump supporters are not really on the “far-right” like a lot of them want to believe.

You see, it’s okay to disagree with Donald Trump on stuff. We’re not saying you can’t. What we’re upset about is that these so-called Trump supporters threatened to get off the Trump Train over one-thing they disagree with Trump on, you see? Us true Trump supporters do disagree with him on some things but we don’t threaten to get off the Trump Train. We don’t bash Trump ’cause we disagree. We don’t go out of our way to bash him, his family and some people in his administration like a lot of you assholes did. That includes losers like Paul Joseph Watson, Cernovich, Anne Coulter, etc. Those backstabbing pieces of shits.

You so-called Trump supporters want to declare yourselves as “free-thinkers”? HA! We are the “true free thinkers” ’cause we believe in freedom of speech. So when you so-called Trump supporters threaten to get off the Trump Train, bashing Trump and bashing his true fans who disagree with you… WOW…. you fucking pieces of shits starting to sound like those intolerant liberals. Do you really want to look like them??? I’m sure liberals are probably applauding you now for turning on Trump and his real supporters.

As for you saying we worship Trump? Yeah, that part is actually true. We do WORSHIP Trump and if you don’t fucking like it? We don’t care! We stand with our president every step of the way. That’s being a loyal and true supporter. Not Paul Joseph Watson’s fake base.

The conservative party continues to be divided and it’s even worse now. Sad!


Trump says we’re not going into Syria but so-called Trump supporters still bashing him…

President Trump has cleared the air on the Syrian strike from last Thursday and says he’s not going to war with Syria. Just teach ’em a little lesson and that’s it like I was trying my best to tell everyone.


Ever since the US striking Syria happened, many so-called Trump supporters turned out to be disloyal. Turning their back on Trump and getting off the Trump Train. They still claim they haven’t gotten off the Trump Train; however, they’re still criticizing him on this and many other things. It’s amazing how they think they can “cover up” their hate for Trump and think they can get away with it. Once again, they say bullshit like “free thinking” supporters, we don’t have to agree with everything he says or does, we don’t worship Trump the same way liberals worshipped Obama, etc. blah blah blah blah blah… they think they can get away with their secret hate for Trump. It’s easy to tell that they’ve never been on the Trump Train after all this time.

Ever since Trump’s Syrian strike happened… the so-called Trump supporters keep bashing people in Trump’s administration like Ivanka & Jared, Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, etc. They want to say they haven’t gotten off the Trump Train? Yeah, right.

Look, y’all… it’s completely okay to admit that you don’t like Trump anymore so why are some of you scared to do it? Are they scared of “backlash” from other loyal Trump supporters? The true supporters that is? Yeah and that’s probably the reason they’re scared to admit it. The reality is no one will give a shit if you don’t like Trump anymore ’cause the Trump Train is still fine and good. It’s not a loss if you decide to bail on Trump.

Sadly Trump is gonna get this a lot. He’s gonna get a lot of backstabbers and getting people who’s turning out to be disloyal. I’m waiting to see how Trump supporters are gonna react when the Wall goes up at the border or when Trump actually does take out Isis for good.

We voted Trump ’cause we wanted a man who has balls and we got exactly what we wanted. Sadly some are gonna change their mind about Trump ’cause they’re jealous that he has balls and they don’t.


Are so-called Trump supporters who disapproved of Syrian strike coming out as haters or they never were on the Trump Train???

It’s interesting to what’s been going on lately. All these popular internet people: Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones of InfoWars, Mike Cernovich, Ann Coulter and maybe a few others seems to have turned on President Trump since last Thursday’s Syrian strike after those people claiming to be on Trump Train. They still claim to be on Trump Train ; however, they keep bashing Trump like mad on their twitter pages. It’s not just the Syrian strike that they’re bashing Trump on, they’re bashing Trump on all kinds of other things now like they’re bashing Ivanka, Jared and other people in Trump’s administration.

So after seeing all this, I asked myself this question: “Are these people coming out of the closet as Trump haters or they never were on the Trump Train after all this time?”.

There are other Americans that claim to be true Trump supporters but they still seem to be bashing Trump all the time. When you call them out on it, they make excuses like: “We can disagree with the president”, “We’re free thinking supporters” etc. When you do call them out and tell them they’re wrong on certain stuff, they’ll accuse you of being Donald Trump ass kissers or worshippers. You see, we don’t defend Trump on everything, we’re just trying to tell you that you’re wrong on a lot of stuff.

It really is interesting how all these so-called Trump supporters were all ProTrump during primary election and now the election is over with, they’re now hating on him all of a sudden. Even some Americans who are not famous on the internet are hating on Trump now after claiming to be on Trump Train during election.

Gotta love PJW’s tweets when he tweeted these:

Funny coming from a guy who said he’s officially off the Trump Train and now he’s pointing fingers at the media for pushing the “Trump’s abandoned him” narrative when he did exactly that.

Should you listen to PJW’s base???? PJW’s base is 36% so that’s a small audience:


57% of America approved Trump’s actions in Syria so which base should you listen to? Of course, PJW’s base will never admit they have a small audience. Most Americans believe Trump did the right thing, even some liberal democrats approved Trump’s Syrian strike ’cause the poll scored a 40% Democrats who approved. So take that for what you will.

These assholes are trying to make it look like this isn’t what we voted Trump for. Ya know, going to war if we need to… think about this… one of Trump’s big policy promises was building a strong military. He kept that promise with that last Thursdays Syrian strike. People join the military for a reason to protect our country if we feel threatened by other countries. What part of “building a strong military”, “getting radical Islamic terrorism the hell out of our country” and “bomb the shit out of Isis” don’t you all understand? Those three quotes he said during the primary election was a hint that he’s willing to go to war if necessary.

Those who disapprove Trump taking action are just still used to “weak” Obama, well Trump is not Obama, y’all. You’re going to have to get used to a new leader who is strong and tough. So get used to it. There’s a new Sheriff in town now and his name is President Trump. Deal with it. All those getting off the Trump Train sounds like those crybaby liberals. Sad.


Video: Syrian gas attack survivor praises Trump on CNN but upset with Obama…


This is very cool! This is something that liberals and those anti-war conservatives don’t want to hear at all. Gas attack survivor goes on CNN to praise President Trump but calls out Barack Obama for not giving Syrian people enough protection. Yes on CNN!

CNN did it just to try to spin it into something negative hoping to try to make Trump look bad but it didn’t work. You can see that the interviewer was fuming in this video as he was praising Trump and trashing Obama. Toward the end of that video, she was trying to cut him off but he kept talking over her which is amazing.

When will people get through their thick heads that Obama is a weak leader and always has been? I get why some conservatives are critical over Trump’s Syrian strike ’cause some are still used to political leaders not doing anything. Many are still used to “all talk and no action”. That’s why they’re pissed at Trump ’cause he did something about it.


Thoughts on Trump’s Syrian Strike: I Stand With Trump…

Last night, the Trump administration launched air strikes on a Syrian airfield where the chemical weapons came from…. chemical weapons that killed a lot of people including many women and children. Of course, this has outraged liberals and some so-called conservatives &  some Trump supporters.

My question is why are all these so called conservatives and some so-called Trump supporters so anti-war all of a sudden? They are really starting to sound like those anti-war liberals which is sad. Where were those conservatives when Bush sent the USA to war after 9/11 happened? The right-wing community were silent back then…  as a matter of fact, I remember the right-wing community praised Bush for the Iraq/Afghanistan wars.

It really sickens me to see all of these so-called Trump supporters defending Assad and calling him innocent. Assad is in no way an innocent man at all. He is a very evil and dangerous man. They don’t call him a dictator for no reason. He is no stranger to killing his own people as this wasn’t the first time. I swore that I remember that a Syrian gas attack happened under Obama that made Obama came up the idea with the “Red Line”. Obama’s “Red Line” in which he vowed to act if Assad killed his own people with chemical weapons but Obama didn’t do anything. Obama was soft and weak. Trump decided to have some balls and do something about it. Sure, Trump may have flipped about getting into Syria but when something serious like women and children getting killed you have to act.

Once again, it really saddens me to see all of these Trump supporters abandoning Trump and getting off the Trump train because of it. In my opinion, these people weren’t true Trump supporters after all that time. If they were a real Trump supporter then they would stand behind everything he’s doing. They only voted for Trump so they can be proud of themselves and once the election is over with, they are free to get back on the hating bandwagon. They are just trying to redeem themselves with the anti-Trump crowd and get their respect back. Caving into the haters like a bunch of pussies.

I’ll never turn my back on Trump. Never. Those days of “all talk, no action” politicians are over. Trump just showed real leadership. That’s what is pissing off all those ex-Trump supporters. They can’t stand it that he’s actually doing things. Why are Trump supporters and conservatives so anti-war all of a sudden? I thought they were supportive of the Troops and fighting for our freedoms. This is what presidents are supposed to do when things get real bad. When terror attacks happen in the USA or around the world, no more sitting back and doing nothing about it. It’s time to have some balls and act.

Upset with the Syrian strike from last night? Well you just wait, Trump will have many more air strikes and military action in the future. This is how you wipe out Isis, just bomb the hell out of them and they’ll be gone once the Trump administration finds out where their hideout is.

Some of you are saying why attack Syria when it has nothing to do with us? It has everything to do with us. What if Assad attacks us the USA and other countries around the world? That’s what it’s all about is to stop him from attacking other countries.

If Hillary was president now, all she would be doing is talking about taking out Assad and not have anything done about it. She’s all talk and no action like Obama. Trump is all about action. Don’t worry we won’t get WWIII over this so enough with your WWIII fantasies.

Conservatives have been driving me nuts for the past year or so and they have gotten much worse now. I stand with Trump 100%.

And by the way, this also proved that the US was capable of stopping the Benghazi attack in Libya on 9/11/2012 so take that if you will.


The Pentagon and Obama helped start ISIS, don’t believe what comes out of them…

Want to know why ISIS hasn’t been defeated by us yet? It’s because the US government and Obama are ISIS. ISIS was created to try to get Bashar Assad ousted as President of Syria.

Check these articles out:



And check out this when John McCain took his secret trip to Syria to offer them weapons, training and funding.


They don’t want to destroy ISIS. If they wanted to destroy ISIS, they could have easily done that a long time ago. Of course, I don’t agree with Obama’s view on defeating ISIS, training Iraqi militants. I think he just secretly wants more recruits for ISIS and this is what he’s doing. Making ISIS even more powerful and bigger.

They’re just trying to battle Assad. Which this brings back to Benghazi… this is what they were trying to do out of the Benghazi attacks when they were running guns so they can try to topple Assad. Obama’s obsession of taking down Assad is nothing new… Obama’s been trying to remove him from office in Syria for years. He’s not gonna give up until Assad is done. That’s the goal with Isis. It’s well documented that Obama and Assad have been feuding for a long time.