Thoughts on Trump’s Syrian Strike: I Stand With Trump…

Last night, the Trump administration launched air strikes on a Syrian airfield where the chemical weapons came from…. chemical weapons that killed a lot of people including many women and children. Of course, this has outraged liberals and some so-called conservatives &  some Trump supporters.

My question is why are all these so called conservatives and some so-called Trump supporters so anti-war all of a sudden? They are really starting to sound like those anti-war liberals which is sad. Where were those conservatives when Bush sent the USA to war after 9/11 happened? The right-wing community were silent back then…  as a matter of fact, I remember the right-wing community praised Bush for the Iraq/Afghanistan wars.

It really sickens me to see all of these so-called Trump supporters defending Assad and calling him innocent. Assad is in no way an innocent man at all. He is a very evil and dangerous man. They don’t call him a dictator for no reason. He is no stranger to killing his own people as this wasn’t the first time. I swore that I remember that a Syrian gas attack happened under Obama that made Obama came up the idea with the “Red Line”. Obama’s “Red Line” in which he vowed to act if Assad killed his own people with chemical weapons but Obama didn’t do anything. Obama was soft and weak. Trump decided to have some balls and do something about it. Sure, Trump may have flipped about getting into Syria but when something serious like women and children getting killed you have to act.

Once again, it really saddens me to see all of these Trump supporters abandoning Trump and getting off the Trump train because of it. In my opinion, these people weren’t true Trump supporters after all that time. If they were a real Trump supporter then they would stand behind everything he’s doing. They only voted for Trump so they can be proud of themselves and once the election is over with, they are free to get back on the hating bandwagon. They are just trying to redeem themselves with the anti-Trump crowd and get their respect back. Caving into the haters like a bunch of pussies.

I’ll never turn my back on Trump. Never. Those days of “all talk, no action” politicians are over. Trump just showed real leadership. That’s what is pissing off all those ex-Trump supporters. They can’t stand it that he’s actually doing things. Why are Trump supporters and conservatives so anti-war all of a sudden? I thought they were supportive of the Troops and fighting for our freedoms. This is what presidents are supposed to do when things get real bad. When terror attacks happen in the USA or around the world, no more sitting back and doing nothing about it. It’s time to have some balls and act.

Upset with the Syrian strike from last night? Well you just wait, Trump will have many more air strikes and military action in the future. This is how you wipe out Isis, just bomb the hell out of them and they’ll be gone once the Trump administration finds out where their hideout is.

Some of you are saying why attack Syria when it has nothing to do with us? It has everything to do with us. What if Assad attacks us the USA and other countries around the world? That’s what it’s all about is to stop him from attacking other countries.

If Hillary was president now, all she would be doing is talking about taking out Assad and not have anything done about it. She’s all talk and no action like Obama. Trump is all about action. Don’t worry we won’t get WWIII over this so enough with your WWIII fantasies.

Conservatives have been driving me nuts for the past year or so and they have gotten much worse now. I stand with Trump 100%.

And by the way, this also proved that the US was capable of stopping the Benghazi attack in Libya on 9/11/2012 so take that if you will.


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