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Video: Syrian gas attack survivor praises Trump on CNN but upset with Obama…


This is very cool! This is something that liberals and those anti-war conservatives don’t want to hear at all. Gas attack survivor goes on CNN to praise President Trump but calls out Barack Obama for not giving Syrian people enough protection. Yes on CNN!

CNN did it just to try to spin it into something negative hoping to try to make Trump look bad but it didn’t work. You can see that the interviewer was fuming in this video as he was praising Trump and trashing Obama. Toward the end of that video, she was trying to cut him off but he kept talking over her which is amazing.

When will people get through their thick heads that Obama is a weak leader and always has been? I get why some conservatives are critical over Trump’s Syrian strike ’cause some are still used to political leaders not doing anything. Many are still used to “all talk and no action”. That’s why they’re pissed at Trump ’cause he did something about it.