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Are so-called Trump supporters who disapproved of Syrian strike coming out as haters or they never were on the Trump Train???

It’s interesting to what’s been going on lately. All these popular internet people: Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones of InfoWars, Mike Cernovich, Ann Coulter and maybe a few others seems to have turned on President Trump since last Thursday’s Syrian strike after those people claiming to be on Trump Train. They still claim to be on Trump Train ; however, they keep bashing Trump like mad on their twitter pages. It’s not just the Syrian strike that they’re bashing Trump on, they’re bashing Trump on all kinds of other things now like they’re bashing Ivanka, Jared and other people in Trump’s administration.

So after seeing all this, I asked myself this question: “Are these people coming out of the closet as Trump haters or they never were on the Trump Train after all this time?”.

There are other Americans that claim to be true Trump supporters but they still seem to be bashing Trump all the time. When you call them out on it, they make excuses like: “We can disagree with the president”, “We’re free thinking supporters” etc. When you do call them out and tell them they’re wrong on certain stuff, they’ll accuse you of being Donald Trump ass kissers or worshippers. You see, we don’t defend Trump on everything, we’re just trying to tell you that you’re wrong on a lot of stuff.

It really is interesting how all these so-called Trump supporters were all ProTrump during primary election and now the election is over with, they’re now hating on him all of a sudden. Even some Americans who are not famous on the internet are hating on Trump now after claiming to be on Trump Train during election.

Gotta love PJW’s tweets when he tweeted these:

Funny coming from a guy who said he’s officially off the Trump Train and now he’s pointing fingers at the media for pushing the “Trump’s abandoned him” narrative when he did exactly that.

Should you listen to PJW’s base???? PJW’s base is 36% so that’s a small audience:


57% of America approved Trump’s actions in Syria so which base should you listen to? Of course, PJW’s base will never admit they have a small audience. Most Americans believe Trump did the right thing, even some liberal democrats approved Trump’s Syrian strike ’cause the poll scored a 40% Democrats who approved. So take that for what you will.

These assholes are trying to make it look like this isn’t what we voted Trump for. Ya know, going to war if we need to… think about this… one of Trump’s big policy promises was building a strong military. He kept that promise with that last Thursdays Syrian strike. People join the military for a reason to protect our country if we feel threatened by other countries. What part of “building a strong military”, “getting radical Islamic terrorism the hell out of our country” and “bomb the shit out of Isis” don’t you all understand? Those three quotes he said during the primary election was a hint that he’s willing to go to war if necessary.

Those who disapprove Trump taking action are just still used to “weak” Obama, well Trump is not Obama, y’all. You’re going to have to get used to a new leader who is strong and tough. So get used to it. There’s a new Sheriff in town now and his name is President Trump. Deal with it. All those getting off the Trump Train sounds like those crybaby liberals. Sad.


Since after Trump’s Syrian strike, many fake Trump supporters have been exposed and getting off the Trump Train…

Ever since Trump’s Syrian strike happened last Thursday night, I noticed that this have exposed many fake Trump supporters. Fake Trump supporters aka haters pretending to be Trump supporters. This includes many well-known so-called Trump supporters who seems to have flipped on supporting Trump after Syrian strike people such as Paul Joseph Watson of info Wars/Prison Planet, Anne Coulter, Mike Cernovich, Sen. Rand Paul, Laura Ingraham and even Milo Yiannopoulos is turning out to be a fake Trump supporter too. All of these people turned on Trump after this.

Milo is such a liar though, he always has been. Milo said from this article:

“I’m as troubled by violence toward innocent children as the next sociopath, but those kids are only growing up to be oppressors of women and murderers of homosexuals anyway,” said Yiannopoulos in an email. “NO MORE POINTLESS FOREIGN WARS. This is not why people voted for Daddy. It’s the opposite of why people voted for him.”


I disagree Milo.

What part of Trump’s most famous and well-known catchphrase “I’m gonna bomb the shit out of ISIS” during the campaign trail, don’t you understand? A lot of so-called Trump supporters trying to make lies this isn’t what we voted Trump for.

This is exactly what we all voted Trump for is so we can kick the bad guys asses and kick their ass hard. It doesn’t matter if we go to war with them or not. This is what “Make America Safe Again” is all about.

It’s interesting how all these people criticizing Trump after an election is all over with. Some  of these people threatened to get off the Trump Train and when they’re called out on it, they immediately backpedal claiming they’re not all the way off the Trump Train, they’ll continue to disagree with some of Trump’s actions. Then some others on social networking would defend these so-called Trump supporters by saying stuff like, “they’re just free thinking Trump supporters”. Some of them will even go out of their way and call themselves as true Trump supporters. LMAO… really?

A true Trump supporter is someone who will stand with him 100% no matter what kind of backlash Trump is getting. Trump continuing to expose all the fakes in this country. I notice that some are still scared to be on Trump Train ’cause many of them are bailing like crazy. I’ve also noticed that when a Trump supporter starts criticizing Trump or gets off the Trump Train completely, they get more respect with the anti-Trump crowd. Is that why they threaten to get off the Trump Train so they can get respect again with the anti-Trump people? When they get on Trump Train, they lose respect from their family members, friends and supporters so they get off Trump Train to get them back. Trying to redeem themselves with anti-Trump crowd. That’s all I see them doing this for.

The Syrian strike won’t be the first time Trump supporters will threaten to get off Trump Train, sadly I’m feeling that Trump is gonna get this a lot. Lets see how many Trump supporters will hang on once Trump finally builds the wall, the Keystone Pipeline, repeals/replace Obamacare, etc.

Thing is plenty of world leaders praised Trump for the Syrian strike and many so-called Trump supporters are still hating him for it. I think the reason is those so-called Trump supporters are still used to Obama. They’re still used to “all talk, no action”. Well Obama is no more. There’s a new Sheriff in now, folks. Finally time for a strong leader who isn’t afraid to put up his dukes.

I don’t care what anyone says or thinks. I stand behind Trump 100% in everything he’s doing and I trust and believe in him 100%. Trump did something Obama and Hillary wouldn’t have done. The days of “all talk, no action” are over. That’s what some are gonna be scared of. You’re either on the Trump Train or not? Make up your fucking mind.


Video: Syrian gas attack survivor praises Trump on CNN but upset with Obama…


This is very cool! This is something that liberals and those anti-war conservatives don’t want to hear at all. Gas attack survivor goes on CNN to praise President Trump but calls out Barack Obama for not giving Syrian people enough protection. Yes on CNN!

CNN did it just to try to spin it into something negative hoping to try to make Trump look bad but it didn’t work. You can see that the interviewer was fuming in this video as he was praising Trump and trashing Obama. Toward the end of that video, she was trying to cut him off but he kept talking over her which is amazing.

When will people get through their thick heads that Obama is a weak leader and always has been? I get why some conservatives are critical over Trump’s Syrian strike ’cause some are still used to political leaders not doing anything. Many are still used to “all talk and no action”. That’s why they’re pissed at Trump ’cause he did something about it.