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How to tell the difference between a true Trump supporter and a fake Trump supporter…

It may seem like the Trump supporting community is divided right now but it isn’t really. Don’t believe everything that goes on in twitter ’cause what’s going on really is nothing but a bunch of drama stuff going on.

What’s going on is that these two popular twitter personalities: Mike Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson are trying to make it seem like that the Trump supporting community should be honest about our president and question his bad decisions. Many so-called Trump supporters believe that we should question Trump just like we did to past presidents. They feel they should question Trump just like we did for Obama. They’re trying to make it seem like it’s reality but it’s not reality… that’s their reality.  They’re being delusional is what it is. It’s just their way of trying to demonize the True Trump supporters, that’s all they’re doing.

The true Trump supporters don’t think that way at all, ya know, “We must question the president” is not us at all. The true Trump supporters are very loyal to our president. We have been from the very beginning. The true Trump supporters have been there for Trump ever since he went down that escalator at Trump Tower to announce his presidency. A true Trump supporter would help fight for him and stand with him through everything. A true Trump supporter would believe in America 100%.  Like I said before, Trump fights for us, we fight for him… that’s a true supporter.

The so-called Trump supporters who say things like, “We should be able to question the president” call themselves the True supporters and they think they’re on the Trump Train still but they’re not. How could they be called a loyal Trump supporter when all they do is bash him all the time? They don’t just bash him for the Syrian strike, they bash him on everything else. They bash everything Trump says or does and they really do sound like those snowflake liberals. So they are the Trump base? NO!

The fake supporters also bash the people who fully supports him 100% and that’s what liberals do. That’s not what Trump supporters do. They don’t go around bashing people for believing in Trump and supporting him greatly. The true Trump supporters, we are in on this together. We treat each other like family pretty much. We fight for Trump like a team and that’s what we do and the fake Trumpers want to come after us for that?

So this is the difference between a real Trump supporter and a fake Trump supporter. That’s how you spot them on the internet. It’s crazy and I don’t like this at all when we should be united so we can bring back the American dream.

Once again, the Trump supporting community is not divided at all. I think the Fake Trump supporters are the new anti-Trump, the new #NeverTrump movement. Since liberals has lost power and have nothing else to talk about these days, the #NeverTrump movement have to keep going so they think of a different plan by having fake Trump supporters go against their own group.

Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson are still going at it. They won’t give up their bullshit. Their still hating on the true Trump supporters. I think they’re obviously being paid by somebody to do that. They got something up their sleeve and planning something for sure. Trying to get Trump to lose the 2020 re-election? Yes, that’s all I see them doing this for.

That Cernovich guy keeps claiming he’s not off the Trump Train but he just keeps up with his bullshit with the true Trump supporters like Bill Mitchell for example. They go after Bill Mitchell for believing in Trump 100% and call him an idiot for standing with Trump like the rest of us. He’s just a true Trump supporter like the rest of us so I don’t understand why they go after him.

I understand that these Fake Trump supporters are trying to get us to be honest about Trump but to tell you the truth, WE DO! We do question Trump and disagree with him on certain things but we don’t bash Trump and threaten to get off the Trump Train. We don’t whine like babies. We stick with Trump even we disagree with him on certain things.

There maybe this whole feud going on with Bill Mitchell vs. Cernovich & Paul Joseph Watson but it isn’t just a feud between those guys., it’s a big feud between True Trump vs. anti-Trump. If you don’t know who Bill Mitchell is, he’s a conservative radio talk show host and he’s a major Trump supporter, he supports Trump 100%.

So if you really believe that us Trump supporters should “question Trump and disagree with his dumb actions”, don’t believe the hype. Once again, we don’t really think like that.

We really need to knock off the bullshit and unify ’cause this is getting out of hand.



Trump’s approval rating skyrockets to 50%, so Americans think Trump isn’t doing enough to “Make America Great Again”, hey?

So those fake Trump supporters want to whine & cry about how Trump is not doing enough to “Make America Great Again”, hey? Well, according to 50% of Americans who voted at the Rasmussen Reports presidential daily poll, it appears those fake Trump losers are wrong on that.


Trump is about to hit 90 days in office and ever since he has gotten sworn in, he has been accomplishing so much. I expected the approval ratings to go up since the Syrian strike and the Isis bombing in Afghanistan happened. I’m also pretty sure Gorsuch finally becoming SCOTUS helped the approval ratings too.

While Trump is doing a “GREAT” job so far, this is only the beginning. There’s still a lot of work to do. We still need to repeal/replace Obamacare, lower taxes and most importantly the key thing we all elected Trump for… BUILD THE WALL. If Trump makes those three things happen then his approval ratings will go even higher.

It amazes me that so many so-called Trump supporters want to bail on him while we already doing a lot of great things. That’s the thing, though… Trump does good things, he’s gonna make people all jealous.

All those Fake Trump crybabies can get off the Trump Train all they want to, we still love Trump and those 50% of those who voted is still proof of that. Take that, FakeTrump idiots. Many of the FakeTrump people are silent on the latest poll which doesn’t surprise me. Jealous losers, all of them.


Why are some in a desperate attempt to demonize the true Trump supporters? Is it FakeBase vs. AlwaysTrump???

Some in the Trump supporting community are trying to make it seem like that Trump supporters are now worried about Trump. They’re trying to make it look like that we’re scared of him now. Why?

They make a lot of assumptions that Trump is in a rush for war (which is bullshit), they’re worried because they think Trump is being controlled by Neocons, they also think some aren’t to be trusted in the White House… some of these so-called Trump supporters are now very critical of President Trump ’cause they think he’s not doing enough to Make America Great Again (which is also total bullshit). They also believe that Jared Kushner and Ivanka are calling the shots in the White House (which is also bullshit again).

We believe those who think like that are “FakeBase” (or FakeTrumpers, I call them FakeTrumpers ’cause I like that better) are not true Trump supporters as they claim to be. They claim they’re still on the Trump Train but these are people who keep calling Trump a globalist puppet, trashing his family & people in the Trump admin and they also assume that he can’t be trusting certain people in his admin.

Read this piece as an example of what’s going on here:


Of course, I blame this all on popular twitter personalities such as Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich, Ann Coulter and maybe some others that I don’t feel like listing them all now. Those three I mentioned claims to be on the Trump Train but they keep bashing Trump on their twitter and they’re still at it. Thanks to them and their big fucking mouths, they got the FakeBase people after the true supporters. When we show our full support for Trump, they bash us for it just like liberals bash us for supporting him.

I look at all this and I’m scratching my head like what’s going on here?

I believe what these people are trying to do is that they are trying to get people to believe there aren’t any people who don’t fully believe in Trump anymore. They’re trying to make it look like that people no longer trust Trump in the White House. It may seem like that Trump supporters are starting to lose faith and hope in our new president but don’t believe the hype, y’all. Don’t always believe what you see on the internet.

The so-called Trump supporters who are afraid of war and all that stuff, they have a small audience. The reality is the Trump Train is still fine and good. The reality is there are many true Trump supporters who fully trust Trump 100% than the so-called supporters who don’t fully believe in him 100%. If you call yourself a Trump supporter but not on board 100% then you’re no loyal supporter. Sorry but you’re not.

A real supporter would trust Trump and believe in him 100%. I know I do.

All those FakeTrumper idiots want to make a bunch of ridiculous claims that Trump is not doing enough to “Make America Great Again”??? Like I said don’t believe the hype, Trump has accomplished so much ever since he got elected: jobs coming back, TPP gone, Gorsuch finally confirmed as SCOTUS, Trump responding to terrorism (like he did with Isis yesterday in Afghan), law & order coming back, illegal immigration plummeting, etc. I can go on and on.

Those so-called Trump fans are just a bunch of jealous crybabies. Trump has been winning a lot and accomplishing a lot so I wanna know what drugs they have been using? Are they this jealous? I guess they are. I guess they got tired of all this winning. Jealousy is a bitch, I guess.

Like I said, y’all, don’t believe the hype. I think they’re just trying to get Trump to lose the 2020 re-election which they will fail miserably at, watch for it. The Trump Train is still good and still strong. There are many who still love him and there are many who think he’s doing a good job. I’m one of those who loves him and think he’s doing a good job. So thank you President Trump! Keep up the great work and don’t listen to the haters!

Yeah I know he hasn’t drained the swamp yet, I know he hasn’t repealed/replaced Obamacare, I know he hasn’t built the wall yet but be patience everyone. That stuff is difficult to do and takes time. Trump can’t do everything at once so give the man a fucking break.

If you call yourself a Trump supporter and still bashing him all the time then you’re no loyal supporter… sorry but you’re not so shut the fuck up and grow up. Just admit that you’re a hater. It’s okay ’cause no one will give a shit.

I am “AlwaysTrump” and proud of it. Don’t like it? Fuck off.



When ex-Trump supporters accuse the true supporters of worshipping Trump and staying on the far-right…

When people bail on supporting Trump, you call them out then chances are they’re gonna say bullcrap like “Trump isn’t god”, “You worship him too much”, “You’re so far right just like those liberal zombies”, etc. blah blah blah blah, you get the deal. You’ll get that type of response each time you call someone out who claims to be on the Trump Train still. Before the Syrian strike happened, these are the same people who fully supported Trump and helped us defended Trump when he’s in trouble with something. Now they’re out of the closet as Trump haters since after the Syrian strike happened. Not only they seem to be hating on Trump all the time now, they treat the true supporters like myself so horribly. They are worse than liberals. The Ex-Trumpers treat the true fans so nasty and mean. They quickly went from being cool people to a bunch of assholes.

They keep saying they’re on the Trump Train still but I’m not buying it if they keep trashing people in Trump’s administration and trashing Trump’s true fan base just because we disagree with them opposing Trump’s Syrian strike. Not sure what’s going on here, it’s all too weird for me.

I called out a certain youtuber who flipped on Trump and got all kinds of hate comments from so-called Trump supporters, I’ll post a few examples below… these are straight from the youtube comments from a certain youtuber who should be nameless at this time:

  • “Kev Brock no, it’s because us conservatives don’t worship our leaders. We trust them until they lose our trust then we give em hell. Obama could kill a village of babies and puppies and liberals would still lick his shoes. Conservatives think for themselves, not in a collective mob.”
  • “did he say he’s now against Trump ? He’s just criticizing a dumb move . Quit being a worshiper…. no one is to be trusted .”
  • “He’s not a partisan brainwashed shithead trained to take political sides instead of the aide or right and wrong.. the DOCS is a TRUTHER! Maybe God bless him.”

What everyone is trying to say is that they are trying to be “objective”, ya know, trying to stay “unbiased” is the best defense they can come up with.

Ya know, they are totally way off on a lot of things. 1) We don’t agree with everything Trump says or does, we are honest with him too. 2) We true Trump supporters are not really on the “far-right” like a lot of them want to believe.

You see, it’s okay to disagree with Donald Trump on stuff. We’re not saying you can’t. What we’re upset about is that these so-called Trump supporters threatened to get off the Trump Train over one-thing they disagree with Trump on, you see? Us true Trump supporters do disagree with him on some things but we don’t threaten to get off the Trump Train. We don’t bash Trump ’cause we disagree. We don’t go out of our way to bash him, his family and some people in his administration like a lot of you assholes did. That includes losers like Paul Joseph Watson, Cernovich, Anne Coulter, etc. Those backstabbing pieces of shits.

You so-called Trump supporters want to declare yourselves as “free-thinkers”? HA! We are the “true free thinkers” ’cause we believe in freedom of speech. So when you so-called Trump supporters threaten to get off the Trump Train, bashing Trump and bashing his true fans who disagree with you… WOW…. you fucking pieces of shits starting to sound like those intolerant liberals. Do you really want to look like them??? I’m sure liberals are probably applauding you now for turning on Trump and his real supporters.

As for you saying we worship Trump? Yeah, that part is actually true. We do WORSHIP Trump and if you don’t fucking like it? We don’t care! We stand with our president every step of the way. That’s being a loyal and true supporter. Not Paul Joseph Watson’s fake base.

The conservative party continues to be divided and it’s even worse now. Sad!


Are so-called Trump supporters who disapproved of Syrian strike coming out as haters or they never were on the Trump Train???

It’s interesting to what’s been going on lately. All these popular internet people: Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones of InfoWars, Mike Cernovich, Ann Coulter and maybe a few others seems to have turned on President Trump since last Thursday’s Syrian strike after those people claiming to be on Trump Train. They still claim to be on Trump Train ; however, they keep bashing Trump like mad on their twitter pages. It’s not just the Syrian strike that they’re bashing Trump on, they’re bashing Trump on all kinds of other things now like they’re bashing Ivanka, Jared and other people in Trump’s administration.

So after seeing all this, I asked myself this question: “Are these people coming out of the closet as Trump haters or they never were on the Trump Train after all this time?”.

There are other Americans that claim to be true Trump supporters but they still seem to be bashing Trump all the time. When you call them out on it, they make excuses like: “We can disagree with the president”, “We’re free thinking supporters” etc. When you do call them out and tell them they’re wrong on certain stuff, they’ll accuse you of being Donald Trump ass kissers or worshippers. You see, we don’t defend Trump on everything, we’re just trying to tell you that you’re wrong on a lot of stuff.

It really is interesting how all these so-called Trump supporters were all ProTrump during primary election and now the election is over with, they’re now hating on him all of a sudden. Even some Americans who are not famous on the internet are hating on Trump now after claiming to be on Trump Train during election.

Gotta love PJW’s tweets when he tweeted these:

Funny coming from a guy who said he’s officially off the Trump Train and now he’s pointing fingers at the media for pushing the “Trump’s abandoned him” narrative when he did exactly that.

Should you listen to PJW’s base???? PJW’s base is 36% so that’s a small audience:


57% of America approved Trump’s actions in Syria so which base should you listen to? Of course, PJW’s base will never admit they have a small audience. Most Americans believe Trump did the right thing, even some liberal democrats approved Trump’s Syrian strike ’cause the poll scored a 40% Democrats who approved. So take that for what you will.

These assholes are trying to make it look like this isn’t what we voted Trump for. Ya know, going to war if we need to… think about this… one of Trump’s big policy promises was building a strong military. He kept that promise with that last Thursdays Syrian strike. People join the military for a reason to protect our country if we feel threatened by other countries. What part of “building a strong military”, “getting radical Islamic terrorism the hell out of our country” and “bomb the shit out of Isis” don’t you all understand? Those three quotes he said during the primary election was a hint that he’s willing to go to war if necessary.

Those who disapprove Trump taking action are just still used to “weak” Obama, well Trump is not Obama, y’all. You’re going to have to get used to a new leader who is strong and tough. So get used to it. There’s a new Sheriff in town now and his name is President Trump. Deal with it. All those getting off the Trump Train sounds like those crybaby liberals. Sad.


Conservatives never cared about “gays” until Milo came around… so shut up Paul Joseph Watson!

I find it funny how all these so-called “conservatives” jumping on the LGBTQ supporting bandwagon as soon as Milo reached his popularity and then Trump started showing his support. These “conservatives” were anti-gay until Milo came around. So these conservatives are all about “gays” now?

Coming from people who fought so hard for “traditional” marriage, gets offended over transgender bathrooms, went after those who refused to bake cakes at gay weddings, helped stood by Kim Davis who refused marriage licences for a gay couple, etc. etc. etc. Did conservatives forget about all that and now they are all for LGBTQ? Paul Joseph Watson even had a hand in all that anti-gay stuff I listed.

Conservatives don’t like being called “homophobes” and here they are calling people “homophobes” for hating on Milo.

Saddens me to see all these conservatives and Trump supporters defending Milo. I thought they were better than that. Milo is a freak and I was disgusted with him even more after that press conference he did. I don’t trust Milo and you shouldn’t either. I don’t care what someone’s sexual orientation is. If someone is a piece of shit well, they’re a piece of shit. It’s about character of a person.

I don’t think that Joe Rogan video was edited at all. Milo is only saying all this stuff just to defend himself and he’s lying to you for sure. Milo’s 15 minutes of fame will be over with soon. Milo will be forgettable. The media is not trying to take him down. Milo is doing this to himself. This is what karma is all about.