Trump’s approval rating skyrockets to 50%, so Americans think Trump isn’t doing enough to “Make America Great Again”, hey?

So those fake Trump supporters want to whine & cry about how Trump is not doing enough to “Make America Great Again”, hey? Well, according to 50% of Americans who voted at the Rasmussen Reports presidential daily poll, it appears those fake Trump losers are wrong on that.

Trump is about to hit 90 days in office and ever since he has gotten sworn in, he has been accomplishing so much. I expected the approval ratings to go up since the Syrian strike and the Isis bombing in Afghanistan happened. I’m also pretty sure Gorsuch finally becoming SCOTUS helped the approval ratings too.

While Trump is doing a “GREAT” job so far, this is only the beginning. There’s still a lot of work to do. We still need to repeal/replace Obamacare, lower taxes and most importantly the key thing we all elected Trump for… BUILD THE WALL. If Trump makes those three things happen then his approval ratings will go even higher.

It amazes me that so many so-called Trump supporters want to bail on him while we already doing a lot of great things. That’s the thing, though… Trump does good things, he’s gonna make people all jealous.

All those Fake Trump crybabies can get off the Trump Train all they want to, we still love Trump and those 50% of those who voted is still proof of that. Take that, FakeTrump idiots. Many of the FakeTrump people are silent on the latest poll which doesn’t surprise me. Jealous losers, all of them.



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