RIP: Allan Holdsworth 1946 – 2017

If you play the guitar then chances are you probably heard the name Allan Holdsworth. He was a legendary jazz & fusion guitarist. He had a unique and different style of guitar playing. Something you’ve never heard before. He was different than many other jazz artists.

When I used to subscribe to Apple Music, I listened to his entire discography of albums last year and I loved everything I’ve heard. I want to start buying his albums soon so I can own them for myself.

He was an inspiration to many guitarists who plays different genre of music. Allan Holdsworth inspired metal guitarists and he also inspired a lot of shred greats. I do know that Allan Holdsworth inspired most of the shred greats such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Al Di Meola and others. That’s how I pretty much got interested in listening to Holdsworth music ’cause those guys talked about him all the time in interviews.

Holdsworth was a genius, though and he definitely was underrated who deserved more recognition. I think he was only well-known in the guitar community. His music was great to listen to. I think my favorite Holdsworth albums that he has done were: “Sand”, “Hard Hat Area” and “None Too Soon”. The album “Secrets” is very good too. I’m gonna buy those albums from Itunes for myself pretty soon.

Allan was not really a shred guitarist… he made music that was very melodic and listenable. Check him out if you’ve never listened to him before.



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