Can’t wait to get my new electric guitar in a couple of weeks but will I get a new electric guitar amp too???

I’m real excited to get this guitar real soon, the Jackson JS32 dinky:

I’ve been dying to get a new solid body electric guitar for a pretty long time, an electric guitar with a whammy bar (or tremolo bar whatever you want to call it) and I’m definitely getting one so I can get more of a hard rock & metal sound.

Some of you may ask, why am I going electric and going heavy? It’s because that’s how I wrote most of my songs on acoustic. Most of my originals I’ve written over the years were kind of hard rock & metal but I’ve written them on acoustic first. I want to start writing hard rock songs on electric guitar. Stuff that are kind of heavy. Not death metal heavy, I won’t go that far but maybe in the likes of Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth, etc. That kind of sound I’m looking for.

So after I get my new electric guitar will I buy myself a new amp? So far I have two amps for electric guitar: the Fender Frontman 212R and the Crate GX-212. If I were to get a new guitar amplifier, I might have to sell both of these. If I were to get a new electric guitar amplifier someday, what would I go for? I would probably get one that would have a decent hard rock & metal sound.

I’ve always wanted an Orange amp though ’cause they sound pretty cool:

Maybe next year I’ll start saving up for an Orange Amp. Get rid of the two amps I have now for an even better amp. I’ll get an Orange amp with a cabinet and head instead of combo amps. I kind of always wanted a stack amp anyways. I don’t need to get a cabinet that’s super big, I’ll get a medium sized cabinet or a small one, I don’t know. I would love to get a better guitar amp someday. Maybe that’ll be the goal for next year. Orange amps are awesome, I’ve been interested in the Orange brand for a pretty long time. Someday.



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