FakeTrump crowd trying their best to demonize the True Supporters so they can push Steve Bannon to run for president in 2020? That’s their mission and it will fail…

I think I just figured out why all the FakeTrump people are trying their best to demonize the true Trump supporters. The FakeTrump crowd aka people pretending to be Trump supporters when they’re not really. I think what they’re really trying to do and what their mission is that they’re trying to push Steve Bannon to run for presidency? Is that why many so-called Trump supporters are starting to abandon Trump and give their support to Bannon instead? It seems that all these FakeTrump people have a huge hardon for Bannon all of a sudden and I don’t get it?

They’re all scared that Bannon could lose his job as White House advisor and they’re all begging for Trump to keep him. So all these popular twitter people: Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich and others are trying their best to demonize the true supporters. Trying their best to make us Trump  supporters look bad. So what they’re doing is trying to turn off Trump voters to shift their support to Steve Bannon instead.

There’s a lot of rumors out there that Trump isn’t happy with Bannon. Probably has something to do with the Bannon vs. Jared Kushner feud that is rumored to be going on in the White House. Bannon called Jared a “cuck” and a “globalist”, the feud started from there.

If you knew anything about Trump, he doesn’t like to be messed around by people. Read his book, “The Art of the Deal” and you would see. So if it’s true that Trump isn’t happy with Bannon then chances are Bannon pissed Trump off. If Bannon goes, I won’t be heartbroken about it. As long as we still have Trump in office that’s all that matters to me. Fuck Bannon let him go. I’m sure Trump will find a much better replacement for White House advisor. Keep in mind that Jared Kushner is part of Trump’s family. Jared is Trump’s son-in law and he probably didn’t like Bannon messing with his family. I’m with Trump ’cause I too wouldn’t like it if people messed with my family.

So these FakeTrump people, the fake supporters are now shifting their support for Bannon instead of Trump ’cause I believe they’re trying to push Bannon for a potential 2020 run for president. If this is their mission, it’s gonna fail big time ’cause Trump is going to win the re-election. Trump’s approval rating is getting higher and after the Isis strike expect even more people to get on board to support Trump. The ISIS death toll just got to 94 with no civilians killed which is amazing.

The FakeTrump crowd still won’t admit that they’re really haters. They’ll never admit that they turned their back on him. They’re bashing him like crazy and they claim to be on the Trump Train? Seriously? Wow. So in order to get Trump supporters to turn their back on Trump they must think of ways to do it like the Syrian strike for example. After that, they got all the FakeTrump people to hate on Trump like mad. Whatever they’re trying to do, they’re going to fail big.

The reason people like Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich, Ann Coulter and others are trying to demonize Trump supporters ’cause they’re trying to get fame, more attention and things like that. Trying to leech off of Trump’s fame. That Cernovich guy, wow. That guy is a douchebag and a egomaniac. That’s the last guy you would want to trust. After listening to Cernovich with his Alex Jones interview, I’m like wow… that dude is messed up for sure. Cernovich sure likes to jerk himself off about releasing breaking news stories, you know “exclusive” stuff. I’m like, “Get over yourself dude”. Now he’s threatening to destroy relationships if Trump fires Bannon. Cernovich is a nut job for sure.

I don’t care about Bannon. If Trump wants to keep him or let him go, that Trump’s call. You don’t make decisions for the president. I’ll fully support anything Trump wants to do.


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