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Vice President Debate Review… Pence killed it, very impressed with him… Kamala not very likeable, though…

Yeah, last night I watched the VP Debate with Kamala Harris vs. Mike Pence and you can betcha that I’m siding with Mike Pence ’cause simply put, Kamala Harris isn’t very likeable at all. Only positive I can give Kamala is that she’s a way better speaker than Joe Biden and she can speak her mind without being scripted but other than that, the woman is a stupid cunt.

All she did the whole night was kiss Joe’s ass, ignoring pretty much all debate questions and rambling on about how horrible the orange man in the oval office is. ***yawn***

The debate last night was mostly talk about “Climate Change” which I don’t care about. “Climate Change” is a non-issue and I’m tired of the left/Democrats talking “Climate Change” like they are the gatekeepers of it. I don’t care about “Climate Change” but you can tell that Pence seems to be getting annoyed talking about it too even though he was calm and friendly about it.

I was impressed with Pence’s debating skills. Honestly, he’s probably the best debater I’ve ever seen. While all Harris did was dodge questions and ignore most of ’em, Pence answered every single question intelligently and with good insight too. He’s a well-spoken man. One thing about Pence when he debates, he’s more friendlier, humble and calm. That man knows how to debate with “civility”, Pence isn’t as brutal and aggressive as Trump is to be honest and that’s one thing that the left will never admit.

What are my favorite moments of the debates last night?

My favorites was Pence bringing up Kayla Mueller getting slaughtered by Isis and that got under Kamala’s skin and she responded by bringing up the fake news thing that Trump saying McCain is no war hero, just to make it look like Trump doesn’t respect war heroes. Pence responded by saying Trump respects and loves our military ’cause Pence has a son and son-in-law who are both in the military.

Another favorite moment of mine is the video above. Pence challenging Kamala to her face on whether or not she supports “court packing” of the Supreme Court. It’s been said out there that Biden/Harris are planning to pack the Supreme Court and add more leftist judges ’cause they don’t get their way but of course, Biden refuses to answer that question and now Harris. What does Harris does in response? Ignores question again and accuses Trump of not appointing any black justices.

It was a great debate to be honest… Pence did a great job. Even though Pence was calm and collected, he still did a great job destroying Kamala and owning her on the stage.

I think Pence is presidential material for sure and I hope he decides to run for prez in 2024 when Trump’s time is up. I think Pence would make a great president for sure.

I’m ready to vote for Trump/Pence Nov. 3rd. An easy re-election coming and I’m ready to make the haters cry again. Lets do this!


Thoughts On Trump and Melania getting covid-19, Beginning to think maybe I should take Covid-19 a little more serious…

Ever since this covid-19 shit started since last March, I never really took it that serious… ya know the virus. I just didn’t want to live in fear and continue to try to live my life the way I want to. I’m not one to stay locked up at home 24/7. I wanted to be out there doing things still like going to the gym, hit the malls, go to the movies and all that stuff. Since the country got locked down, I still tried to get out there to stay active like go out for a long walk or a long bike ride which I did those since the coronavirus started back in March.

I may have admittedly said the virus is a hoax a little bit, as in not real but later on, I started to see that it’s pretty real, I guess. Now that Trump, Melania and many others on his team got tested positive… maybe I should be taking it a little more seriously? Well, whatever, ya know? I’m still not gonna live in fear and continue to live my life the way I want to. If I got it somehow then so be it. The virus can be quickly recovered and you can survive from it easily. It’s not the most “deadliest” virus like Democrats and the media trying to make it out to be.

It’s no surprise to see that the Democrats and a lot of leftists/liberals are glad that Donald and Melania got the Covid and I’m seeing many of them wishing them dead. It’s pretty cold and vile of them… way out of line. No matter your political views, you should always look out for their well-being… give out your thoughts and prayers anyways…. Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did. Look, I absolutely hate Biden, Obama and H. Clinton but I applaud them for showing compassion to the President and Melania.

Even if prominent Democrats like Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, H. Clinton, etc. if any of them got the corona, I would still give them thoughts and prayers and wish them well. I may hate them politically and they’re awful people but they are still human. I would never wish any of them dead even if I can’t stand them.

Lefties really are pieces of garbages and that’s all this really proves. Of course, they want Trump to step down from election ’cause he got covid. If he have to step-down from election that means he’ll have to step down from the presidency too.

Nobody wants to talk about the high number of recoveries of coronavirus. Sen. Rand Paul had Covid-19 and he got rid of it quickly. If Rand Paul can quickly recover so can Trump and Melania.

Trump isn’t going anywhere. He’ll easily beat covid-19 and then he’ll be back to win the re-election. Trump has covid and lefties just continue to hate, hate, hate like the vile and cold people like they always are. They say they are the party of “love” and “tolerance”???? Pffffftttttt… please….

If Trump doesn’t get well before the 2nd Presidential Debate then he and Joe may have to do the debate virtually which would be interesting. I’m predicting Trump will kick covid’s ass before then, though.

Lefties keep accusing Trump of calling “covid” a hoax and accusing him of downplaying all the numbers. None of it true. Trump’s been taking it seriously since day 1. Since Trump’s got it himself now, he’s taking it more seriously than ever.

Trump will be back and be badder than ever. He’s got this. I’ve never been the praying type but for him it’s worth it.


Joe Biden to debate Trump after all, well that kind of figures since Biden’s polls dropping like crazy…

For a while now, Democrats didn’t want Joe Biden debating against Trump and they’ve been trying to talk him out of it. Maybe Joe’s campaign wasn’t gonna do it but his people changed their minds and talked him into it since his poll numbers are not so good? Probably.

The debate will be a 3 day debate just like they always are. The first debate scheduled for Sept. 29th at the end of this month. Fox News host Chris Wallace will moderate that debate in Cleveland, Ohio. The second debate will moderated by a C-Span host and will be a Town Hall styled debate. The third debate will be moderated by an NBC host and will be scheduled for Oct.


I’ll definitely watching all 3 debates ’cause it’s gonna be some entertaining TV and will be funny as hell. Can’t wait to see Pres. Trump destroy Biden. I’m sure Chris Wallace and the NBC moderator will be unfair to Trump but despite that, Trump will still destroy Biden. Just watch. It’s gonna be way funnier than Saturday Night Live. I can’t wait for Sept. 29th. The three debates will be heated for sure and there will be lots of attacks back and forth.

When it comes to Biden debating, I’m sure the questions will be given and Joe’s answers will be scripted, Biden will read the debate answers off a teleprompter… just watch for it. Trump doesn’t need a teleprompter although, Trump does use teleprompters for speeches only when needed but Trump is a good speaker and great at speaking from the heart. A guy like Joe would be a lousy debater… Trump is gonna embarrass and humiliate that man… gonna be glorious and I can’t wait to see it. I’m actually pumped to see the first debate between them.


FakeTrump crowd trying their best to demonize the True Supporters so they can push Steve Bannon to run for president in 2020? That’s their mission and it will fail…

I think I just figured out why all the FakeTrump people are trying their best to demonize the true Trump supporters. The FakeTrump crowd aka people pretending to be Trump supporters when they’re not really. I think what they’re really trying to do and what their mission is that they’re trying to push Steve Bannon to run for presidency? Is that why many so-called Trump supporters are starting to abandon Trump and give their support to Bannon instead? It seems that all these FakeTrump people have a huge hardon for Bannon all of a sudden and I don’t get it?

They’re all scared that Bannon could lose his job as White House advisor and they’re all begging for Trump to keep him. So all these popular twitter people: Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich and others are trying their best to demonize the true supporters. Trying their best to make us Trump  supporters look bad. So what they’re doing is trying to turn off Trump voters to shift their support to Steve Bannon instead.

There’s a lot of rumors out there that Trump isn’t happy with Bannon. Probably has something to do with the Bannon vs. Jared Kushner feud that is rumored to be going on in the White House. Bannon called Jared a “cuck” and a “globalist”, the feud started from there.

If you knew anything about Trump, he doesn’t like to be messed around by people. Read his book, “The Art of the Deal” and you would see. So if it’s true that Trump isn’t happy with Bannon then chances are Bannon pissed Trump off. If Bannon goes, I won’t be heartbroken about it. As long as we still have Trump in office that’s all that matters to me. Fuck Bannon let him go. I’m sure Trump will find a much better replacement for White House advisor. Keep in mind that Jared Kushner is part of Trump’s family. Jared is Trump’s son-in law and he probably didn’t like Bannon messing with his family. I’m with Trump ’cause I too wouldn’t like it if people messed with my family.

So these FakeTrump people, the fake supporters are now shifting their support for Bannon instead of Trump ’cause I believe they’re trying to push Bannon for a potential 2020 run for president. If this is their mission, it’s gonna fail big time ’cause Trump is going to win the re-election. Trump’s approval rating is getting higher and after the Isis strike expect even more people to get on board to support Trump. The ISIS death toll just got to 94 with no civilians killed which is amazing.

The FakeTrump crowd still won’t admit that they’re really haters. They’ll never admit that they turned their back on him. They’re bashing him like crazy and they claim to be on the Trump Train? Seriously? Wow. So in order to get Trump supporters to turn their back on Trump they must think of ways to do it like the Syrian strike for example. After that, they got all the FakeTrump people to hate on Trump like mad. Whatever they’re trying to do, they’re going to fail big.

The reason people like Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich, Ann Coulter and others are trying to demonize Trump supporters ’cause they’re trying to get fame, more attention and things like that. Trying to leech off of Trump’s fame. That Cernovich guy, wow. That guy is a douchebag and a egomaniac. That’s the last guy you would want to trust. After listening to Cernovich with his Alex Jones interview, I’m like wow… that dude is messed up for sure. Cernovich sure likes to jerk himself off about releasing breaking news stories, you know “exclusive” stuff. I’m like, “Get over yourself dude”. Now he’s threatening to destroy relationships if Trump fires Bannon. Cernovich is a nut job for sure.

I don’t care about Bannon. If Trump wants to keep him or let him go, that Trump’s call. You don’t make decisions for the president. I’ll fully support anything Trump wants to do.