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Thoughts On Trump and Melania getting covid-19, Beginning to think maybe I should take Covid-19 a little more serious…

Ever since this covid-19 shit started since last March, I never really took it that serious… ya know the virus. I just didn’t want to live in fear and continue to try to live my life the way I want to. I’m not one to stay locked up at home 24/7. I wanted to be out there doing things still like going to the gym, hit the malls, go to the movies and all that stuff. Since the country got locked down, I still tried to get out there to stay active like go out for a long walk or a long bike ride which I did those since the coronavirus started back in March.

I may have admittedly said the virus is a hoax a little bit, as in not real but later on, I started to see that it’s pretty real, I guess. Now that Trump, Melania and many others on his team got tested positive… maybe I should be taking it a little more seriously? Well, whatever, ya know? I’m still not gonna live in fear and continue to live my life the way I want to. If I got it somehow then so be it. The virus can be quickly recovered and you can survive from it easily. It’s not the most “deadliest” virus like Democrats and the media trying to make it out to be.

It’s no surprise to see that the Democrats and a lot of leftists/liberals are glad that Donald and Melania got the Covid and I’m seeing many of them wishing them dead. It’s pretty cold and vile of them… way out of line. No matter your political views, you should always look out for their well-being… give out your thoughts and prayers anyways…. Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did. Look, I absolutely hate Biden, Obama and H. Clinton but I applaud them for showing compassion to the President and Melania.

Even if prominent Democrats like Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, H. Clinton, etc. if any of them got the corona, I would still give them thoughts and prayers and wish them well. I may hate them politically and they’re awful people but they are still human. I would never wish any of them dead even if I can’t stand them.

Lefties really are pieces of garbages and that’s all this really proves. Of course, they want Trump to step down from election ’cause he got covid. If he have to step-down from election that means he’ll have to step down from the presidency too.

Nobody wants to talk about the high number of recoveries of coronavirus. Sen. Rand Paul had Covid-19 and he got rid of it quickly. If Rand Paul can quickly recover so can Trump and Melania.

Trump isn’t going anywhere. He’ll easily beat covid-19 and then he’ll be back to win the re-election. Trump has covid and lefties just continue to hate, hate, hate like the vile and cold people like they always are. They say they are the party of “love” and “tolerance”???? Pffffftttttt… please….

If Trump doesn’t get well before the 2nd Presidential Debate then he and Joe may have to do the debate virtually which would be interesting. I’m predicting Trump will kick covid’s ass before then, though.

Lefties keep accusing Trump of calling “covid” a hoax and accusing him of downplaying all the numbers. None of it true. Trump’s been taking it seriously since day 1. Since Trump’s got it himself now, he’s taking it more seriously than ever.

Trump will be back and be badder than ever. He’s got this. I’ve never been the praying type but for him it’s worth it.


Why haven’t we been seeing Melania Trump our first lady on covers of magazines at all???

When Barack Obama was president, Michelle Obama the previous first lady was everywhere on the newsstands. Michelle was on almost pretty much all magazine covers you see. Ever since Trump has been elected president have you ever seen Melania Trump our current first lady on any covers of magazines? It’s been a little over a year now and I’ve been going to the bookstores all year long. I browse the magazine newsstands at Barnes & Noble all the time and I don’t see too many magazines with Melania on the cover.

James Woods pointed this out on twitter that if the Trumps were Democrats then Melania would be on the cover of every magazine then.


The magazine industry do put Melania on the covers but they only put her in the tabloids putting her in a negative light. No doubt the magazine industry are ignoring Melania. Have you seen her on covers of women’s magazines such as “Cosmopolitan”, “Vogue”, “Elle”, “Marie Claire” and magazines such as those? They don’t even put her on men’s magazines such as “Maxim”, “Stuff”, “GQ”, “Esquire”, “Playboy”, etc. WTF?

Melania is definitely a beautiful and stunning woman. Everybody knows it and even the magazines knows it. It’s obvious that the magazines you see in newsstands refuses to put her on the covers ’cause they are afraid to lose their liberal readers maybe? Why are they so afraid to put Melania on the cover? If they ever put Melania on the cover putting her in a positive light, no doubt, those issues would fly off the shelves like mad. Melania is very popular. She’s loved by everyone in America (well she’s loved by everyone except liberals, of course) — having Melania on the cover of a magazine would be a hit.

Maybe another reason is that they’re afraid to put her on the covers is ’cause of her nude pictorial she did for GQ magazine once. During Melania’s modeling years, she was on all kinds of magazine covers but nowadays you don’t see her on magazine covers anymore.

The obvious answer is ’cause most magazines are pretty liberal… there are liberal bias in all of them too. Magazines are also in bed with the Obamas, Clintons and Democrats which is sad really. They shouldn’t be afraid to put Melania on the cover ’cause like I said above, it would be a big seller and they know it.

The anti-Trump crowd knows Melania is beautiful, they’ll just never admit it publicly.

I used to buy a lot of magazines to read but I don’t buy too much of them anymore except the only magazine I buy is Guitar World magazine and that’s about it. Next time I hit Barnes and Noble, I’ll take a pic of the women’s magazine rack and see if you can count how many magazine covers that has Melania on ’em. I bet you won’t find one.


Melania and Barron Trump won’t be living in White House during Trump presidency, they’ll be staying at Trump Tower…

Ever since Donald Trump has been elected to become our next president, a lot of us has been wondering how many of the Trump family will be staying in the White House.

We were wondering if Melania and Barron Trump will be staying in the White House or not. Well, it turns out they won’t be living in the White House during the Trump presidency. The reason is, Barron needs to keep his focus on school.


Even though they won’t be living in the White House, I’m sure Melania and Barron will be visiting the White House a lot, though.

What about the other Trump family? Will Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka move in with their families? I doubt that ’cause they have families and children of their own. Plus, Trump still has his empire to run and the kids needs to take over Donald’s businesses.

What about Tiffany Trump, Donald’s 23 year old daughter? Will she move into the White House? Could be a possibility ’cause Donald might need a little family time so he won’t feel alone in the White House. We’ll wait and see what Tiffany says.

It’s looking like Donald will be living alone in the White House. He won’t be completely alone ’cause he’ll have the White House staff and his cabinet working with him all the time but Donald will be sleeping in bed alone, probably, which is gonna suck for him but I’m sure he won’t mind. Making America Great Again is what’s most important. That’s what he got elected for.



People are intimidated by Melania Trump ’cause she’s hot…

It’s understandable why people would be scared of our next first lady. They’re intimidated ’cause she’s pretty freakin’ hot. Period?

We haven’t had many first ladies over the years that were beautiful and gorgeous. Mostly the first ladies we’ve had over the years in America were middle aged or over. Mostly first ladies that weren’t all that good looking.

Well the only first lady I can think of that was beautiful & gorgeous was Jackie Kennedy maybe? Other than that I can’t think of anybody else. Don’t get me started on Michelle Obama ’cause she (or a he) is pretty freaky looking. Michelle’s not that hot.

Yeah, the media is gonna try to make Melania look bad ’cause of her past modeling career. She was a supermodel which I’m pretty sure she’s retired from that now, though.


People hate Melania out of jealousy. They don’t want a supermodel first lady is what it is. They think it’s inappropriate for America. In Melania’s defense, there’s nothing wrong with her past modeling career and it don’t hurt to have a beautiful & hot woman to be first lady for the first time. I think a retired supermodel as first lady would be good ’cause that would help empower women to feel beautiful and all that stuff. Melania will be a good role model for women for sure.

Yeah, the NeverTrumpers is gonna accuse Melania of being a golddigger and all that… accusing her of marrying Trump for the money but I don’t think so. From what I’m seeing so far, what you see between Melania and Donald is true love. I remember Donald saying on TV, it wasn’t easy to hook up with her and marry her. It took him a long time to get her to marry him, they took it slow. The NeverTrumpers know they’re in it for true love and not for the money. That’s why they’re mad.

It be nice to have a first lady who shows love for America for once and would be nice to have a first lady who has more class than Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama is a rude and disrespectful piece of shit. She never looks happy . Michelle is always frowning. Yet libtards are always thinking Michelle is amazing when you know she’s not. Michelle is a fraud and we need a first lady who is real like Melania.

I think Melania is awesome. She’s gonna be the best first lady we’ve had since Jackie Kennedy.

In my eyes, I find nothing wrong with a first lady who is smokin’ hot. I think someone like Melania would be great for America.


Why Melania’s speech isn’t plagiarism… it’s just a media “gotcha” moment… nothing to see here…


The media and the NeverTrumpers wants to make this claim that Melania ripped off parts of Michelle’s speech from Michelle’s 2008 speech at the DNC.

What both Melania and Michelle were trying to say is they want children to grow up working hard for what you want in life and having respect for others. That’s just simple life-advice that everyone else would give each other. I’ve had people given me that advice lots of times and I’m sure people given you the same advice too. People usually say the same things in other speeches. It’s not like giving someone important advice is a copyrighted thing isn’t it?

Sometimes I don’t get the media, liberals and the NeverTrump idiots. They feel sorry for women getting treated horribly by Trump but at the same time, they all attack Melania. I thought they were “Pro Women’s Rights” and “Pro Immigrants”. Yeah, Melania is an immigrant but at least she’s legal. Maybe that’s part of the reason why they hate her ’cause they hate immigrants that are Legal. They only care for illegal immigrants.

The Melania “plagiarism” thing is just a lousy attempt of the media trying to stop the Trump campaign. Nothing to see here folks.

It’s real sad that the NeverTrump idiots think Melania’s “plagiarism” is more important than Hillary’s crimes.





Thoughts on last night’s RNC “Night 1”, the best speeches…

Last night, I watched RNC in Cleveland Night #1 and WOW! It was amazing all the way through! While most of the night was really great, who do I think delivered the best speeches? I thought the best speeches of last night were Melania Trump, Scott Baio, Marcus Luttrell, John Tiegen/Mark Geist telling their Benghazi story and also Rudy Giuliani.

I was real impressed with Melania’s speech, though. She did really good. Even though she had a different accent, she spoke English well. Sure enough, the NeverTrump idiots are accusing Melania ripping Michelle Obama’s speech which is a load of crock. It’s like, isn’t it funny that NeverTrump idiots sit there and go, “Oh no, Trump is saying horrible things about women” when at the same time, they’re saying horrible things about Melania? Hypocritical losers! If you think NeverTrump idiots talking trash at Melania is crazy just wait until Ivanka hits the RNC stage this week.

Anyway, I have been watching RNC conventions for a long time and this is indeed the best convention so far. I’ve never seen anything like it.

With the lineup for speakers of the RNC this week, it’s all setup to attack Hillary and Obama really.

I loved how the Benghazi attacks was brought up a lot. Also, “Operation Fast & Furious” scandal was brought up last night as well which was awesome.

Last night wasn’t just about attacking Hillary & Barack, the whole night was clearly about “Making America Safe Again”… that’s the theme.

While last night was a good night,  it’s not over yet. There’s still three more days of RNC. I will watch the speeches later tonight too.



The difference between Melania Trump and Michelle Obama… who is more patriotic???


The above pic is Melania Trump waving the crowd goodbye as she leaves the stage after a speech during a Trump rally in Wisconsin. The below pic is Michelle looking pissed off like she usually looks these days.

I’ll never forget when Michelle said back in 2008 when Barack’s campaign made her proud to be an American for the first time. A little flashback.


Listen to Melania’s speech below and compare Melania’s speech to Michelle’s speeches. Michelle has always been unpatriotic and disrespectful to America to her speeches so it’s nothing new.

Melania’s a class act and she’s way more patriotic than freakin’ Michelle. Sad thing that everybody worships Michelle and we can’t say bad things about her (or him).

Melania would make a better first lady for sure.


The reason that people go after Trump’s wife Melania, it’s because she’s simply hot and she’s young… that’s IT!!!!

When was the last time we had a presidential candidate with a hot wife? Or a president with a hot first lady? Not too many, right? Don’t get me started on Michelle Obama ’cause she isn’t even that good looking. I would say the last time we had a hot first lady in the White House was Jackie Kennedy for sure.

The only reason people go after Melania is not because they feel that a supermodel shouldn’t become a first lady. It’s not because they feel having Melania as first lady would be inappropriate for the country… it’s simply because she’s hot, beautiful and gorgeous. She’s also pretty young. She’s not that young, anyways… she’s 45 years old so she’s pretty much an MILF for sure. They’re just jealous of Trump that he is with a beautiful and hot woman. Look at Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz… she isn’t all that good looking at all so I can see why Ted would cheat on her with 5 different women.

Ya know something, everybody wants to call Mr. Trump sexist and misogynistic and all that stuff. Isn’t it kind of sexist and misogynistic to go after Melania? Ever think of that you fucking hypocrites? They want to say stuff that Trump hates women but isn’t kind of hateful to women when you say that Melania shouldn’t be first lady ’cause of her past modeling career? That’s kind of sexist if you think about it. Most people say they are all for “women’s rights”? HA!

Yep, I think that’s pretty much why Ted attacked Melania ’cause I believe he wants to get into her pants too. That’s pretty much why everybody attacks Melania. They’re jealous of Trump ’cause he married a hot woman. Sure, a lot of people would say that Melania married Trump for the money alone but I don’t think so. From the looks of things Donald and Melania is true love for sure. It seems they really love each other for reals.

Donald likes his women young and hot so who cares? If Donald married a woman his own age then nobody would have cared… nobody would have attacked her.

I think Melania would make a fantastic first lady. Melania would have a lot of class and respect for American than freakin’ Michelle.


All the so-called “feminists” that bash Melania Trump’s past modeling career…

We get feminazis siding with Megyn Kelly ’cause of Trump’s comments toward her and women, then we get feminazis siding with Kesha over this record label thing. Next thing you know, we see the same feminazis bashing Melania Trump’s past modeling career. Isn’t that a bit sexist and misogynistic? I would say so! Sexism works both ways, y’all. Who cares if Melania has had a past modeling career ’cause she’s retired from that, I think.

On top of that, Barack Obama’s mother has plenty of nude photos and photos of her in lingerie all over google… sure enough you never see any outrage.

Keep it going, feminazis. You never cease to amaze me.