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Why Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus had to play the RNC in Cleveland fairly…

I remember earlier this year Paul Ryan (Speaker of the House) and Reince Priebus (chairman of the RNC) was going to try to block Trump of the nomination. I remember Paul Ryan was gonna run for President and get himself on the ballot @ the RNC but Paul Ryan got a backlash for that — then Paul Ryan dropped out. Reince Priebus used to be a NeverTrumper but now he seems to be on the Trump Train. As soon as Trump supporters heard what they were about to do to try to rob Trump of the nomination, those two guys immediately backed off.

The RNC couldn’t change the rules. So on last Tuesday afternoon, the Roll Call started. That is where the presumptive nominee could get the official nomination if Trump could get 1237 or more. Turns out Trump did get 1237 at the RNC. Predictably, Trump got way more than 1237… while the NeverTrump delegates got way less. See? I told ya, the NeverTrump idiots has a small audience.

So why did the GOP play the RNC fair & square? Simply because if the GOP cheated and blocked Trump of the nomination, their careers would have been over. It would have been career suicide for them  if they didn’t give Trump the nomination. If Trump lost the nomination then that would have been the end of the GOP. Many registered Republicans would have left the Republican party and registered a different party. Therefor, Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus had to play the election fair & square as a way to save their careers.

I’ve watched Paul Ryan’s speech and he still doesn’t sound like a Trump fan to me. Even though Paul Ryan doesn’t seem to be a Trump fan, he still had to give Trump the nomination anyways ’cause the rules are the rules, ya know?

During Reince Priebus’s speech yesterday, he seems to have endorsed Trump ’cause he had nothing but positive things to say about Trump which was awesome.

I thought it was a great RNC week. This was the best RNC I’ve seen in years.

Trump’s speech last night, WOW! He was on fire last night for sure. Trump put the politically correct zombies on full blast. Donald Trump also made me feel like an American and he reminds me why I love America. It was a patriotic speech and a lot of truth.

The Trump family are amazing people. I watched all of their speeches: Melania, Tiffany, Donald Jr. and Eric. Donald Sr.’s kids did an amazing job at their speeches too especially Ivanka. Ivanka killed it last night.

Anyways, I’m very happy that Trump is in the General Election Nov. 8th. You can’t stop the Trump, y’all. When will you NeverTrump babies ever grow up? Just grow up and get on the Trump Train if you want to defeat Hillary.

Will I watch the DNC? Yeah, you betcha I will. I will probably watch all of the DNC just for laughs and to keep myself informed. I need to know what’s going on through both sides of the spectrum. Even though DNC is gonna be a joke and there will be a lot of Donald Trump bashing, I’m gonna watch it anyways.

I’ll never forget that some of my blog readers predicted that Trump would never make it this far… well he did. Now the NeverTrumpers are predicting that Trump won’t win the General Election in Nov. well we’ll see about that. Hillary’s polls are tanking like crazy so it’s looking good for him so far.

I’m gonna make a celebration video soon now that Trump got nominated finally.


How voting for Gary Johnson and Jill Stein is a vote for Hillary…

“A vote for anybody but not Trump is a vote for Hillary.” – Scott Walker

That’s what Gov. Scott Walker said at the RNC last night. A vote for anybody but not Trump is a vote for Hillary which is so true if you think about it. Sure, there are some NeverTrump  idiots out there who are against both Trump and Hillary. All that is fine and good. You are entitled to your own opinions.

Since some NeverTrumpers don’t like either Trump or Hillary, they have new options now. Some of them are turning their votes toward Gary Johnson (Libertarian) or Jill Stein (Green Party) instead. There’s a pretty good reason how a NeverTrump vote is gonna help Hillary. Even if you won’t vote at all, that’s still gonna help Hillary a lot.

  1. Both Gary Johnson and Jill Stein don’t have a chance at all. Their vote toward those two will be a total waste.
  2. If Hillary is ahead in the votes on Nov. 8th and a lot of people are voting for Johnson or Stein instead of Trump then Trump won’t get anymore votes and Hillary is gonna prevail.

That’s exactly how a NeverTrump & NeverHillary vote is gonna help Hillary. That’s why I suggested a lot of ex-Bernie fans to jump aboard the Trump Train but they don’t get it yet. If they want to defeat Hillary, they really should get on the TrumpTrain. Sadly all the ex-Bernie fans who hate Trump & Hillary stick to their guns, they won’t ever listen to you which is messed up.

Johnson & Stein are just a couple of desperate losers wanting to get the NeverTrump & NeverHillary votes. Keep in mind that the NeverTrump audience is very small and the RNC this week proved that. The NeverTrump delegates couldn’t block Trump of the nomination and Donald Trump became the official nominee this week.

If you want to defeat Hillary then getting on the Trump train is the best thing you could do. You don’t have to like him, just vote for him anyways to get rid of Hillary.

Johnson & Stein run for president each time an election happens but they fail each election ’cause nobody cares about the libertarian and the Green Party.



Why Melania’s speech isn’t plagiarism… it’s just a media “gotcha” moment… nothing to see here…


The media and the NeverTrumpers wants to make this claim that Melania ripped off parts of Michelle’s speech from Michelle’s 2008 speech at the DNC.

What both Melania and Michelle were trying to say is they want children to grow up working hard for what you want in life and having respect for others. That’s just simple life-advice that everyone else would give each other. I’ve had people given me that advice lots of times and I’m sure people given you the same advice too. People usually say the same things in other speeches. It’s not like giving someone important advice is a copyrighted thing isn’t it?

Sometimes I don’t get the media, liberals and the NeverTrump idiots. They feel sorry for women getting treated horribly by Trump but at the same time, they all attack Melania. I thought they were “Pro Women’s Rights” and “Pro Immigrants”. Yeah, Melania is an immigrant but at least she’s legal. Maybe that’s part of the reason why they hate her ’cause they hate immigrants that are Legal. They only care for illegal immigrants.

The Melania “plagiarism” thing is just a lousy attempt of the media trying to stop the Trump campaign. Nothing to see here folks.

It’s real sad that the NeverTrump idiots think Melania’s “plagiarism” is more important than Hillary’s crimes.





Thoughts on last night’s RNC “Night 1”, the best speeches…

Last night, I watched RNC in Cleveland Night #1 and WOW! It was amazing all the way through! While most of the night was really great, who do I think delivered the best speeches? I thought the best speeches of last night were Melania Trump, Scott Baio, Marcus Luttrell, John Tiegen/Mark Geist telling their Benghazi story and also Rudy Giuliani.

I was real impressed with Melania’s speech, though. She did really good. Even though she had a different accent, she spoke English well. Sure enough, the NeverTrump idiots are accusing Melania ripping Michelle Obama’s speech which is a load of crock. It’s like, isn’t it funny that NeverTrump idiots sit there and go, “Oh no, Trump is saying horrible things about women” when at the same time, they’re saying horrible things about Melania? Hypocritical losers! If you think NeverTrump idiots talking trash at Melania is crazy just wait until Ivanka hits the RNC stage this week.

Anyway, I have been watching RNC conventions for a long time and this is indeed the best convention so far. I’ve never seen anything like it.

With the lineup for speakers of the RNC this week, it’s all setup to attack Hillary and Obama really.

I loved how the Benghazi attacks was brought up a lot. Also, “Operation Fast & Furious” scandal was brought up last night as well which was awesome.

Last night wasn’t just about attacking Hillary & Barack, the whole night was clearly about “Making America Safe Again”… that’s the theme.

While last night was a good night,  it’s not over yet. There’s still three more days of RNC. I will watch the speeches later tonight too.