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Last night’s VP Debate was designed to make Tim Kaine look like a tough guy but they failed…

You know in the first presidential debate was designed to put Trump on defensive? Well looks like the VP Debate last night was pretty much the same thing. They set it up to put Gov. Mike Pence on defensive too.

Honestly, last night’s VP Debate was more entertaining than the first presidential debate. The VP Debate was also designed to make Tim Kaine look like a tough guy and it was set up to make Gov. Mike Pence look like a little baby.

Tim Kaine was a fuckin’ douchebag. WOW! What a piece of garbage that guy was. I know some of you NeverTrumpers out there don’t like Trump but you gotta admit that Kaine was a bit of an asshole even if you call yourself a liberal. Kaine wouldn’t let Mike Pence get a chance to talk.

Kaine’s performance during the debate last night, he seems scripted totally and rehearsed. I think Kaine was following orders from Hillary. The Hillary camp wrote the responses for him and they just tell him what to say. Period.

Gov. Mike Pence was a little more likeable, though. Even though Kaine was a bit aggressive, Pence stayed calm and relaxed. Pence wasn’t afraid to call out Kaine’s bullshit. I like Pence ’cause he did a better job defending Trump’s campaign and Pence did a good job explaining Trump’s policies too.

Gotta love how Kaine goes on and on and on about Trump allegedly saying bad things about Mexicans and calling the Trump team, “a campaign of insults”. The Hillary camp shouldn’t be talking ’cause Hillary insults people all the time. Hillary has said much worse things than calling Americans deplorables and basement dwellers. Hillary also called black people super-predators and she also said bad things about Mexicans… she called Latinos “Taco Bowls” through the DNC Leaks that Wikileaks released.

I also loved how Tim Kaine says that Hillary is the only one to defeat terrorism. Really? Pretty funny for him to say when Hillary didn’t do anything to stop the Benghazi attacks which led four of our own to get murdered by Muslim fanatics. I wish Pence brought up Benghazi after that.

While I do look forward to all these debates, I don’t get why they always have to be moderated by a liberal moderator all the freakin’ time. Why won’t there be a debate that is moderated by a conservative moderator so we can see the different viewpoints, ya know? Make it more fair.

While Trump is a good debater and all, I’ll have to admit… Pence does a way better job at debating than Trump. I was impressed with Pence really despite all the interruptions by Kaine. Pretty shameful that the bitchy moderator allowed Kaine to interrupt but wouldn’t allow Pence to interrupt Kaine when Pence needed to say something. I’m beginning to think that these debates are even more crooked than Hillary Clinton for sure.


Why Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus had to play the RNC in Cleveland fairly…

I remember earlier this year Paul Ryan (Speaker of the House) and Reince Priebus (chairman of the RNC) was going to try to block Trump of the nomination. I remember Paul Ryan was gonna run for President and get himself on the ballot @ the RNC but Paul Ryan got a backlash for that — then Paul Ryan dropped out. Reince Priebus used to be a NeverTrumper but now he seems to be on the Trump Train. As soon as Trump supporters heard what they were about to do to try to rob Trump of the nomination, those two guys immediately backed off.

The RNC couldn’t change the rules. So on last Tuesday afternoon, the Roll Call started. That is where the presumptive nominee could get the official nomination if Trump could get 1237 or more. Turns out Trump did get 1237 at the RNC. Predictably, Trump got way more than 1237… while the NeverTrump delegates got way less. See? I told ya, the NeverTrump idiots has a small audience.

So why did the GOP play the RNC fair & square? Simply because if the GOP cheated and blocked Trump of the nomination, their careers would have been over. It would have been career suicide for them  if they didn’t give Trump the nomination. If Trump lost the nomination then that would have been the end of the GOP. Many registered Republicans would have left the Republican party and registered a different party. Therefor, Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus had to play the election fair & square as a way to save their careers.

I’ve watched Paul Ryan’s speech and he still doesn’t sound like a Trump fan to me. Even though Paul Ryan doesn’t seem to be a Trump fan, he still had to give Trump the nomination anyways ’cause the rules are the rules, ya know?

During Reince Priebus’s speech yesterday, he seems to have endorsed Trump ’cause he had nothing but positive things to say about Trump which was awesome.

I thought it was a great RNC week. This was the best RNC I’ve seen in years.

Trump’s speech last night, WOW! He was on fire last night for sure. Trump put the politically correct zombies on full blast. Donald Trump also made me feel like an American and he reminds me why I love America. It was a patriotic speech and a lot of truth.

The Trump family are amazing people. I watched all of their speeches: Melania, Tiffany, Donald Jr. and Eric. Donald Sr.’s kids did an amazing job at their speeches too especially Ivanka. Ivanka killed it last night.

Anyways, I’m very happy that Trump is in the General Election Nov. 8th. You can’t stop the Trump, y’all. When will you NeverTrump babies ever grow up? Just grow up and get on the Trump Train if you want to defeat Hillary.

Will I watch the DNC? Yeah, you betcha I will. I will probably watch all of the DNC just for laughs and to keep myself informed. I need to know what’s going on through both sides of the spectrum. Even though DNC is gonna be a joke and there will be a lot of Donald Trump bashing, I’m gonna watch it anyways.

I’ll never forget that some of my blog readers predicted that Trump would never make it this far… well he did. Now the NeverTrumpers are predicting that Trump won’t win the General Election in Nov. well we’ll see about that. Hillary’s polls are tanking like crazy so it’s looking good for him so far.

I’m gonna make a celebration video soon now that Trump got nominated finally.


Thoughts on the Trump/Pence GOP ticket…

I was unsure of Gov. Mike Pence at first, simply because he supported the TPP trade and he was all for “amnesty” but now I’m realizing that Pence is a great choice for VP for the Donald. Why?

Simply because Pence isn’t a career politician and he fought back at the establishment which is what Trump  totally needs. Plus, Pence is young and good-looking (not trying to sound gay or anything).

Trump based on his VP pick on the looks alone mostly which makes total sense and it’s pretty smart. Why would we want a VP who is fat and ugly, ya know? If Trump picked Chris Christie as his VP, people would make fun of Christie and we don’t want that. So the VP choice had to be good looking. Pence is also a total unknown which is also smart.

Sure, Pence may have supported TPP and “amnesty” in the past but keep in mind that Trump is a great negotiator. Trump could get him to change his opinions on certain things.

Pence is a great choice now that I think about it. I was disappointed at first but doing a little reading about Pence and watching his speech at the NRA, I am totally sold to him now.

Get ready for next week, y’all. I’ll be watching the RNC next week and Trump is gonna become the official nominee next week. Can’t wait! NeverTrumpers are hoping the RNC will change the rules so that Trump will get rejected and get robbed of the nomination but so far, looks like that’s not gonna happen so Trump should be able to get the nomination just fine next week.

Trump is gonna become the next prez. Deal with it, haters!