Thoughts on the Trump/Pence GOP ticket…

I was unsure of Gov. Mike Pence at first, simply because he supported the TPP trade and he was all for “amnesty” but now I’m realizing that Pence is a great choice for VP for the Donald. Why?

Simply because Pence isn’t a career politician and he fought back at the establishment which is what Trump  totally needs. Plus, Pence is young and good-looking (not trying to sound gay or anything).

Trump based on his VP pick on the looks alone mostly which makes total sense and it’s pretty smart. Why would we want a VP who is fat and ugly, ya know? If Trump picked Chris Christie as his VP, people would make fun of Christie and we don’t want that. So the VP choice had to be good looking. Pence is also a total unknown which is also smart.

Sure, Pence may have supported TPP and “amnesty” in the past but keep in mind that Trump is a great negotiator. Trump could get him to change his opinions on certain things.

Pence is a great choice now that I think about it. I was disappointed at first but doing a little reading about Pence and watching his speech at the NRA, I am totally sold to him now.

Get ready for next week, y’all. I’ll be watching the RNC next week and Trump is gonna become the official nominee next week. Can’t wait! NeverTrumpers are hoping the RNC will change the rules so that Trump will get rejected and get robbed of the nomination but so far, looks like that’s not gonna happen so Trump should be able to get the nomination just fine next week.

Trump is gonna become the next prez. Deal with it, haters!


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