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The RNC this week thoughts… yeah I watched all of the RNC but skipped the DNC this year…

When it comes to president election time, I usually watch both the RNC and DNC just so I can watch what’s going on with both sides, ya know? I always thought that was a good thing to do but for a while now I’ve been skipping the DNC. Can’t watch the DNC side anymore ’cause the left is getting a lot worse but yes, I watched all 4 days of RNC this week.

I didn’t watch Nights 1 and 2 on TV but caught up with both of those nights on youtube. I watched nights 3 and 4 on TV, though.

I thought most speakers did a great job at the RNC this year but some of the best speeches I thought were Nicholas Sandmann, Herschel Walker, Ann Dorn, the parents of Kayla Mueller, Jack Brewer, Kayleigh, McEnany, Alice Johnson, Melania Trump, Tiffany Trump and Ivanka Trump. I thought those were the best speakers this year.

Of course, Mike Pence and Donald Trump killed it with their speeches like always.

I thought Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump did okay but wasn’t their strongest and wasn’t the best.

The left is getting scary. Their destruction of the police continues, they’re taking away our freedom of expression more and more and their obsessive hatred for Donald Trump the president is getting way over the top. Also, the mainstream media is getting worse and worse. I’ll never vote Democrat again. For the past few years, I’ve been voting straight Republican and I’ll do the same for this upcoming election.

The RNC was good this year. Some of you will think, “Blah, the RNC is just a bunch of Republicans kissing Trump’s ass”. Not really… all I saw this year was former Democrats turning Republican to support Trump, either that or they’re still Democrat supporting Trump so it’s not all that one sided like some of you think. After the RNC nights, C-span kept getting callers of former Democrats to turn Republican to support Trump and they are lifelong Democrats. You don’t need to be a left-winger for the rest of your life. The “Walkaway” campaign is real and Trump is getting way more support than ever.

While the RNC was good this year there were some people who I thought they snubbed which they should have had speeches… they didn’t have Diamond & Silk, Terrence K. Williams and Candace Owens… those people I speak of are very important for conservative black voices and they would have been good for the RNC. Candace should have been there the most, though… why did she get snubbed? Hmmm…

I’m voting for Trump in Nov. ’cause there no way I’ll vote for Biden. Just another awful Democrat candidate. Can the Democrats actually pick a good candidate? Nope. The left has never been this radical in the past. Before Obama, the left “used” to be a patriotic party but not anymore. I’m so glad I don’t see myself as a liberal. I’m a proud Conservative and Republican voter. I’ll never change. I hate liberalism and despise the way it’s going right now.

This year is going to be an easy re-election for Trump and a landslide win for Republicans all over. We’ll take the House back too. Just watch. Joe Biden doesn’t have a chance.


Thoughts on the Trump/Pence GOP ticket…

I was unsure of Gov. Mike Pence at first, simply because he supported the TPP trade and he was all for “amnesty” but now I’m realizing that Pence is a great choice for VP for the Donald. Why?

Simply because Pence isn’t a career politician and he fought back at the establishment which is what Trump ┬átotally needs. Plus, Pence is young and good-looking (not trying to sound gay or anything).

Trump based on his VP pick on the looks alone mostly which makes total sense and it’s pretty smart. Why would we want a VP who is fat and ugly, ya know? If Trump picked Chris Christie as his VP, people would make fun of Christie and we don’t want that. So the VP choice had to be good looking.┬áPence is also a total unknown which is also smart.

Sure, Pence may have supported TPP and “amnesty” in the past but keep in mind that Trump is a great negotiator. Trump could get him to change his opinions on certain things.

Pence is a great choice now that I think about it. I was disappointed at first but doing a little reading about Pence and watching his speech at the NRA, I am totally sold to him now.

Get ready for next week, y’all. I’ll be watching the RNC next week and Trump is gonna become the official nominee next week. Can’t wait! NeverTrumpers are hoping the RNC will change the rules so that Trump will get rejected and get robbed of the nomination but so far, looks like that’s not gonna happen so Trump should be able to get the nomination just fine next week.

Trump is gonna become the next prez. Deal with it, haters!


RNC parts ways with NBC News for upcoming GOP debate… GOOD! Smart of them!

While I’m no longer a fan of the GOP anymore what they did here was actually a good thing. The RNC giving NBC the middle finger. What you guys can’t seem to understand is that NBC is a very liberal network. They’ve always have been which is why I don’t watch that network anymore. All NBC is gonna do is make Donald Trump and the other GOP candidates look bad well except for Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush is the only GOP candidate who the libtard media seems to love. Most of all, NBC is just gonna treat Donald Trump pretty unfairly.

Might as well keep these debates on FOX Business Network ’cause that is the only network who treats Trump fairly. The FOX Business Network does a better job than other networks. NBC is nothing but a liberal rag. I hate NBC.



RNC chairman Reince Priebus thinks Hillary uses Benghazi politics to make more money and I agree…

RNC chairman Reince Priebus thinks Hillary using Benghazi as a way to make more money w/ her leaked Benghazi chapter about it and her upcoming book tour and all that stuff. Sorry to say but I agree with him 100%. That’s pretty much what I said the other day. Hillary is using her celebrity over Benghazi to make money off of it. She thinks it’s wrong for America to politicize over America and refuses to be a part of this “slugfest” as she calls it, like I said the other day, she is continuing the politicizing over Benghazi even more by writing a chapter about it. She’s keeping the “slugfest” politicizing going even more by make money off of it.

She’s no longer Secretary of State and she’s currently not in office for anything as of this point. Do you see a bit of a pattern here?

Obama got her involved in Benghazi ’cause he figured it would be a money making opportunity for her and to help her celebrity status.

How come the left is outraged at Republicans for doing fundraisers over the Benghazi attacks and yet there is no outrage from the left about Hillary making money off the 4 deaths? More hypocrisy from the left, what else is new?

Expect Hillary’s money making scheme to get even worse in the future. What’s coming up ahead? TV documentaries, interviews and movies about Benghazi???

If she didn’t want to be a part of the Benghazi “slugfest”, then she shouldn’t have written a chapter about it but did anyway. She’s desperate for attention and would do whatever it takes to promote her stupid book.

Her new book will probably end up becoming a huge seller, wouldn’t surprise me. People on the left would be all over the book but right-wingers would never read it. I know I wouldn’t. I refuse to read anything written about Hillary.



More on Clint’s so called bizarre Invisible Obama speech…

Ya know something. I find it pretty ridiculous how most of the internet are pretty critical toward Clint’s empty chair speech last night. You see, the thing with politics is that political speeches were never meant to please everyone. Other politicians over the years, had some of the worst speeches I’ve ever seen. For example, the rest of the speeches last night were horrible, especially, Mitt Romney’s. Mitt Romney messed up a few times and he was reading off a teleprompter. Clint wasn’t reading off of anything. Clint just spoke whatever came to his mind. When it comes to political speeches, politicians can do their speeches however they want to.

I think the only reason Eastwood is being criticized by the media and people at home is because of Eastwood’s age. If it was Chris Rock or Adam Sandler doing the empty chair speech, everyone would have thought it was the funniest thing ever, but when an old man, does it, turns out to be a nightmare for everyone. Pathetic, I must say.

I’ll have to agree that Clint’s empty seat speech was pretty weird but that’s his humor. Like I said before, maybe he never intended that speech to be humorous. He did it ’cause he had a message to send out to Obama. It’s kind of like a political cartoon you see in the newspapers. You have to figure what the message is saying. Clint has been involved in politics for years and most of his movies over the years have been political too. I thought it was funny that he did the neck slicing thing.

It doesn’t hurt to have some humor into politics once in a while people. I treat Eastwood’s speech with respect ’cause he improvised the whole thing without reading anything. Plus, what he did was pretty ballsy for a man who is 82. Plus, Clint got the crowd riled up and cheering for him which you don’t see much in politics. Another reason I think people are picking on him ’cause he’s an actor/film director, not an actual politician.

I thought Clint did a good job, seriously. It doesn’t matter if you liked his speech or hated it, whatever. He just wanted to give a message out that Obama didn’t do anything for “hope” and “change”, which was the whole point of his speech. Yes, he did ramble a bit, but he’s old, he can’t help himself. It was entertaining. I think the Invisible Obama speech will be a hit for a long time. Eastwood just made history.


Brock defends Clint Eastwood’s speech at the RNC…

Yes, I ended up watching the RNC tonight on TV ’cause Clint Eastwood was going to have a speech. As expected, I knew Clint’s speech was going to be interesting. I also knew it was going to be entertaining and had a feeling he was going to rip President Obama, and he just did that. Destroy President Obama throughout his whole speech. On stage, he had an empty chair, and he was pretending that he was talking to Obama when nobody was on the chair. As soon as Eastwood’s speech on TV got over with, people started criticizing Eastwood. Saying the speech was awful and how the comedy stuff wasn’t needed.

Eastwood opened the speech saying there are conservatives in Hollywood, and then he went on to talk about the United States being on unemployment. He went on saying a bunch of other things like Obama closing Gitmo, the Iraq and Afghanistan war, etc. If you missed Eastwood’s speech, here’s the transcript.

I think the whole point of Eastwood pretending to talk to Obama sitting on a chair, was that it’s not just for humor. There’s a purpose behind it. That whole speech was just Eastwood’s way of saying that Obama didn’t make the promises he made when elected president. The promises Obama made were, “Hope and Change”. Since Obama didn’t do anything for “Hope and Change”, that’s the point of the empty chair. Eastwood’s way of telling Obama that he didn’t do anything.

I think it’s pretty easy to figure out, is it?

I thought Eastwood did a good job. It was like improv comedy. Kind of like a “Whose Line Is It Anyway” thing. I’m glad they did the “Go ahead, make my day” catchphrase at the end too. Eastwood was funny. He did a good job getting up there for a guy his age. He’s old, give him that respect.

Eastwood has been involved in politics for many years. So it’s no surprise that he would be a part of it. Clint is an actor and he did a lot of that too on stage.