RNC chairman Reince Priebus thinks Hillary uses Benghazi politics to make more money and I agree…

RNC chairman Reince Priebus thinks Hillary using Benghazi as a way to make more money w/ her leaked Benghazi chapter about it and her upcoming book tour and all that stuff. Sorry to say but I agree with him 100%. That’s pretty much what I said the other day. Hillary is using her celebrity over Benghazi to make money off of it. She thinks it’s wrong for America to politicize over America and refuses to be a part of this “slugfest” as she calls it, like I said the other day, she is continuing the politicizing over Benghazi even more by writing a chapter about it. She’s keeping the “slugfest” politicizing going even more by make money off of it.

She’s no longer Secretary of State and she’s currently not in office for anything as of this point. Do you see a bit of a pattern here?

Obama got her involved in Benghazi ’cause he figured it would be a money making opportunity for her and to help her celebrity status.

How come the left is outraged at Republicans for doing fundraisers over the Benghazi attacks and yet there is no outrage from the left about Hillary making money off the 4 deaths? More hypocrisy from the left, what else is new?

Expect Hillary’s money making scheme to get even worse in the future. What’s coming up ahead? TV documentaries, interviews and movies about Benghazi???

If she didn’t want to be a part of the Benghazi “slugfest”, then she shouldn’t have written a chapter about it but did anyway. She’s desperate for attention and would do whatever it takes to promote her stupid book.

Her new book will probably end up becoming a huge seller, wouldn’t surprise me. People on the left would be all over the book but right-wingers would never read it. I know I wouldn’t. I refuse to read anything written about Hillary.



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