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Never Forget: 20 Years of Twin Towers attacks and 9 years of Benghazi…

With Joe Biden arming the Taliban is all you need to know about Benghazi. Then we have US soldiers left behind in Afghanistan. This is why we don’t forget these things.

Not only that Islamic terrorism is a real problem, our political leaders are really the big threat.

The things going on under Biden is pretty scary stuff.

Never forget the two 9/11’s ’cause I never will.


Never forget 9/11: The World Trade Centers and Benghazi…


Every year 9/11 comes, I’ll never forget both terrorist attacks… The World Trade Centers attacks on 9/11/01 and the Benghazi attacks on 9/11/2012. Most people want to remember the World Trade Centers but most will want to forget Benghazi. They both should never be forgotten. Sure the Benghazi attacks didn’t happen in our country but it still matters ’cause 4 of our Americans were killed and it happened at one of our US consulates. The Benghazi attacks was still an attack on us no matter what you think of it.

So many lefties on social media not posting anything about 9/11 at all today which is typical. They don’t hate America, hey? Yeah right.


Obama and Hillary wants to take down Trump ’cause they’re afraid Trump is gonna expose their crimes…

Want to know why the left and Democrats are so obsessed with wanting to take down Trump? It’s not only because they think he’s a horrible president but the only reason why I think they want to get him out of office ’cause Trump is going to expose all their crimes. That’s what I’m noticing of what’s going on. You see what’s going on with Trump’s nasty feud against Democrats and liberal political figures, the more Trump decides to have plans in exposing Democrat crimes, the harder they want to bring Trump down.

Do you see what’s going on here? Trump is going after Hillary about the deleted e-mails and hidden server. Trump is going after Obama for the spying. After that, the Democrats wants to investigate Trump even more. Democrats wanted the Muller Report out, they got want they wanted but of course they are still not satisfied. Now they want to keep the investigations going by investigating Robert Mueller and William Barr. Freakin’ bullshit but no surprise really. I think it’s because Dems are getting scared about what’s about ready to come out of Hillary and Barack.

Why did Hillary hide the e-mails? I’ve always said the e-mails probably have a lot of stuff with her and Barack’s involvement in the Benghazi attacks and that’s probably how it’s gonna turn out. My prediction. The e-mails will have everything we don’t know about Benghazi. They’re getting scared that everything is about to come out pretty soon. Hillary and Barack will finally be held to account and justice is coming.

Trump will very soon be sending people to prison and hopefully Hillary and Barack will be locked up with them. It’s been a long time coming and so long overdue. That’s why they all want Trump impeached. They want to see Trump as a criminal but Trump has never done anything illegal. Some of you may say, “You’re just kissing Trump’s ass”. No, I’m not. If I saw that Trump committed a crime, I probably would get off the Trump train but since he hasn’t broken the law yet, I’ll stay on. Democrats and lefties want to find a crime in Trump but so far they haven’t found anything. They won’t give up until they find something which is pathetic.

Hillary and Barack are the real criminals and they should have been locked up a long time ago. I predict they will be locked up pretty soon. It’s gonna happen, trust me. It may be slow moving on locking them up but they will bring down the hammer on them soon enough. Wait for it. It is looking like that Hillary and Barack maybe locked up soon and that’s why the left is scared. They know it’s happening.

Get ready. Justice is coming and people are going to prison! FINALLY!

I’ve never forgotten about Benghazi, btw.


Remembering 9/11… both the World Trade Center and Benghazi attacks…


Today, we must never forget these two attacks: Benghazi and the World Trade Center. Unfortunately, we have never gotten to the bottom of either one. No one held accountable for either one. I will never forget both and neither should you.

Both of these attacks are a part of how Trump got elected president ’cause he cares about getting answers from both of them. Benghazi was why we said no to Hillary in the White House and we prevailed.

One day we will get to the bottom of both attacks ’cause the truth will always come out no matter how long ago it was.

As far as 9/11/01 goes, libs want to say George W. Bush did it and say it was an inside job… conservatives want to say that terrorists did it. It’s all speculation on both sides until the real truth comes out.


Never Forget Benghazi as well!!!


Also, can’t forget the other 9/11. It’s a real shame that the mainstream media would ignore the Benghazi anniversary but if they’re gonna ignore it, I won’t. 4 years of Benghazi and the Benghazi mystery still haven’t been solved yet. No one held accountable yet either. Ridiculous!

I don’t care how good or bad Hillary’s policies are. The only reason I don’t want her president is because of Benghazi.

RIP Chris, Sean, Tyrone and Glen. Thanks for your service too!


Thought: Did Hillary and Obama threaten Gowdy? Was Gowdy forced to release the report this soon???

I’ve got this feeling that Gowdy may have been threatened by Hillary and the Obama administration which is why he released the final Benghazi report unexpectedly. I would think that Obama and Hillary would do anything it took to shut down the Select Committee investigation and I think they did just that. Just to get it over and done with. You ask, how would Hillary and Obama threaten Gowdy behind the scenes? Blackmail, I would say.

Trey half-assed the Benghazi investigation ’cause he’s never going to get confidential information that would expose Obama & Hillary. What you see in the Benghazi report is all you get. Now Hillary makes a statement telling Gowdy to move on. This is what made me believe that Hillary and Obama threatened Gowdy. Hillary and Obama told him, “End the investigation or there will be consequences”. If Trey kept the investigation going then his life would be in danger.

I mean, look at how many people Hillary and Obama killed over the years to stop from top secret information about them from getting out there? Check out Hillary Dead Pool and Obama Dead Pool.

Trey would have never gotten to the full truth anyways ’cause Hillary and Obama are dangerous. They just wanted to end the Select Committee before the General Election before Trey got too close to the truth.

I haven’t read the Benghazi report yet but I will get around to reading the whole thing this week.


I’m beginning to lose my trust in Trey Gowdy, is he protecting Hillary? Select Committee designed to clear her name?

Over 70 witnesses they interviewed including Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes… I’m sure all of them lied to protect Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Each time other witnesses get interviewed, pretty much most of them lie to Trey Gowdy. They all know the real truth of Benghazi, they’re just acting like cowards to say it. Why won’t they say it? Why do they lie so much? It’s because Hillary and Barack probably ordered them to. Did Obama threaten all the witnesses with an agreement? Did they pay them a lot of “hush” money? Probably a little bit of both. If any of the witnesses told the truth, their lives would be in danger… they would probably lose their careers or even worse turn up missing or turn up dead.

Each time Obama and his admin sent in documents to Trey Gowdy, they’re always heavily redacted. Leaving a lot of stuff out… probably to protect Obama, what else would they heavily redact documents for?

I wish Trey Gowdy would stop interviewing government people ’cause all they’re gonna do is lie and protect Obama. 4 years and no truth has come out yet. 4 years and nobody has been held accountable. This Committee has been going on for a few years now and still nothing. Fucking ridiculous if you ask me.

You know who would be the most important people to interview are the survivors as I’m sure there was many survivors. How come they haven’t interviewed the survivors and the heroes who tried to stop the attack from happening? Look at the “13 Hours” movie by Michael Bay, there were heroes that tried to stop the attack and they haven’t been interviewed yet either. They haven’t interviewed survivors yet ’cause you know they’ll tell everything. They won’t lie for anyone. That’s why the Obama admin. hid a lot of the survivors somewhere (possibly staying at some hospital) and I’m sure there are more survivors out there too. Interview the survivors. They would be the more important people to talk to.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the results of this Committee turns out to be no “wrongdoing” too as a way to clear Hillary’s name. I’m beginning to think that this Committee was designed to help Hillary, not take her down. Keep in mind this Committee was put together by John Boehner so go figure, y’all.


Hillary will never see the “13 Hours” movie ’cause simply the past will come back and haunt her… period???

More lies from the corrupt and evil cunt, Hillary Clinton. Hillary claims she won’t see the Benghazi movie ’cause she claims she’s too busy. When you know that’s a flat out lie. I’m sure she has plenty of times to take a few hours for herself to go see the film. If she has time to go on a bunch of talk shows and appearing at restaurants like Chipotle then she has plenty of time to go see the film. She’ll never see it ’cause the past will come back to haunt her. It’s simple as that folks. She won’t see it ’cause she knows the film will put her in an emotional wreck. It could put her in a nervous breakdown and with her running for president. It’s not a good idea for her to be watching the film.

Can you see Hillary when she does her debates and speeches? She could have flashbacks and she could faint anytime ’cause of the film. Her seeing the film would put a danger in her candidacy so it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to watch if she wants to survive the election. She’s probably gonna ignore the film completely and won’t watch it at all. Barack Obama is probably not gonna watch it either.



Video: Why Obama and Hillary should be in jail for Benghazi…

If you want a perfect explanation of Benghazi, listen to the Dr. Of Common Sense.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton really do deserves to be locked up because of Benghazi. Ya see, I’ve been following the Benghazi story myself very closely ever since the tragedy happened. It’s pretty obvious that Obama & Hillary orchestrated it all. The whole thing. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Obama & Hillary orchestrated it all. If you’ve seen all the hearings and read the book or seen the movie to “13 Hours”, you could tell right away that Obama & Hillary are totally guilty. Even someone with half a brain would be able to see that.

If you call Obama & Hillary being responsible a “conspiracy theory”, it just shows you can’t take the truth that these two are nothing but criminals. It’s bothering you and upsetting you. It shows that you are uneducated and dumb. Shows how “one-sided” you really are.

You don’t even need a detective to see that Barack and Hillary was behind it all. Given orders to stand-down and given orders to blame it on a video. These two should be locked up. It’s worthy of life prison sentence and execution too. Lets hope and pray Trey Gowdy proves their guilt soon!

Listen to the Doctor in the video below.


Trey Gowdy is serious on the Benghazi investigation after all, “Stand down order” was given according to witnesses…

This is pretty huge news and a big step in the right direction in the Benghazi investigation. A lot of people were skeptical in Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Select Committee investigation and even I got skeptical of it. I was starting to lose trust in Gowdy but after this news… it made me realize that he is serious on the investigation after all. He’s not protecting Hillary and this proves that this investigation is not about her at all.

This should silence all the critics who claimed there was no “stand down order” given when there was one given. According to witnesses there was a stand down order given.


This shows that Trey is pretty serious on the investigation. The reason it’s taking so long ’cause like I said repeatedly… it’s a long and tough investigation. There’s so much truth and information to get out ’cause Barack and Hillary covered their tracks too damn good.

Lets hope Trey can successfully get the truth of Benghazi out before the General elections in Nov. We need to get Hillary out of the election and throw her ass in prison where she belongs… Barack too. Get Barack out of office and throw him in prison too, I don’t care how much time that fucker has left of his presidency. Both of these murderers need to be held accountable.

Of course, the mainstream media ignores this…