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Is this why Hillary wanted her personal server private ’cause she didn’t want to get caught talking about fun stuff?

I think there’s a pretty good reason why Hillary kept her server hidden or may have destroyed it ’cause on it would be her talking about all kinds of fun stuff instead of the Benghazi attack itself. She knows the server would probably destroy her reputation if people saw that she didn’t care for the lives of Ambassador Stevens and the three other guys who were killed there. Instead of talking about saving lives and protecting Americans, all the Clinton camp did was bullshit around talking about stupid and fun stuff.

That stuff continues with Cheryl Mills who is a close aide to Clinton. Cheryl sent condolences to Ambassador Stevens and his family but quickly went to talking about her company’s logo instead.


Even though you hate Donald Trump, would you much rather have him as president instead of Killary? Be honest now… I think you would definitely agree with me on that, a lot of people are scared to admit it.


As a Christmas gift, Obama drops redacted Benghazi documents, you’re welcome…

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, the Obama admin. decided to give the American people a Christmas gift by giving us all a 16 page heavily redacted Benghazi documents. All heavily redacted, of course so you’re not gonna see much on them at all.

Ya know, it has always been well known that when people are accused of a crime and they refuse to talk, it automatically makes them guilty. So if the Obama admin. has something to hide, they are definitely guilty all the way.


What is it that the Obama admin. don’t want us to see? They don’t want us seeing Barack Obama sympathizing with Muslims? That’s probably part of it. They don’t want us seeing Obama giving orders of the attack? Maybe that’s a part of it too. They don’t want us seeing what Obama was doing during the attack? That’s probably it too.

They just edit everything that could potentially damage Barack Obama’s reputation. What do they have to hide? They’re cowards. They won’t take responsibility for anything.

If they won’t talk then lets hope Trey Gowdy will get everything.


Video: See the new red band trailer for “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” directed by Michael Bay…

A lot of people especially liberals can’t see how tragic the Benghazi attacks really was ’cause there was no video footage of the attacks released to the public. Well, maybe this film will help give people a bit of a reality check that Benghazi was a pretty serious tragedy that shouldn’t get ignored.

When this movie comes out, I’m sure it will spark a lot of controversy and debate. I’m sure some movie theaters in America will refuse to screen it and stuff like that.

I’m hoping more people will wake up on Benghazi once this film comes out and I think more people will. That’s the whole goal of the film, I believe. Hoping to wake more people up and hoping to get more people to care.

I’m looking forward to the film and will see it in January. Even if you have liberal political beliefs, you should still go see it anyway but I doubt liberals will see it. A lot of them will probably boycott it.


Hillary caught having an e-mail conversation with Huma Abedin about lamps… shocking (not!)…

This is something that you will never see get reported all over NBC, CNN or the Washington Post. Hillary caught talking about buying lamps with Huma Abedin while the heading of the e-mail says, “Gunmen try to assassinate head of Libya army”. You can’t make this stuff up…


Just goes to show how Hillary really is. She doesn’t care about security and protection of other people at all. Hillary is stupid and irresponsible.

Which explains why she ignored 600 requests for more security in Benghazi and I’m sure she was talking to Sid Blumenthal in a personal e-mail account about fun & dumb stuff. Seems like she’s more concerned about keeping her friends than people dying.

And here’s even more evidence that the Benghazi attack had nothing to do with that dumb youtube video. Hillary was told by the State Dept. not to blame it on the video but she went ahead and did it anyway…


This is who libtard media wants as President and this is who they protect? Liberals think there is nothing wrong with this bitch? Liberals really are insane and braindead. Fuck ’em.

Go ahead and vote Killary, you ignorant bastards.


Hillary obviously doesn’t have any remorse of 4 American deaths, she’s all smiles and having the time of her life…



Welp, I think it’s pretty obvious that Hillary doesn’t have any remorse of leaving 4 Americans dead and not doing anything to save them when she easily could have. That’s what makes her a murderer. What’s even more shameful is that Hillary is going around being all smiles and having the time of her life during these elections. This cunt think she’s undefeatable for sure just because she’s a Clinton. What’s even crazier is that liberals still protect her and they don’t have any compassion for the 4 American victims and their families at all. All the left is clearly worried about is Hillary getting in trouble. They naivety believe that Hillary destroyed the committee when she didn’t at all.

I love Marco Rubio’s response to all that about the Benghazi committee, Marco said last night:

‘Last week, Hillary Clinton went before a committee. She admitted she had sent emails to her family saying, “Hey, this attack at Benghazi was caused by Al Qaeda-like elements.” She spent over a week telling the families of those victims and the American people that it was because of a video and yet the mainstream media is going around saying it was the greatest week in Hillary Clinton’s campaign,’ Rubio said.

‘It was the week she got exposed as a liar,’ Rubio said, twice. ‘But she has her Super PAC helping her out, the American mainstream media.’


Marco is right on the money. He’s been saying the same thing I’ve been saying about the Benghazi committee and the media on this blog. Hillary getting busted for lies about the video and the e-mails, yet the media and liberals continue to worship her.

Man, that’s pretty messed up. It’s all pretty sickening really. I’m tired of the corrupted MSM and their dishonest journalism.

If a Republican was responsible for Benghazi then his or her career would have been over pretty quickly and would have been in prison. This is how one-sided libtard America really is these days. Yep, give liberal politicians a free pass for committing crimes.


Trey Gowdy shouldn’t worry about what people think of his investigation on Benghazi, in my opinion…

Trey Gowdy is getting a lot of critics on his Select Committee on Benghazi, yes but if I was him, I would say “fuck what everybody thinks, I’m gonna go after the truth”. Trey shouldn’t waste his time trying to defend the committee toward the media and Democrats. He should ignore all the critics and keep doing what he’s doing. Getting the truth and seeking justice who was killed there.

Libtards wanna believe that Republicans are only hurting themselves with the investigation and only helping Hillary. Trey shouldn’t keep responding to the critics and keep going forward. Trey doesn’t need to prove to people on whether or not this is a serious investigation. Even if he released all the Sidney Blumenthal transcripts to prove this investigation is serious is still not gonna help ’cause liberals won’t believe anything no matter what they put out. They will always smear Trey Gowdy no matter what he says or does.

So I suggest Trey to ignore the critics. Stop wasting time doing interviews with the media and continue to do his thing. Trey is willing to speak to the media ’cause I believe he’s just too nice of a guy.

Trey will prove this is a serious investigation by getting the full truth of Benghazi out alone… that will silence all the critics, he should think about that. If I were him, people can say what they want with the investigation, I would move forward with it and fuck what everyone else thinks. Trey needs to get his hands on all of the hard evidence proving Hillary responsible and that will silence all the critics.

Liberals naively believes that the investigation is over and they think Hillary destroyed it but like I said before, it isn’t over… not by a long shot. There’s still plenty of work to do.

I totally believe in Trey Gowdy 100%. It really is a long investigation and gonna be tough ’cause there’s so much truth to get out. Barack and Hillary covered their tracks too good. They’re not gonna walk unscathed at all, trust me. Just be patience and Trey will get the truth pretty soon. Maybe not before the 2016 Elections but it will probably take longer ’cause Trey has like 70 more people to interview. Hopefully some of those witnesses will have the balls to be honest for once ’cause I’m tired of witnesses lying all the time to protect Barack & Hillary. Hopefully, somebody will give themselves up and reveal the truth for once. Just please… somebody come forward with the truth and do it out of respect for America. It can’t be that hard! If you want Benghazi investigation to go away then just give up and tell the truth!


I love how libtards think Benghazi investigation is gonna help Hillary get elected, nope, it’s just gonna make Trump more tougher on her…

Admittedly, the Benghazi investigation will probably help Hillary win the nomination for sure but that’s as far as she’ll get… sorry. When she faces Donald Trump in the general election, she’s done. I don’t think Hillhole could handle Donald Trump during the debates in the General election when she faces him in person for the first time. The Benghazi investigation is gonna help Trump get prepared on being a lot tougher.

You heard Donald Trump say so himself when Joe Biden decided not to run on his instagram video. Trump prefers to run against Hillary more and sounds like he can’t wait to go face to face with her so watch out Hillary lovers. Trump is gonna destroy this woman.

Trey Gowdy and the Republicans may have admittedly been a little weak on Hillary but wait until the Donald comes around.

During the upcoming debates in the General Elections, all of Hillary’s answers will probably be prepared and scripted but Trump’s answers won’t be. When she goes face to face with Trump in the upcoming General Election debates, she’s gonna get humiliated by Trump.

It’s probably gonna end up being Donald Trump vs. Hillary in the General election. Bernie Sanders won’t make it at all.

I’m confident that Trump is gonna beat Hillary. Trump win all the debates in the general election. Trump vs. Hillary in the general election debates will be entertaining as hell, though. It’ll be more entertaining than Hillary’s Benghazi testimony. Trump is gonna humiliate her for sure. I’m sure he can’t wait, though.

Trump is gonna be the next one. I just know he will.


Trey Gowdy never named Barack Obama as a Benghazi witness… why???

Ever since this Benghazi Select Committee has started, Trey Gowdy’s been naming all of these important Benghazi witnesses that needs to be interviewed. Trey named like 70 of them but Barack Obama not being one of them. Barack Obama is the most important witness of them all. Trey is having all of these investigations interviewing all of these people and trying to get all of these documents but not once I have seen Trey questioned Barack Obama and Trey hasn’t brought up his name much.

The thing is Barack probably knows what really happened in Benghazi better than anybody out there. I’m pretty sure Barack knows everything. Why not bring in Barack Obama in for questioning? Trey really should. Yeah I know, Barack is probably gonna lie his head off and play innocent victim like usual but bringing Barack in for questioning would be worth it.

Why didn’t Barack get named as an important witness? Well, my guess is that’s why the Obama admin. had to hide him in the White House. That’s why they sent him to go to bed so he can get some rest for the fundraiser so he wouldn’t get named as a “witness” ’cause he wouldn’t be watching everything that’s going on, ya know? They hid him in the White House so they can save him from being named as a potential “witness” but I’m sure he knows what happened in Benghazi and he knows what they were doing that night for sure. If Trey brought Barack in for questioning, Barack is probably gonna lie his head off like always but if lucky enough the Committee can expose him on a few things just like they exposed Hillary on a few things.

They need to bring in Barack Obama for questioning. Why not? Barack is out there doing his political stuff, going on vacations, golf trips, fundraisers and Trey hasn’t yet mentioned Barack as a witness.

Barack is an important witness no matter what you think ’cause a US president is in charge of all US embassies, consulates and all that stuff. So bringing him in for questioning would be worth it. If Trey ever asked Barack Obama for questioning, I’m sure Barack would be willing to come in. Trey going face to face with Barack would be more entertaining than Hillary.


Shutting down Trey Gowdy’s investigation on Benghazi is not gonna solve anything so keep trying…

Even if liberals could be successful at shutting down Trey Gowdy’s investigation on Benghazi sometime in the future, that’s not gonna solve anything. Like I keep saying, Benghazi is never gonna go away until the truth comes out which is true if you think about it. Even if liberals could be successful at shutting down Trey’s investigation, somebody else will go after the truth of Benghazi. So if you think shutting down Trey’s investigation will stop the truth from coming out, think again.

I would suggest liberals to stop their war against Gowdy’s committee ’cause why? Liberals don’t understand what kind of truth is gonna come out of it and it’s not gonna be good. Whatever truth that comes out of Benghazi… liberals are not gonna like it. Yeah, the truth of Benghazi is probably gonna turn out to be a US gun running operation like we’ve all been saying but I’m sure the truth will be much darker and deeper than that… something like possibly to kidnap Ambassador Stevens to trade for the Blind Sheik, that could come out too. It could turn out to be something different. Maybe Hillary and Obama both wanted Amb. Stevens to be killed. You just never know what’s gonna come out.

I’m tired of it… when you try to tell liberals how criminal and how much of a liar Hillary can be, they won’t listen to you. They’ll call you a crazy conservative or a conspiracy theorist which is nothing new when you call out liberal politicians. Anybody that calls out a liberal politician whether it will be Hillary, Barack or Bernie Sanders is immediately judged as crazy? They’ll accuse you of looking at wrong sources like Fox News and some crap like that. Liberals will never accept any kind of truth no matter what comes out. They are that one sided, always siding with their team. They won’t listen to right-wingers criticizing liberal politicians at all. Liberals will only believe what NBC, Media Matters and the Washington Post will tell them. Liberals won’t accept any kind of truth no matter what gets thrown at them.

In the naive mind of a libtard, they believe Hillary is winning which to me is pretty disgusting. Hillary isn’t winning. Hillary winning is just a fantasy of a libtard. Trying to make her look good is all they’re doing.

Even if there is hard evidence proving that Hillary wanted Ambassador Stevens dead, they’ll make her president anyways which is how fucked up our country really is right now.


Hillary exposed on another lie at her hearing with Trey Gowdy on Benghazi… she lied about State Dept. e-mails… shocking!!!

Liberals and the mainstream media wanna claim that Hillary walked out unscathed and was declared victorious at the hearing with Trey Gowdy last Thursday. Are you sure about that?

Hillary claims that 90% to 95% of her State Dept. e-mails would have been in the States System but if they wanted them, they would be able to easily get them which turns out to be false, of course.

The State Dept. spokesperson wasn’t able to confirm that claim. Plus, it would be very difficult to obtain every e-mail of Hillary’s in the State Dept. since I’m sure the Federal government gets millions of e-mails in their system so it would be a challenge to get all of Hillary’s e-mails.


Yeah libtards, she really owned the Committee and schooled them in (sarcasm).