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Hillary caught having an e-mail conversation with Huma Abedin about lamps… shocking (not!)…

This is something that you will never see get reported all over NBC, CNN or the Washington Post. Hillary caught talking about buying lamps with Huma Abedin while the heading of the e-mail says, “Gunmen try to assassinate head of Libya army”. You can’t make this stuff up…


Just goes to show how Hillary really is. She doesn’t care about security and protection of other people at all. Hillary is stupid and irresponsible.

Which explains why she ignored 600 requests for more security in Benghazi and I’m sure she was talking to Sid Blumenthal in a personal e-mail account about fun & dumb stuff. Seems like she’s more concerned about keeping her friends than people dying.

And here’s even more evidence that the Benghazi attack had nothing to do with that dumb youtube video. Hillary was told by the State Dept. not to blame it on the video but she went ahead and did it anyway…


This is who libtard media wants as President and this is who they protect? Liberals think there is nothing wrong with this bitch? Liberals really are insane and braindead. Fuck ’em.

Go ahead and vote Killary, you ignorant bastards.


Benghazi attacks may have happened ’cause Hillary tried to remove Moammar Gaddafi from power but she failed???

Hillary tried to start a war against Libya because she was trying to remove Moammar Gaddafi from power and she was also sending guns to NATO-backed rebels that had ties to Al-Qaeda that could have turned the city of Benghazi into a safe haven for terrorists. As you can see the US were sending guns to Libyan rebels and they were sending them money too. As you can also see, the US also had negotiations with Saif Gaddafi, who is the son of Moammar.


All the gun running stuff should have been no surprise ’cause that’s what we have all been saying since the attacks happened was that Benghazi was a gun running attempt after the US failed to remove Moammar from power.

Why did Hillary try to remove Gaddafi from power? Did she do that under Obama’s orders? They did it to help Obama get re-elected in 2012 so they can make Obama look like a hero for taking down a Libyan dictator? That’s just an observation ’cause remember, all this stuff was happening pretty close to Obama’s re-election.

That’s what happens when you arm terrorists. You wanna give terrorists free weapons, they’re gonna wanna try ’em and have some fun with ’em and that’s what those Muslim fanatics did.

When Trey Gowdy releases all of this info and those tapes, will they make the mainstream news or will liberal America try to find a way to brush it all off and call it “conspiracy theory”?

Look like we’ll get to the truth of Benghazi pretty soon and we’re getting there pretty slowly.

We still need to know what the hell Obama was doing during the 13 hours the attacks were happening, though. I don’t know why that is so hard to find out. It should be pretty easy to find out.

It seems that all this was Obama’s plan all along ’cause it seems that Hillary was following orders from a certain somebody. When she was Secretary of State at the time, I’m sure she couldn’t do all of this on her own. Somebody was telling her to do all of these things and it probably was none other than Obama. I bet Obama planned all of the stonewalling and cover-ups as well. She couldn’t do all of this on her own ’cause if she did, she would have gotten caught… she was definitely given instructions. The president told her what to do while he was off sleeping to get rested up for the fundraiser in Vegas.

I hope the full truth of Benghazi comes out sooner rather than later. Both Hillary and Obama needs to be in prison for this. The death penalty for both of them is a nice idea as well!


Is Hillary Clinton a war monger??? It seems so… and doesn’t surprise me…

Hillary tried to start a war against Libya and tried to urge Obama to declare war against the country but instead Muammar Gaddafi was removed from power and was executed. Was this what the Obama administration and Hillary tried to cover up over the past few years ’cause Hillary was gonna declare war against Libya? Is this what sparked the attacks that left 4 of our Americans dead????

Finally, some info is starting to come out of Benghazi and it’s about time. When Trey Gowdy himself gets this info out there, this could destroy Hillary’s political life and her reputation.


The sad part of all this is that libtards looked up to Hillary as if she’s a hero or a rock star or something. Will they turn their back on her when this info gets out? Will all the Dems in Congress turn on her? Libtards hated Bush for being a war monger and I wonder if they’ll feel the same for Hillary?

Look like she’s gonna be done, guys. This should be good enough to get Hillary indicted. Obama should get charged with treason as well ’cause only Congress can declare war on a country.

When this info gets out there, this could be big news all over the media but will the media turn on Hillary as well? We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m sure Trey is gonna have a public hearing about these tapes ’cause America needs to know what kind of woman Hillary really is. She’s not the hero that everyone wants to believe. She’s an evil bitch who should be locked up. I hope Trey will finally expose her for what she really is.

It’s coming, America. Be ready for this!!!


Look like Trey Gowdy is gonna get his hands on those secret Hillary tapes after all…

Get ready for this, America. Look like Hillary is done. She’ll soon be off to prison and she won’t even make the 2016 election. I really hope this takes Hillary down. It’s gonna be interesting to see how Trey Gowdy is gonna react to those tapes. He’s gonna wanna get her held accountable for sure. Praying and hoping!!!



Why The American People Will Not Move On From Benghazi…

There are quite some people out there who don’t care about Benghazi. Some get tired of the Benghazi discussions online. They will get tired of people blaming the Benghazi attacks on Obama and they will bring George W. Bush into things as a lousy attempt to defend Obama. Bush did this, Bush did that — Bush was no different than Obama… blah blah blah — you get the deal here. The news of Benghazi slowly dies out in the media. The entire internet doesn’t talk about Benghazi unless new hearings in the House comes up. The thing is — I don’t think Benghazi should ever be forgotten or moved on from — just like we never move on from the 9/11/01 attacks.

When a tragic terrorist attack happens and it involves Americans… that means it gets us involved. If people hurt our fellow Americans overseas then they simply hurt us. That’s why a lot of us respond to Benghazi and that’s why a lot of us care. Not only this, the family & friends of the 4 victims that were killed there (which includes, Ambassador Stevens) deserves answers too. Most importantly, the 4 victims that were killed at the Benghazi consulate deserve their justice. We need justice for the Benghazi 4 [the victims].

It’s really strange on how this attack was left mysterious. Where was President Obama during the attack as it was going on for 7 hours straight or more? Nobody knows, and I’m willing to bet that Obama was in the oval office as it was going on ’cause he flew to Las Vegas for a fundraiser right after the attack happened. He sent Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice to lie for him at the hearings. He also ordered the military to stand down and not give the consulate any help. Robert Gates responded to defend the Obama Administration claiming there wasn’t enough time to get military help and it would be too dangerous for the trip when I know that guy is full of shit and people actually believed him. There’s no way an attack like that was going to be too dangerous and risky for the troops. That’s what the military are supposed to do. They sacrifice their lives willing to die to save people’s lives even if it’s something as dangerous as this. The troops has dealt with even worse situations than Benghazi in different wars over the years. The troops will do anything to save us Americans. Robert Gates is a lying phony just like our phony president. If help was sent then I’m pretty sure those 4 Americans would have survived. The troops could have easily wiped out the badguys with no problem if help was sent.

Obama is obsessed with gun running and arming dangerous people. After what he did with Operation: F&F and with the recent Syrians… that’s how you could tell that Obama totally had something to do with Benghazi. The Obama administration blame the attack on the Islamic video but no one is buying it. Everyone knows it is more than just that. Gregory Hicks said at the last hearing that there were no evidence that the attack had something to do with that Islamic video… not from what he’s seen anyway.

The victims begged for helped and the government denied it. If that’s not evil then I don’t know what else it is.

It’s been way over a year since September 11, 2012 and still no answers. Not much information has come out of the hearings. Only very few witnesses has come forward and there will be  a few more ahead. There had to be plenty more survivors and witnesses there but where are they? Where are the Obama administration hiding them? It’s a possibility that they might be hiding them at no where other than a hospital in D.C.

You see… Benghazi can fade away from the media and news, all it wants to. People can ignore Benghazi all they want. Obama can go out there doing his President stuff and living his life, all he wants to. No matter how long Benghazi stays unanswered, WE WILL GET TO THE BOTTOM OF IT! People are still investigating. Darrell Issa and the House of Representative are doing their best to investigate Benghazi. The news media such as CBS are helping too. Whether President Obama finishes his 2nd term  or not  — we will get him. Even if he finishes his second term… this is far from over. It is over until WE say it’s over. People will never move on from this. We will never forget.

Most people know that Obama has been responsible for this attack is just that there is not enough evidence to prove that he was. We’ll get the truth. It would be better if it will be sooner than later. If Obama is proven responsible for Benghazi then that would hurt his Presidency, his reputation and most of all — will hurt the American people. Obama is a murderous madman and it will get proven.

It’ll be smart if Obama will just give himself up. Confess to us that he was behind it and resign. Give himself up and turn himself in. I’m sure he will once too much information about him being behind Benghazi gets out there. If he doesn’t give himself up, he’s going to be in serious trouble. Possible prison time for life. A lot of people know that he’s a flat-out murderer and war-criminal; it just needs to get proven. Again, it doesn’t matter how long this stays unanswered, we will get to the bottom of it somehow.

Like some Americans, I follow the Benghazi case very closely as you can tell. I care like most.


Thoughts about today’s Benghazi hearings…

Yes, I have been following the Benghazi hearings today as you have probably already seen on my twitter. Yes, I have been listening to it on the live video feed on the CBS website. I would have to say it was pretty interesting and powerful stuff. Very emotional and sad. When Gregory Hicks was describing the 4 victims being found, especially Ambassador Chris Stevens, Mr. Hicks was about ready to cry and you can really feel it too.

As for my thoughts on what went down in today’s Benghazi hearings — of course, the truth haven’t came out yet even if the three witnesses came up, told their story and answered the questions. Now if I may be 100% honest here, this is just my opinion and response to everything going in today’s hearings — it all still points to President Obama and Hillary. How? Well, one of the witnesses said that when Ambassador Stevens yelled, “We’re under attack”, the phone lines cut off right after he said it. Plus, the consulate was denied US military backup from Tripoli and was ordered not to help. The consulate was also denied fighter planes; there were no fighter planes to help them either. Also, another thing that sounds kind of fishy to me is that Barack and Hillary both called Mr. Hicks at the consulate after the attacks happened. Right after the attacks happened, that is. Mr. Hicks was being praised by the both of them, and to be honest with you, I truly believe that is not the reason why Barack and Hillary called Mr. Hicks. I believe they wanted to check in and to see what was going on there. Why? Because Barack and Hillary obviously knew what was going on that whole time.

Can you see why the public is pointing the blame on Barack and Hillary now? We don’t make this stuff up and we’re not gonna ignore it. These are human and innocent lives here. We care for them. When some lousy politician tries to hurt the US; they need to be held accountable.

So you have to ask yourself. Who would be the people who wouldn’t allow military back-up, fighter planes and other security to help the victims? Yes, that’s right. None other than the Obama administration who gives the orders. They’re in charge.

Honestly, it’s gonna be very difficult and challenging to get the truth behind the Benghazi attacks. How are we going to get the truth? Well, the only way I can think of is that none other than Barack and Hillary owe us an explanation; which we know they will never give. They know more about the Benghazi attacks than anybody but they’re covering things up and lying about things. Barack still refuses to speak about Benghazi. Another way to find the truth about Benghazi, is where ever Barack and Hillary are hiding the missing survivors that’ll be hard enough evidence right there that they were behind the whole thing.

It’s a real shame about Benghazi. All of this is bullshit. Politicians should be able to tell us the truth. Give it up and come forward when it should be really easy to do. If they refuse to speak about it then that shows even more that they don’t care about the American people. When you see people in facebook, blogs, and other places online speaking about Benghazi, we respond to it ’cause we care for our fellow Americans. When you hurt Americans in other countries, then you hurt us.

Sure enough, the Benghazi story today got overshadowed by the Amanda Berry and Jodi Arias stories in the news today. It’s a real shame what the media has become as well. Benghazi is more important, in my opinion. I didn’t care about the Ohio women and the Jodi Arias story; my complete focus was all on Benghazi. Benghazi is pretty serious stuff. It’s no joke. The Benghazi hearings was pretty interesting, glad I listened to it. I’ll be following the Benghazi stuff.

How much longer are Barack and Hillary gonna hide the truth from us? This just proves that Barack O’bama is all power. That’s all the man cares about and he is an evil son of a bitch. That man needs to be held accountable. Not just for Benghazi also for: “Operation: Fast and Furious”, the drones, and so many other things. The entire Obama administration needs to go down. They’re all a bunch of scum bags. I hate all of them.


That attack in Libya wouldn’t have happened if we left them the hell alone…

Other countries aren’t the terrorists. We people in the US are the terrorists. Seriously think about it. And Obama’s response to this whole thing was sickening, and just another reason that the dude needs to be voted out of office. RIP To the Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, but we shouldn’t find this a surprise that this was going to happen to somebody like that. Get real people. Obama shouldn’t be our president anymore.

I’ve been staying away from politics discussion lately ’cause I was getting tired of it all myself. I just thought I would give my quick response to this.