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Why do lefties crucify us when we call out Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar? It’s so unfair. If they are scum then they are scum… period???

Ya know something. I’m getting sick and tired of us Americans getting crucified by the die-hard left for calling out Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. Each time we call those two women out simply because they say the dumbest and wackiest shit that pisses people off, lefties will say shit like: “You can’t treat women of color like that”, “You can’t talk shit about Omar ’cause she’s a Muslim”, etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah, I think you get my point.

It’s getting old and tiresome really. No we don’t target AOC simply because she’s a woman of color and we don’t target Omar ’cause she’s a Muslim. We target them because they are morons. We target them ’cause they are pieces of shits who shouldn’t have been elected in Congress to begin with.

What’s even scarier is that when these two women says dumb and offensive things that hurt a lot of Americans, lefties see what they say as the truth and they worship them as heroes. The more these two idiot women opens their mouth, the more and more it seems that the left hates America just as much as they do. AOC glorifies socialism and it seems the left is with her on that. Omar glorifies anti-semitism and it seems the left is okay with her on that too. What’s even worse is that Omar downplays the 9/11 attacks, acting like as if those attacks were nothing and laughing at it… no outrage from the left at all.

This is all very scary.

Ya know, we don’t call out people and we don’t target people ’cause of their gender, religion, sexual orientation or political views. If you are scum, you are scum and if we think you’re deserving of being called out then we will call you out. If you say offensive and stupid shit, we’ll call you out on it. That’s how it goes, ya know?

I’m sick of the left thinking they can get away with saying stupid shit and they can say what they want without any consequences. Freakin’ bullshit and I’ve had enough.

I can’t stand AOC and Omar. I despise them both and they need to be out of office asap. The most dangerous women on the Congress floor and I feel very confident saying that!


Midterms results thoughts… Republicans didn’t get the House and Cuomo won third term NY governor but we still did well…

It was an interesting Midterm election yesterday. I was watching the results on C-Span last night and watching the results on the internet. Did we get the Red Wave like we were hoping? Not really. The election was so and so. Both Dems and Republicans were winning all over. There were some things about the election last night that I was happy and wasn’t happy about.

Things I weren’t happy about were Andrew Cuomo winning third term which was kind of predictable and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez winning her Congres seat. Of course, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren getting re-elected, I was pissed off at those as well but what do you know? This is politics.

I think there really was a “Red Wave”… it’s just that Democratic voter fraud is still a problem. Politicians are still committing voter fraud out there especially Andrew Cuomo. I believe the NY elections are totally rigged.

It’s really hard to beat liberals ’cause they are still a dominating force in America whether you want to admit it or not. Liberals are everywhere. I’m surrounded by liberals everywhere I go. NY is still a blue state and it’s probably gonna be a blue state for a long time. NY is a mostly liberal state. It pisses me off but what are you gonna do? Just gotta deal with it, I guess.

I maybe pissed Cuomo got re-elected but I’m not going to beat people up for supporting him and I’m not going to verbally attack those who voted him. It was the same with Obama when he got elected and re-elected, I dealt with it. You learn to accept it and move on with life. Liberals should take that advice.

I must be honest though is that it’s real scary that liberals do support people like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. I can’t stand that nutjob. She’s a real nutjob and insane just like most liberals are so I can see why they love her. I think she’s the most annoying female politician I’ve ever seen. She’s not pretty to look at either and can’t stand looking at her face. She’s a freak for sure and the left loves her? LMAO! No surprise really ’cause libtards are always supporting weird people. Those politicians that libs support are never a likeable person so go figure.

Anyway, I’m not worried about liberals taking back control of the House now. We have a mostly conservative SCOTUS, we have a mostly Republican Senate and we have Donald Trump as president so we’re good, thank you.

One thing I’m happy with the election last night is that Elise Stefanik got re-elected third term like I predicted and glad Tedra Cobb lost. I’m also glad Ted Cruz won so liberals gotta be upset with that one.

I gotta say though that Donald Trump is the master at getting people to go out and vote. A lot of politicians are bad at it, some are good at it but Trump is the best at it. Trump sure knows how to get people all fired up on voting and he does the best job getting people out of their homes to go out and vote. Why is he the best at that? Well him being the CEO of a major empire, he probably got all that from doing his masterful negotiations in the past. The man really knows how to talk to people.

It was a pretty interesting election.


Tedra Cobb hid her liberal-views so she can get votes for Congress in NY District 21… don’t trust her, y’all… she’s a liar like the rest of em…

Tedra Cobb is a favorite to win the Congress seat for the NY District 21. In my home town of Greenwich, I see Tedra Cobb For Congress signs all over. When Sara Idleman ran for Congress NY21, she stepped down and now Tedra Cobb steps in. Cobb won the nomination not too long ago and she’ll be facing against Elise Stefanik who is the incumbent in Nov.

Publicly, Cobb claims to have a bipartisan and independent voice but in reality she’s a die-hard liberal like the rest of ’em. She was just caught trying to hide her liberal views. How? A video going around out there where she was caught saying she wants assault weapons banned in the US and then she admits she can’t say that publicly ’cause she’ll lose the election in Nov.


This kind of reminds me of how Sara Idleman tried to run for Congress to get votes but she stepped down as soon as Dylan Ratigan joined the race. Idleman claimed to be supportive of bipartisan views and she tried to get people to believe that Republicans supported her on some things but you know it’s a lie. She’s a die-hard liberal just like Tedra Cobb is.

Some of these politicians would do anything to get votes and this is what these ladies are doing. Hiding their real views to get votes. Tricking the public and deceiving people. Deception is the word I’m looking for.

I know I’m no Sara Idleman fan, I’ve been calling her out for a long while but I would say Tedra Cobb is 10x’s worse than her.

Welp, you don’t have to worry about Cobb getting elected for NY 21 ’cause it’s never gonna happen now. Cobb just lost the election already. I’m tired of the local news and my hometown of Greenwich trying to ram Cobb down our throats.

The local news like the Post Star, The Times Union and local TV news are desperately trying to get Cobb elected. The Post Star’s “no lie to the paper” pledge is such a joke, it’s not even funny. I know both Cobb and Stefanik accepted the “no lie to the paper” pledge but don’t trust Cobb, y’all. After Cobb got caught saying she wants assault weapons banned, she’s the last person you want to trust. I think Cobb will continue to lie, lie, lie, etc.

Look… I know Stefanik isn’t the greatest. She’s sometimes good and sometimes she’s not so don’t accuse me of being a die-hard Stefanik supporter. I know she’s a RINO but I can deal with her than dealing with more corrupted Democrats so I’m still gonna vote for Stefanik anyways. I will NEVER vote Democrat again. I’ll be voting all red in Nov. I hate to take sides like this but it’s the best thing for me to do. The Democrat party is awful right now.



Sara Idleman gives illegal aliens credit for keeping the local farms going around the North Country… she’ll lose the election for that reason…

Wow. This is crazy and nuts,, but no surprise to see that this Democratic hopeful to Congress is on the side of illegal aliens and not us Americans. Sara Idleman is just another dumb lunatic and insane Democrat like the rest of ’em. Sara Idleman the Greenwich Town Supervisor and former 8th Grade History teacher (Yeah, she was my History teacher back in 8th grade but I’m not afraid to be real about her and call her out on stuff).

I read this article and almost threw up in my mouth when I read the “Farms and Immigrants” part. Idleman making absurd claims that illegal aliens are the ones that keeps the local farms going in the North Country going and thriving. Yep, she gives credit to illegals on farms instead of actual American farmers.

For one, illegal aliens shouldn’t be working on farms anyways. They need to be deported and they need to get the hell out of this country. Secondly, American farmers work real hard on farms putting food on families tables and delivering milk to local stores around here. Really sad that Idleman doesn’t give American farmers credit. American farmers that are actual citizens. Actual Americans too work on farms that nobody wants to do.

Idleman is trying to get bipartisan support on her policies and ideas, but I don’t see how both sides of the spectrum is going to support her views on “illegals working on farms”. Liberals will probably support her over this stance but the “right” will trash her for this. She’ll only get partisan support on this. She and the Post Star calls them “immigrants” like a typical Democrat refusing to say what they really are: illegals.


She thinks she knows so much about farms around this area, but she has done nothing to improve farms. Just “all talk and no action”.

It’s obvious she’s after the Republican vote but I don’t think Republicans around this District won’t support her wacky ideas. We can’t elect Idleman to Congress. We don’t need another insane and delusional Democrat obstructing against Trump’s MAGA policies.

Hey NY21 voters, if you’re planning to vote for the Midterms… I would suggest you vote Russ Finley. If you’re a Republican and a Trump supporter, Russ Finley is the guy you want to vote for. Look him up. Russ Finley is a Trump supporter and MAGA candidate which means he’s probably all for the Border Wall and getting illegals out.

I’m not a big fan of Idleman at all. She’s crazy and insane like a typical Democrat in Congress.

What has she accomplish around the area other than being a 5 Time Town Supervisor? I can’t think of anything. She’s done nothing to improve the Town of Greenwich. When she talks all the good stuff, don’t believe her. She just lies to get votes.






We finally have tax reform… historic week in DC…WOW!

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This week is a historic week in DC. It’s very exciting. We finally have tax reform which is long overdue. We’ve been trying to lower taxes in America for over a decade and we finally did it thanks to Trump.

I’m not a big fan of Speaker Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell like most Trump supporters, but it’s really nice to finally see those two guys working with the president for once. If it wasn’t for Trump then Ryan and McConnell wouldn’t have gotten tax reform for us; they would have still been “all talk, no action” losers. Well Trump changed that and made the GOP controlled Congress get to work which was amazing to see! It is nice to see a GOP Congress do something for the people for a change.

See how amazing of a negotiator Trump really is? This guy is serious and he’s no joke… that’s why he got our vote.

Ever since the tax bill has been signed into law, already positive results started coming out of it. AT&T announced they’ve giving away bonus’s for their employees for Christmas and other companies raised the minimum wage for $15 pr. hr. Liberals fought so hard for $15 pr. hr. minimum wage jobs and they’re getting exactly that. So Merry Christmas, everyone!

It is no surprise that the left and Democrats don’t support lowering the taxes. These are coming from the same people who supported Bernie the Socialist and Hillary who both wanted to raise taxes so I guess the left prefers higher taxes more. Oh well, fuck them. They’re so one-sided all the time, it’s crazy. They’re against every GOP and Trump policy. That’s how one-sided they really are. There’s nothing the GOP and Trump can do to make them happy ’cause all they do is cry, cry, cry.

My question is, when liberals start noticing that their paychecks at their jobs are starting to get bigger in 2018 and they get bigger tax returns back from their W-2 forms, will they thank Trump for that?

The tax reform and jobs bill is not only good for your paychecks at your jobs you work, it’s also good for entrepreneurs. You own your own business? Well now you may be able to afford to keep your business alive. The bill is also a good opportunity for more job openings in America.

Admittedly, I have been unemployed for a long while ’cause why? It was a bit of a challenge to get a job under Obama and it maybe easier to get a job under Trump. I would absolutely love to get a full time job and start making good money again myself. Here’s hoping and I’m gonna start job hunting again in 2018.

This is what making America great again looks like y’all. Trump has been accomplishing so much in a year and it’s worthy enough for a vote for a re-election in 2020. TPP withdrawal, soaring economy, ISIS is crumbling and now Tax Reform. Next up we need to replace Obamacare and get the Border Wall then we’ll be good. Trump is doing everything we elected him to do.

I don’t regret my Trump vote at all and would gladly vote for him again in 2020. Suck it haters.


Trey Gowdy clarifies that he’s not retiring until he’s done with the Benghazi Committee…

Not only that Trey is not gonna run for another position in Congress anytime soon, he’s also not retiring in 2016. Like i said previously, his only focus is on getting answers for Benghazi and getting the full truth. Once he gets that then he’ll retire and go back to his home state of South Carolina.


Whether you like this man or not, he has a lot of balls! It shows that he is serious on getting answers for Benghazi and it’s not about taking down Hillary at all. Many would like to accuse Trey Gowdy of a political witch hunt to go after Hillary but it’s not true.

Trey Gowdy doesn’t care how long it takes to get answers for Benghazi whether it takes a year or several years or more than 10 years, this man vows to stay on.

I can’t blame him for wanting to retire and go back home after he finishes Benghazi ’cause it’s a pretty overwhelming and tough job. I can’t blame him for wanting to take it easy and get some rest ’cause working for Congress is a pretty tough job, it must be.

Before the Select Committee, Trey Gowdy does a lot more work in Congress and investigates a lot of other scandals and crimes. He continues to investigate other stuff.

Keep in mind that this is a guy who deals with a lot of dishonest and corrupt people who always give him a hard time and he’s probably having enough with it all. He’s probably getting real tired of dealing with corrupt assholes all the time so he probably wants to take it easy and spend more time with his family.

Hopefully he does solve the Benghazi mystery. I would like to see the Benghazi case finally get closed myself. Get the truth and then we can all move on from it.

It’s awesome. Trey vows to stay on the Benghazi case, he doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks.


BREAKING NEWS: John Boehner to resign as House Speaker! About freakin’ time!!!

Over the years, I realize that both liberals and conservatives hate John Boehner the House Speaker so there is one thing that we both can agree on that Boehner is horrible. I never liked Boehner ’cause he has always been Obama’s protector and lapdog.

Is the reasoning for Boehner’s sudden resigning is because he’s finally realized that he isn’t that popular? I know calls for him to resign has been on the rise as of late and that’s probably the reason. He couldn’t take all the pressure of people calling him to resign and finally threw in the towel.


Now lets hope they elect a Speaker who has the guts to take down Obama ’cause it would be cool.


I don’t need a poll to tell me that the GOP has become horrible lately…

I can see why Donald Trump threatened to run as president as an independent ’cause the GOP party has gone to shit lately. I don’t need a poll to tell me that either. It’s easy to see how bad the GOP have gotten lately. The GOP used to be good and they used to be respected but many Republicans/Conservatives have already turned their backs on their own party. The GOP in Congress has become hated by everyone. Not just hated by the left, the GOP is hated by the right too.


I wouldn’t necessarily blame the destruction of the GOP on Donald Trump ’cause it’s unfair to blame it on him. All the Donald is trying to do is expose how corrupt and broken the GOP is. Trump is doing a good job of that too.

If Trump wants to run as an independent or go third party, it’s a good idea. It’s a bad idea to line yourself up with corrupt GOP politicians like Boehner, McConnell, etc. Instead of fighting back at Obama’s lawlessness like we elected them for, they help Obama instead. Helping Obama become more powerful and stronger. This is why most of us are fed up with our own party.

See y’all? We’re not on one side at all. We’re not afraid to be realistic on our own party. Why won’t the left do the same?

I now see myself as an “independent”. I don’t see myself as a Republican anymore. I’m not a Democrat either and never will be. Both parties suck ass.


Darrell Issa tries to crash Trey Gowdy’s closed doors Benghazi meeting but was thrown out…

Today, Trey Gowdy is holding a private meeting with Sidney Blumenthal for the Benghazi Select Committee but Darrell Issa tried to crash the meeting for whatever reason. Trey Gowdy wasn’t putting up with it and said to him that this meeting is private. Darrell was escorted by Gowdy himself and Darrell was told to leave. As Darrell stormed off down the hallway, he threw an empty soda can into the trashcan.


Something tells me that Darrell is one of those RINOS trying to stop the Benghazi investigation. Is Trey Gowdy getting too close to the truth now that he finally got Blumenthal in front of him? Who sent Darrell out there to crash the meeting? Obama, I bet. Blumenthal is one of the key witnesses of the Benghazi attack. I think a certain someone is getting nervous that Blumenthal is getting interviewed so this person (Obama) sent Darrell out to distract Gowdy.


Look like Democrats turned their backs on Nancy Pelosi finally too. What’s going on here??? Left finally waking up???

It seems so… this is actually pretty cool. I think the Dems are finally coming to a realization that Obama and Pelosi are doing nothing but making the Democrat party look bad. Took long enough but it’s about time and hope they keep it up. I commend them, seriously!