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Why immigration reform should never get passed even though, it probably will anyway…

I have no problem with America having secure and tighter borders. That is definitely what we need for sure. I can agree with that; however, there’s a few little things I disagree with about the Immigration Reform that the Senate is currently debating and voting on. They just started debating it, and we’ll get the results soon on whether it will pass or not. I agree that the U.S. needs better and more improved security but what I don’t agree with is Obama giving illegal aliens the rights to get Citizenship. That is just wrong in so many ways. Especially after all the violence and shootings we’ve been getting lately. Most notably the Boston bombings which those two kids were immigrants… not saying they were illegal immigrants but still.

People think this immigration reform is going to better the economy, and sorry to say, I respectfully disagree.

I think this Immigration Reform is going to hurt the economy even more. Especially the job market. Those illegal aliens don’t deserve to work here. It’s going to take away the jobs from us and they could possibly get paid more than us. We can’t have that. Plus, this immigration bill is very hypocritical.

I also believe that it’s just an excuse for Obama to show more support to those illegal Muslims that are all over this country. This is just part of his secret plan turning the U.S.A into the United States Muslims. He’s not fooling anybody. We need better immigration policies but Obama’s idea is not good. Illegal aliens don’t deserve to be a part of this society and this is scary.

I also read about that the NDAA law is gonna get looked into by the House next week and they will take a vote on that. It’s good news that the NDAA is finally being questioned by the government ’cause if Congress finds that if that law is Unconstitutional, then that is going to get Barack into a lot of trouble. That could help get the impeachment hearings rolling.

Back to the Immigration Reform, it’s probably gonna get passed anyway but hopefully, it won’t. It’s bad for America and it’s going to ruin us even more.


Report: John McCain wants to make TV cheaper for America…

Senator McCain maybe America’s most hated politician but looks like he’s trying to redeem himself by introducing a new bill to Congress that could help make TV cheaper and more affordable to everyone. McCain appears to be fed up with the high pricing of cable TV just as much as we are, and he wants to put a change to that. So he introduced a new bill to Congress called, “The Television Consumer Freedom Act”, a bill that allows the consumer to choose the channel in their subscriptions instead of the overpriced bundle thing.

While it’s a nice idea, and I actually like this bill a lot, it’s going to be kind of tough to get it passed through Congress for it to get handed to the President for consideration. Getting a bill signed into a law is not an easy process. It has to go through all of these things first before it’s handed to the President. First, it needs to get reviewed by the committees and subcommittees where it can be accepted, amended or rejected. If it’s accepted, then it’ll get passed to the full committee and if they like it, the bill will get passed to the Senate for consideration. Then the Senate will debate it, discuss it, and vote on it. It must be passed through both houses of Congress before it’s handed to the President, though. Even if the Senate agrees to the bill, and it’s handed to the President, that still doesn’t mean the bill went through. The President has the power to throw the bill out if he doesn’t agree with it and he has the right to sign it too. They have a long road to get up there.

The bill is a nice idea and will change American history if the bill actually gets signed by the President if it gets that far. I agree that cable TV is ridiculously high these days, and I wish they would cut down the prices of the sports PPVs too. While I do love watching wrestling, boxing, and UFC; I don’t watch any of their ppvs ’cause they’re so pricey.

McCain is doing a good thing and it’s a worth a try. Even though, he’s not everyone’s favorite politician, I’m sure he just got a little respect from the people for this one time. I hope this bill does go as far as getting to the President to get signed by him. Will Obama go for it, though? I think he would. Obama seems to be a big TV lover himself, and he might even agree with the bill.

More on the story, here.


Brock believes that Roger Clemens is still lying to Congress about not using steroids…

Some of you may wonder about my thoughts on this. I still believe Roger Clemens, is a flat out, ‘roid junkie. He walked out of the trial because money and power will do that. With a lot of money, and fame, you can pretty much get away with anything.

Another thing, I’m so fuckin’ tired of bodybuilders, wrestlers and movie stars with muscular physiques getting accused of using steroids. Pretty much most of your favorite sports athletes use ’em too. That goes for baseball stars, football stars, sometimes even hockey, basketball and the Olympics. How come other sports aren’t the badguys for using ’em?

That’s what so messed up about this world!


This could be the reason that the government could ignore our protests…

I know a lot of folks out there including myself are trying our best to protest against the government from signing the SOPA/PIPA bills, but they could ignore the protests completely, and make those bills into law after this….

Read all about it, here.

This story has been in facebook and twitter all day.

While I do respect copyrighted music. I was never a pirate. I never stole music online. I’m always willing to pay music from Itunes and record stores. I always respected the artists work ’cause they worked hard for what they do and they deserve to get paid.

The reason I’m helping to protest against SOPA/PIPA ’cause those bills could shut down Youtube and could be a danger to bloggers like me if those bills are signed.

I understand that these bills are all about protecting the owners work but there are better ways of handling this instead of sending innocent people to prison for many years. That’s why we’re all outraged.


EDIT TO ADD: Hopefully, President Obama will do something about these SOPA/PIPA bills and throw them out for us. If he actually cares for us American people and want to make a “change”, he should do this for us, but I doubt he’ll do anything. He better not allow them to get signed.

EDIT TO ADD part 2: I don’t know much about Megaupload, ’cause I never used the site before.