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Brock believes that Roger Clemens is still lying to Congress about not using steroids…

Some of you may wonder about my thoughts on this. I still believe Roger Clemens, is a flat out, ‘roid junkie. He walked out of the trial because money and power will do that. With a lot of money, and fame, you can pretty much get away with anything.

Another thing, I’m so fuckin’ tired of bodybuilders, wrestlers and movie stars with muscular physiques getting accused of using steroids. Pretty much most of your favorite sports athletes use ’em too. That goes for baseball stars, football stars, sometimes even hockey, basketball and the Olympics. How come other sports aren’t the badguys for using ’em?

That’s what so messed up about this world!


Report: Billy Bob Thornton to produce baseball film, actor/musician signs on to “3 Nights in August”…

Billy Bob has signed on to produce a  baseball movie titled, “3 Nights in August” which will be adapted from the novel written by Buzz Bissinger. The story is set in a 2003 game between the Cardinals vs. the Cubs as told by the Cardinals manager Tony Larussa.

Billy Bob has already once worked with Tony Larussa and Buzz Bissinger for the film version of the Football movie, “Friday Night Lights”.

The film does not yet have a director which I believe they will probably get, Peter Berg, to direct again. I don’t know if Peter Berg will direct, but it’s a guess that Billy Bob, Larussa and Bissinger will want to work with Berg for this one too.

“3 Nights in August” sounds interesting.

Variety Reports:



Edit to add: Corrected post, Billy Bob is only one of the producer partners, he is not acting in it. Funny how the article said, “Actor ready to play ball” which makes it seem like he’s having an acting role in it, then I’ve noticed that he is only producing. My bad. I’m sure he will have a role in the movie though.