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It’s de-load week at the gym and feeling really good too!!!

Yeah, it’s de-load week at the gym this week. Yesterday I did a very light chest day and early this morning I did a very light leg day. Seriously, I lifted everything pretty light and only doing about 8 reps on everything. I am noticing the difference between heavy days and lighter days. On the lighter days, you don’t feel as fatigue which feels awesome really.

As a powerlifter, I think I’m going to need de-load weeks more often and I think I will start having a de-load week after every 3 weeks of heavy lifting. Sounds good to me.

Some of you may say… “But you can’t get muscle gains and strength gains having light days”. Of course you can. Its important to have light days ’cause it helps give you plenty of time for the muscles to repair and recover quicker. That’s why “De-load” weeks are very useful.

It really is a bad idea to lift super-heavy week after week nonstop ’cause it’s bad for the nervous system or the CNS is what they all call it. I’m glad I took a de-load this week and I’ll take another de-load week next week too ’cause I really need it. Honestly, I did feel a little beat up doing all that heavy lifting and now I’m feeling a lot better.

After the two de-load weeks are all over, I’ll probably get my strength back for bench, squat and deadlift. Doing de-load week for squat, I finally got the depth right and I will keep doing squats this way from now on.

Gotta leave your ego at the door sometimes ’cause it’s important to have those light weeks. You can get muscle and strength gains doing light lifting… don’t listen to those idiots that say you can’t.



Bodybuilding really is a life changer for me… more and more people are starting to talk to me ’cause of it…

Usually I keep to myself most of the time. Yeah, I’m an introverted person and quiet but that doesn’t mean I’m completely anti-social. I’m only pretty talkative to those I know well and if I think I like and trust you enough, I’ll talk to you as well. I do try to be approachable as much as possible, though.

A lot lately I’ve been having a lot of complete strangers, people I don’t know approaching me to chat me up. Not sure why that is. Is it because of my muscular physique??? Yes, that is probably a part of it. I’m having a lot of random people I don’t know coming up to chat me up and this has been happening a lot at the gym especially. I now know a lot of people that work out at my local gym and starting to make friends with a few of them too.

I think what it is that the more jacked and more fit you get, people will respect you. Bodybuilders usually do earn a lot of respect and I guess, many of them do grow a fan following and a lot of supporters. Maybe they just like how I look and respect my work ethic in the gym and it’s just their way of showing respect. I’m even having a lot more women approaching me too. I’m surprised I don’t have a hot girlfriend yet but it could happen sooner or later, haha.

I am humbled and grateful for all the support and respect, though. It’s what keeping me motivated and it’s part of why I keep going. I know I can’t please everybody in bodybuilding ’cause I know I’m gonna get some haters and assholes but that’s okay. Getting haters is a good thing too as they don’t scare me at all.

My goal is to get big as possible. Some of you may ask, would I get a career out of bodybuilding and make money for it? No, not at all. I’ll never become a fitness model, a fitness guru, personal trainer and none of that stuff. I just lift weights ’cause it’s a passion of mine and I’m not looking to get rich off of bodybuilding at all. Just want to look great and be healthy.


Physique update… I’m loving what doing more barbell work have done to me lately…

Here’s my latest bodybuilding progress. Well, training in powerlifting too is really helping my physique as you can see. Getting into bench pressing full time really have helped my pecs, big time. I’m finally getting the look I wanted.

As you can see, I got a pretty good six pack going so I must be pretty lean. At the gym today, I just checked my bodyfat percentage and it’s about 15% percent now which is considered lean. Honestly, I don’t really need to get any lower in bodyfat ’cause in reality getting lower than 10% would be pretty dangerous.

Maybe I might be ready for the bodybuilding competition stage after all? I don’t know, lmao… only kidding. I would never compete for the bodybuilding stage and once again, I just want the look.

I’m happy with what I look like now, though. Still got a lot of work to do. I want my pecs to be a lot bigger but gonna take my time.


Even though I train like a powerlifter now, I still haven’t given up bodybuilding, don’t worry… I do both!

Since I got into powerlifting, some of you may think that powerlifting will make me fat and lose my bodybuilding physique that I’ve worked so hard for. Not too worry. I haven’t given up bodybuilding training even though I’ve gotten into powerlifting. Both training styles are different and I continue to do both. Some people think it’s impossible to do both but yes, it is possible.

All powerlifting is it’s just strength training. In strength training, you just do heavy sets and few reps. That’s it. When I work on squats, bench and deadlift… I mostly concentrate on strength training on those. When powerlifters do their training splits, they only focus on the big three anyways and pretty much nothing else. They do a few assistance exercises but that’s about it. Powerlifters only work out like two or three days a week. They squat, bench and deadlift a couple of times a week but not me. I like to do the big three once a week to give some space to repair and recover, ya know? That’s how you get more strength in my opinion.

Everything else I do in the gym are all hypertrophy style training. Bodybuilding is hypertrophy style and powerlifting is strength training. Big difference between the two. I’m noticing that the more I squat, bench and deadlift each week, I’m getting stronger on the big three.

I’ve had my bench session earlier this morning and I was able to bench 135 lbs. for around 4 – 6 reps so I know I’m getting stronger on bench pretty quickly. My goal this year for bench is that I’m on the road to a 200 lb. pr. I’m hoping to hit 200 lbs. or over this year and I believe I can get there and I’m halfway there. I’m hoping to get a 200 lb. p.r in time before the push/pull meet at Albany Strength in August. I believe I can get there quickly the more I stay consistent with benching and I will.

In powerlifting, I don’t want to be a fat ass powerlifter at all so I gotta be careful with my nutrition. I don’t want to boost my calories ’cause that’s gonna bring up my bodyfat and I don’t want that so back to eating less it is. As a powerlifter, I still want to be able to have my bodybuilding physique still.

When you’re a powerlifter and bodybuilder at the same time, it’s actually a good thing ’cause hypertrophy training will still give you strength too. Big muscles will give you more strength so you got to continue hypertrophy style training. I want to be muscular and strong at the same time. In powerlifting, you can eat what you want but not me. I’m gonna keep my strict nutrition going. Big muscles is all part of strength training, remember that. That’s why I gotta continue bodybuilding too. I’m gonna try and continue to lose bodyfat even when powerlifting.

No more boosting my calorie intake ’cause I’m noticing it’s bringing my bodyfat up a little bit but not too bad. I’ll get rid of it, this summer. No more eating ice cream and Cliff Bars on the weekends ’cause that’s what I do for cheats. I’m going to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Do a lot of cardio this Spring/Summer.

If I want to pack on more pounds to move up a weight class in powerlifting, you do that with strength training not pigging out on food. I gotta be careful with that.

I’m gonna train hard this Spring/Summer for the upcoming push/pull meet. I’ll want all my powerlifting meets to be better than the last one, that’s how you want to do powerlifting. Doing powerlifting and bodybuilding both at the same time is a lot of work but it’s all worth it. I want to look big and massive and I can get there without getting fat ’cause that’s what I don’t want.



“The Brock’s Videoblog: My Story – Part 1″…. it’s online now!

Hope you guys enjoy. I had to re-upload this video a couple of times ’cause I noticed some issues with “volume” in some scenes so I had to get that taken care of. Now I think it’s perfect and ready to go online.

Enjoy, y’all. This is only the beginning of “My Story” and I’m only getting started.


I love weightlifting and going to the gym and all but there will be some downsides about it…

Okay, I need to go on a little rant a bit. Yeah, I love weightlifting and going to the gym. It’s my second biggest passion in life right behind music. While I know that weightlifting is going to have a positive impact in my life, there will be some downsides about it like the title says. There will be some negative aspects of weightlifting for sure. Not only that getting injuries for weightlifting will be a huge problem, there will be more.

When you go to the gym and hit the weights to try and change your life, the problems you will have is how people respond to you. Yeah, you will get a lot of doubters, criticizers and worriers for sure.

There are going to be some people that will worry about me weightlifting ’cause of my scoliosis condition. Some will worry that me lifting heavy weights will make my metal rod in the spine worsen by lifting heavy weights all the time. Well, I just went to the doctor earlier this week for a yearly check up and I just found out from the doctor that weightlifting won’t worsen my spine at all. Weightlifting won’t make my curvature a lot worse. That’s what the doctor said. He did explain why it wouldn’t but I forgot what he said. Anyway, I was very happy and thrilled to hear my doctor say that so I’m good to do all the wicked heavy lifting in the gym all I want to. I knew it couldn’t worsen my spine and I’m glad my doctor sees that. So no need to worry y’all… I can get into powerlifting and strongman competition all I want to.

Would I get into strongman competition someday??? I don’t know, we’ll see. For now, I’ll just stick with powerlifting ’cause I’m loving that.

Another thing I want to say is that when you get into weightlifting, you’ll definitely be getting some criticizers after you. For example, I’ve been lifting in the gym for years and people still want to treat me like I’m a beginner. They want to act like that I just started and some want to treat me as if I’m a weak little kid in the gym. That’s how some people has been treating me online nowadays especially in forums and social networking. I’ve been lifting for years and I’ve got a great enough physique for my age and yet, people want to act like I know nothing about fitness and bodybuilding.

That’s the thing, ya know??? The more successful you are in the gym, the more doubters and criticizers you would get. Yes, you’re definitely going to make people jealous for sure, absolutely. That’s why you get people negatively critiquing your form and critiquing your physique ’cause they do it out of “jealousy”, in my opinion. They just want what you have and they don’t have it. They can’t lift the heavy weights and they don’t have the great physique like you have. That’s why you get doubters, criticizers and know-it-alls coming after you. What’s even crazier is that you’ll get advice from people who don’t even lift at all and I’ve gotten that a lot, lol.

When people are proud of your lifting and you earned respect from everyone around you, that’s when you’ll get the haters you see. They get all jealous that you won respect from people and you’ve earned a lot of supporters ’cause of your lifting.

When you get into weightlifting like bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman or whatever… you can’t listen to negativity when you hit the gym. I never listened to anybody. I just do my thing. I just ignore people and do things my way in fitness and working out. Yeah, people do critique my form a lot but I just do things that works for me. Everybody is different. I’m a self-taught lifter. I never had a personal trainer or a coach. Everything you see me do in the gym, I taught myself. I learned how to lift weights through Arnold’s “Modern Bodybuilding” book and through youtube videos.

You may think that no one is paying attention to what you’re doing in the gym but believe me, people will give you respect when they see what you do. You’ll never know who is paying attention. Don’t listen to the haters and negativity aimed at your lifting. Just do your thing and your thing only. When you’re getting haters and criticizers, it’s actually a good thing.

Yeah, people do SUCK in the fitness world and people are gonna be weird for sure but this is all about you. Not them. That’s what I do it for. I do it for me. I want to get real strong and get healthy. That’s a part of why I got into powerlifting to help me get strong. Yeah, I can’t lift the super heavy weights in powerlifting yet but I do want to get there and it’ll take some time. Someday I will be able to lift over 500 lbs. on the big three: deadlift, squat and bench. Just not rushing myself. I’ve been lifting for a longtime but I am a beginner at powerlifting. I’m already doing pretty good in powerlifting and I’m glad I got into the sport. I’m loving the sport. Best thing in my life right now.


Keep getting nice compliments on my bodybuilding physique… my whole goal is to get huge as possible…

The nice compliments on my bodybuilding physique just keeps coming as I just got another one earlier today at the gym. I was in the locker room standing on the weight scale with my shirt off and some dude was looking at me and he simply said, “I don’t mean to bother you but you’re getting huge. You get huge each time I see you in here”. I just responded back with a simple, “Thank you. I work really hard”.

These are complete strangers giving me random compliments on my physique. These are the kind of people you want to get bodybuilding feedback from. You want to get feedback by people you don’t know. You don’t want to get feedback from family and friends about bodybuilding ’cause all they’re gonna do is give you positive feedback no matter what. If you want honest and true feedback, get them from complete strangers. When you’re getting a lot of compliments from complete strangers at random places, that’s when you know you’re getting successful in bodybuilding.

My whole goal in bodybuilding is to get huge as possible. Not overweight huge but muscular huge if you know what I mean by that. I want to look like those guys you see in the action movies and in pro wrestling. Yeah, I know people are going to start screaming “steroids” just like they accuse ALL successful bodybuilders of steroids but I really do believe it’s possible to get huge without juicing up. To get huge in bodybuilding, all it pretty much takes is working hard, staying consistent and eating clean most of the time. Do all three of those and YOU WILL get huge. If you want to look like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger back in his Olympia days, you can get there. If you want to look like guys such as Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa and guys such as those, you can.

I keep getting compliments on my body all the time and it feels good, really. That’s what keeps motivated to keep going in the gym. When you get a lot of compliments everywhere you go, it means that people are giving you respect. If you want respect around people in bodybuilding and weightlifting, it is not begged for. It is earned. Keep working hard, don’t give up. The more you keep working, the more people will be proud of ya and everybody around you will give you respect. Hard work in the weight room after all these years is definitely paying off for sure.

I love weightlifting. It’s a huge passion of mine. Before I started bodybuilding, I used to be scared to take my shirt off in front of everyone but now I’m not anymore. Bodybuilding taught me to love my body more. Like always, I don’t think you’ll ever see me on a bodybuilding stage… I just want the look is all. I want to look huge and nasty. Look intimidating to everyone. Having a muscular body is awesome and I’m loving it. It is definitely a life changer for sure!