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When getting Back in the gym after time off from it, can’t really get into heavy lifting right away…

While it does feel real good to get back in a gym after time off from it due to pandemic, I really shouldn’t go crazy with the heavy lifting right away and I haven’t been. I’ve been going slightly lighter. It’s good to do that ’cause if you go wicked heavy right when you go in, you’re gonna feel so sore the next day you wouldn’t be able to walk around well… haha… knowing from my own experience. So I’m gonna take it easy for two weeks before I get back into serious lifting and strength training.

Yeah, I did lose a little bit of muscle probably but I can get it back. I’m back into powerlifting training on the big three: bench, deadlift and squat but like I said, taking it easy at first. Not gonna do any crazy heavy lifting just yet. I just gotta take some time to get used to the gym again, ya know?

When I do get back into serious strength training in powerlifting, I’m gonna really spend a lot of time trying to build up my pr numbers on the big three. Doing a lot of reading on powerlifting, I read that the secret to making quick progress is “never” missing a lift. You’re not gonna make progress by missing lifts all the time in powerlifting. I gotta stop missing lifts and maybe I’ll get somewhere soon.

If it wasn’t for this stupid pandemic, my powerlifting numbers would have had a major improvement but I’m gonna work on that for the rest of the year and all of next year. Focus on powerlifting. I’ll do still bodybuilding like always of course, I’ll never ignore hypertrophy training ’cause that’s important. I’m still gonna do those heavy sets and few reps on the big three.

I really want my pr numbers to go up and improve. I’m hoping to go over 300 lbs. on deadlift, hoping to get up to 200 lbs. on squat and bench too. Maybe a little more if I can.

I miss powerlifting training though and glad to get back into it finally. I really miss competing in powerlifting meets too as I didn’t get to do that this year. I wanted to compete for Albany Strength and wanted to compete for a USAPL meet since I registered for them but now all this pandemic shit happened. Someday I will compete in a powerlifting meet ’cause I love those. Maybe in 2021???? Cross fingers for now.


People don’t believe in staying single nowadays which to me is sad… you don’t need to be in a relationship, just enjoy life… that’s all you pretty much need…

A lot of people nowadays don’t believe in being single at all. Once a man and a woman ended a relationship with someone, they end up getting themselves a new significant other pretty quick. A lot of people don’t like living alone nowadays and I can’t understand why. When someone is single, they get unfairly judged by people for it and get made fun of/criticized by people for never getting a new significant other to settle in with.

Admittedly, I’ve been single for most of my life and I feel no regrets about that at all. This guy is right that there is nothing wrong with being single. From the looks of things, the dating scene seems very frightening to me and a bit overwhelming for sure. In the dating scene, you’re going to risk going through some bad women for sure. Why would I want to risk getting cheated on? Why would I want to risk getting destroyed, get used and get my heart broken ’cause that stuff is gonna happen a lot if I ever start dating again.

Living the single life is actually great, y’all. Try it. There’s nothing wrong with living the single life and there’s nothing wrong with people being a virgin either. Unfortunately, society has made being single or being a virgin a crime. Why are people so obsessed with relationships and being desperate to get into one? I just don’t get it! I certainly blame that on TV and movies… the entertainment world is certainly to blame. Also, all the dating gurus that teach people relationships & dating are to blame as well.

Being single is awesome. You can live a much happier life being single, trust me. All I want to do is play my guitar and workout in the gym; that’s all I pretty much care about right now.

Live life how you want to. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to get myself a nice girlfriend down the road, I’m just not all that desperate for it. I don’t mind living the single life at all but I’ll get myself a nice girlfriend when the right one comes around.

A lot of people thinks relationships makes you happy but think about it, y’all… relationships don’t make you happy. Many don’t want to admit that truth? Like, you’re always fighting and arguing with your significant other, it costs money to keep them happy, it’s a lot of work to keep the relationship… when things go wrong, the relationship can end suddenly. You can deal with a lot of heartbreaks. Divorces and couple breakups are happening more often. Cheating is also becoming a common problem in the dating game. It’s becoming very rare lately where a couple stay together for many years. The dating scene is becoming a bit disastrous.

Being alone can actually be a great thing. I’ll get myself a girlfriend at some point only when I decide the time is right. I’m in no rush for a relationship like a lot of people are nowadays. I’m happy right now and life is good.



Thoughts on Old Navy promoting interracial families… it’s a good thing they’re doing…

The latest ad by Old Navy that featured an interracial family sparked a lot of outrage on twitter and even facebook too so other interracial families and interracial couples defended Old Navy by posting pics of themselves which is cool.

I think what Old Navy is doing is definitely better than all the transgender bathroom garbage that’s been going on.

Ya know, I’m all for interracial families & couples myself. As a matter of fact, I would even date and marry a woman who is not the same skin color as me. I would totally date black women, asian women and hispanic women. Skin color doesn’t matter to me as long as we’re in love with each other, ya know?

Why do people date and marry others that aren’t in their own race? Is it because of hot sex? Not always but maybe it’s because people don’t care what skin color someone is and they treat all people like people.

I love black girls. I love asian girls too. It don’t matter to me. I’ll date someone of any skin color ’cause skin color is not an issue to me. Remember, it’s not always about the sex… maybe it’s because people of other races are better to get along with.

Like they all say,”love is love” and that goes for interracial couples too. I would totally marry a black woman or asian woman myself. It don’t matter to me. I’ll love her as long as she loves me.


Can you be best friends with the opposite sex? Yes absolutely!


It is absolutely possible to be best friends with the opposite sex for sure. There’s nothing wrong with guys having female friends and there’s nothing wrong with women having guy friends at all. As a matter of fact, I prefer to have female friends than guy friends. Why? Probably because women are more nicer. They’re easier to talk to and easier to get along with for sure. There’s no drama with women. So because you’re best friends with the opposite sex doesn’t mean you’re dating each other or anything, just really good friends and that’s it.

I like having female friends and yes, I have quite a few of them. It is also definitely possible for a guy to be best friends with a girl who is already in a relationship or married… as long as her boyfriend/husband is cool with it then it should be all good!

I enjoy having female friends. They make you feel loved for sure and they help me become a better man too.


Maybe I’m better off being single, I don’t know…

I love most holidays but like most singles, I hate Valentine’s Day. V-Tines Day is only good for those who are in relationships or married. I would like to find the love of my life at some point but in this day and age, maybe the dating world has gotten tough. It’s gotten tougher than ever before admittedly. You may want to get into a loving relationship but you could risk getting cheated on, get your heartbroken and get destroyed… etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah. You get the deal. Sometimes the dating world is good. Sometimes it’s not.

It is well-known that women know what they’re doing in the dating scene and they think they know everything. Women rail against men of how bad they are in relationships all the time but you all know that women can be just as bad. They are plenty of women out there that don’t know what they’re doing and are pretty bad at it too. I keep getting strange and wacky women trying to pursue relationships with me in social networking and still have that problem. Can’t figure it out at all. Am I this good looking or what? I don’t know. I know women in facebook can be dating scammers and can tell which women are real… I’m not that naive at all. I’m pretty careful with the women I talk to on the internet these days. I even had a few local women who appeared interested in me online but I wasn’t interested in them.

It’s hard finding the right one for sure. That’s because women are so hung up in social networking, their Iphones, texting, etc. That’s how they’re mostly doing relationships these days ’cause it’s how they get their validation. I don’t do Iphones and texting and all that crap. Not my thing.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m still gonna look for Ms. Right and I’ll find her somehow. Looking for Ms. Right can be a little overwhelming and a lot of work but I’ll keep searching. They say that Ms. Right won’t come the more you keep searching but that’s a load of bull. A woman won’t fall in your lap if you stop looking, you gotta go out there and get her. It’s your responsibility and you’re on your own. I’m gonna do the same but I have been working on it, though. Talking to women a lot more and building my confidence around them so that’s a start.

The Dating scene has gotten a lot tougher for sure. Women make it tough on ya but they do it for a good reason, though.

I guess that’s the name of the game in dating. You have to go through all the bad women in order to get the good one. That’s why they call it the game ’cause it is kind of like playing the game. You just gotta be strong and tough about it when you meet a woman who turns out to be bad… just forget her and move on to the next one. I guess that’s what I gotta do.


Couples who do nothing but brag about their relationships in facebook… a good idea???


I came across this meme and I kind of agree with it. You know a relationship is gonna be an amazing one when you don’t put it all over social networking like a lot of couples do these days. I always thought couples putting their relationships online for the whole world to see was a bad idea. Usually relationships like that really do turn out badly. It’s why you see couples in facebook splitting up constantly, it’s why this stuff can lead to cheating and all that stuff, ya know? You put your relationship with your significant other publicly for the whole world to see, it’s bound for disaster later. You want to post your relationship publicly… that means other people can see and will be talking about your personal business, spreading rumors, sparking a lot of drama, etc. You get the deal, right?

If you’re in a relationship with someone, I think it’s best to keep it private ’cause that’s why it’s called a “personal life” for a reason, ya know? A “personal life” was meant to be private. You don’t need to post everything about your love life and brag about it. Sure even if your relationship with your significant other is a good one… one thing facebook does is proves how egotistical people can be over relationships. They act like they’re so special and think they’re better than others just because they’re dating someone or being married to someone. You see couples every day in facebook where they say back & forth, “I love you” everyday and I think to myself, “Why don’t they just get a room already?”

If I ever get into a relationship with somebody one of these days, I don’t think I’ll make it public. I’ll try not to, anyway. It’s called a “personal life” for a reason. Have some respect for yourself and keep your business to yourself. You don’t need to plaster everything about your life on facebook like a lot of people do these days. It seems like in facebook, you already know everything about someone even if you haven’t met them yet which is why social networking has become pretty scary these days.


Why are liberals attacking OKCupid’s idea of “Polyamorous” relationships???

OkCupid didn’t create “Polyamorous” relationships. Meaning having multiple sex partners or relationship partners & being in the consent with all. Kind of similar to “open relationship” but a little different.

It may not seem like it but “Polyamorous” relationships do exist in this world which is probably why OKCupid added that feature on there.

I thought liberals were all for “human rights” and “equal rights” stuff. Doesn’t this fall into that? I would say so. I thought they were all for “love is love” but I see liberals bashing “open relationships” and “Polyamous” relationships in facebook.

I don’t agree with open/polyam relationships but if that’s who people wanna be, fine. People can be who they wanna be. Liberals cry that you shouldn’t judge gays or transgenders… well they’re judging people who get into open/polyam relationships which to me is hypocritical of them. If people wanna have multiple sex partners or multiple relationships all at the same time, I have no issues with that at all. Like I said, people can be who they wanna be just like you believe that people have the right to be gay or transgender.

Libtards really are dumbasses, I tell ya.


Yes, guys can get creepy women after them too… no doubt about it…

You know how women complain and whine about how men can be creepers to them in social networking? Well it can be that way with guys too. Us guys like me can have creepy women being obsessed with us when we’re not interested in them and they would do all they can to hook up with us. Guys get creepy women too. I just recently experienced that like with 3 or 4 different women through facebook. Kind of crazy, ya know? There are a lot of guys who get a lot of freaky ass, crazy and whack job women after us… no doubt about it.

When things like this happen to you, you shouldn’t reply to them at all and they’ll pretty much leave you alone. If they don’t leave you alone then don’t be afraid to block them.

It kind of bothers me too when crazy women come after me when I want the good ones, ya know? If you’re a guy you’ve probably experienced this yourself. Freaky women being all obsessed with ya and stuff. Like I said, I won’t date every woman that comes my way… she’s gotta catch my interest too.

It’s interesting how this is. I wish all those dating books and self-improvement stuff out there would address these issues but nobody ever talks about guys getting hit on by creepy women. That’s probably because it doesn’t help them make the money.

Yep, us guys can get strange and creepy women after us too. A lot of times these creepy women would come off a bit too fast on us and yes, there are guys that don’t really like “fast” women. Just don’t let weird women bother you… just shut them out and move on to the next one.


Walking into 2016 single…


This meme has been making the rounds of facebook by single people so I thought I would post it here too.

Not a lot of you can see it but I can be a very lovable guy to the ladies, trust me. I know I can do it. Just got to find the right one. It’s all about the right one for me, ya know? Hopefully 2016 will be the year that I’ll get myself into the dating scene ’cause I’m really working on it.

I did a lot of research on women, the dating scene and read a lot of self-improvement stuff so I think I pretty much know what to do by now. I have been talking to women more and more everywhere I go and it’s feeling really good.

Hopefully I’ll get a girl real soon and it shouldn’t be hard at all.


Should you date women who are always talking about their ex’s??? In my opinion, no…

Has this been a growing problem lately? In the world of dating, I would say it is. When a woman you’re thinking about hooking up with, suddenly she’s talking about her ex boyfriend or ex husband or whatever. It’s either she’s always talking negative trash about him to you or she still loves him and hasn’t gotten over him yet. Those kind of things. I’ve ran into women like that before and to be honest, it kind of does make me a little uncomfortable.

When you date a girl and she’s always talking about their ex’s either good or bad, chances are… your relationship with her isn’t gonna turn out well. Women who hasn’t gotten over their ex’s whether or bad is very dangerous and you should take it seriously.

I think the trick is that you wanna date women who don’t bring up their ex’s at all. Those are the ones you wanna truly go for, ya know? If they don’t bring up their ex’s at all, then chances are, she’s probably interested in you big time. If she’s always bringing up her ex’s all the time, she’s probably just using you just to help her get over him.

I gotta watch out for women like that, ya know? I don’t wanna be a part of their drama and negativity. I want the relationship to be positive and joyful. Those are the kind of women I wanna go for.