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Thoughts on Old Navy promoting interracial families… it’s a good thing they’re doing…

The latest ad by Old Navy that featured an interracial family sparked a lot of outrage on twitter and even facebook too so other interracial families and interracial couples defended Old Navy by posting pics of themselves which is cool.


I think what Old Navy is doing is definitely better than all the transgender bathroom garbage that’s been going on.

Ya know, I’m all for interracial families & couples myself. As a matter of fact, I would even date and marry a woman who is not the same skin color as me. I would totally date black women, asian women and hispanic women. Skin color doesn’t matter to me as long as we’re in love with each other, ya know?

Why do people date and marry others that aren’t in their own race? Is it because of hot sex? Not always but maybe it’s because people don’t care what skin color someone is and they treat all people like people.

I love black girls. I love asian girls too. It don’t matter to me. I’ll date someone of any skin color ’cause skin color is not an issue to me. Remember, it’s not always about the sex… maybe it’s because people of other races are better to get along with.

Like they all say,”love is love” and that goes for interracial couples too. I would totally marry a black woman or asian woman myself. It don’t matter to me. I’ll love her as long as she loves me.