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Why are liberals attacking OKCupid’s idea of “Polyamorous” relationships???

OkCupid didn’t create “Polyamorous” relationships. Meaning having multiple sex partners or relationship partners & being in the consent with all. Kind of similar to “open relationship” but a little different.

It may not seem like it but “Polyamorous” relationships do exist in this world which is probably why OKCupid added that feature on there.


I thought liberals were all for “human rights” and “equal rights” stuff. Doesn’t this fall into that? I would say so. I thought they were all for “love is love” but I see liberals bashing “open relationships” and “Polyamous” relationships in facebook.

I don’t agree with open/polyam relationships but if that’s who people wanna be, fine. People can be who they wanna be. Liberals cry that you shouldn’t judge gays or transgenders… well they’re judging people who get into open/polyam relationships which to me is hypocritical of them. If people wanna have multiple sex partners or multiple relationships all at the same time, I have no issues with that at all. Like I said, people can be who they wanna be just like you believe that people have the right to be gay or transgender.

Libtards really are dumbasses, I tell ya.


Living single is not too bad at all… check out “The Science of Love” by SoulPancake…

Another video gone viral is worth sharing here. A video that investigates the life of being single and investigating what is the word “love”. This video wants to send a positive message that it’s okay to be single. Study says that 40% or over, people are living the single life. Meaning, being single for most of your entire life. This video uses real singles and real couples to talk about this. Check out the video below.

As someone who have lived life being single, I can totally relate to this video. People always mistakenly believe that you need to be in a relationship to be happy. Not exactly true. People also mistakenly believe that it’s pathetic and wrong for people who don’t date. Not true either. A lot of people have criticized me for not having a significant other. Nothing wrong with living life single and you can STILL be very happy being single. A lot of people out there can’t stay single ’cause they hate being alone. Why? What’s wrong with being alone? Being alone can actually be the greatest thing ever. You can do what you want to. More freedom. No drama. No negativity.

While I would like to be in a relationship myself, I’m not that desperate about it. I’m just happy being me and that’s all that it matters. All I wanna do in life is lift weights, play my guitar, watch movies, play video games, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I have tried the “relationship” thing before in the past and they just didn’t work out. I hung out with women before but they were just friends and nothing serious. I tried dating a few women in the past briefly, and they just didn’t work out.

Living the single life is great.

I’m still gonna try to find the love of my life but I’m in no hurry for it. Not a lot of people out there believe in being single, it’s pretty rare these days.

Maybe I’m better off staying single, ya know? Women make relationships tough on men anyways. They mostly date the bad guys anyway. A lot of ’em also just want guys with a good job, a car ’cause they want men to be able to take care of themselves. Women can be spoiled and shallow. You could risk getting your heart broken and lots of other ┬ádangerous things that could destroy you.

Speaking of risks, this video also gives you the advice that if you like someone you should take the chance by calling them and telling them… see where it takes you. Sounds like good advice that I could try myself. If she rejects you, and doesn’t want you… who cares, don’t be upset about it. That’s the message this video is sending I think.

This is a pretty inspiring and moving video and I’ll be looking forward to the next episode.

Being single can be amazing. Don’t always believe that people who live life being single are sad, lonely, and depressed people ’cause it’s not always true.