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Lefties are hypocritical losers when they advocate for “No Hate”… Ugggghhhh… I’m so tired of it all!!!

Just a short rant… I’m tired of lefties going off about advocating for “hate” is not welcomed to people. It’s getting so boring and tiresome.

Yes, hate toward blacks, asians, mexicans/hispanics, etc. is not cool toward people of color but…

… these are the same people who has really strong obsessive hatred toward conservatives. Hate is not welcome, hey? What about their obsessive hatred toward people who think Republicans/Right-wing like their never-ending hate toward Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, etc.

These are also the same people who hate on black conservatives like Sheriff David Clarke, Herman Cain, Diamond and Silk, Candace Owens and people such as those.

How that’s unity going for ya??? Hate not welcome in America but what about this country’s hatred for “conservativism”??? LMAO!!!

Ugggghhhhh… I’ll rant more about this later this week but make it short for now… until then…


Liberals really are the most intolerant people on the planet and it’s getting worse too… thanks to Fake News Media…

Ya know something, it’s getting really boring having the left crucify conservatives just for having different opinions than they do. It’s really getting tiresome and I always blame that on the fake news media… or what we know as the mainstream media. They’re doing all they can to destroy conservatives in America… it’s all on them trying to make us seem like we’re bad people. The media is doing a good job getting the left to despise the right-wing community and it’s getting worse.

Over the past decade or so, I can’t tell you how many times I get unfriended/unfollowed/blocked by the left when I make an opinion on something politically and they didn’t like it. I make an opinion on something and they get onto me pretty hard. When it comes to social media like facebook, twitter and instagram and I follow/add a leftist person and they refuse to follow/add me back ’cause of my conservative beliefs. I can’t tell you how many times lefties unfriended/blocked/unfollowed me on social media ’cause I show my support for Trump. I’m like really?

The intolerance of the left is getting worse, though especially with all this Black Lives Matter stuff going on and the media is doing a good job getting the left to crucify us conservatives for believing in “All Lives Matter”. There’s nothing wrong with “ALL Lives Matter” and they all want to intimidate us into thinking it’s an offensive statement when all we’re doing is trying to spread positive messages. I’ve got unfollowed by a few lefties for believing in “All Lives Matter”.

Yeah, I’m a die-hard conservative… I have been for years ever since Obama became president really. It was actually Obama that got me red-pilled and yes, I’m proud to be on the right side and I won’t change for anyone.

Admittedly it’s real hard for me to be surrounded by liberals everywhere I go… even in the real world. I just hate liberalism… hate everything about it and no regrets becoming conservative. Liberals think we’re racist and bigoted when none of that is true… we are not homophobes either.

There are some liberals in my FB and instagram but at least they’re grown up enough that they accept my views even if they don’t agree with them. We do need that more in America, though. Being more acceptance… that’s the equality that we need… unity of both the left and the right. Bringing the left and the right together because this right vs. left thing isn’t healthy. It’s gotta stop. Unity can happen and we gotta figure it out somehow. It may take a long time to do and will be difficult but it can be done.

I’m getting tired of the left lashing out at me and getting on my ass just because I said something they didn’t like. This is America, we should all be able to speak our minds and express our views.


Video: Once again, it’s definitely possible to change your political views…

ET Williams aka The Doctor of Common Sense admits he used to be a stupid liberal but woke up. On the Doctor’s youtube channel, he doesn’t even call himself a conservative either.

I too used to have liberal political views in the past. I used to think liberal around the George W. era but I think it was Barack Obama who made me want to become a conservative so I did.

I too agree with the Doctor here that liberals will never take responsibility for messing up the country. Liberals wants things their way. If people have different views than them, liberals become so hateful. They’ll do anything to silence people if you disagree with them. I agree that liberalism is a disease and I’ve been saying that for a long time now. I hate liberalism. I hate everything that it stands for. Liberals get stupider and stupider everyday.

Like I said, I used to have liberal views but then I did my homework, got myself informed and now I’m a hardcore conservative.

It’s definitely possible to change your views on things. Most of my family members and friends are die-hard liberals and it disgusts me pretty much. I’m pretty much one of the few conservatives around here. A lot of people attack me for my political views but that’s okay. I just want to be different than everyone else. I don’t have to be like everyone else. I just want to be real and be me. I don’t have to have the same opinions and viewpoints as everyone else.

Get out of your delusional liberal fantasies. I don’t like their human rights activism that they’re obsessed with… that stuff scares me for sure: all of this LGBT stuff, the Black Lives Matter crap, equal pay for women, all the free handouts, etc. I don’t really like any of it.

Also, liberals are horrible at debating politics for sure. Liberalism is a disease and I ain’t afraid to say it.


Liberal politicians preys on the younger crowd ’cause they don’t know anything… simple???

Young people that are ranging from ages 20 – 30 or a little above are a bit too easy to target in politics ’cause they don’t know anything about the economics and government. Liberal politicians know that young people are stupid and that’s why they get ’em all fooled. Barack Obama targeted the younger crowd ’cause he knows they are naive and dumb. Now Bernie Sanders is doing the same thing to young people. They prey on the young ’cause they know most of them are pretty much uneducated for the most part. There are still too many young liberals in America which I find sad and that’s the problem. Why are there too many young people turning into liberals these days? Well it’s because liberal politicians like Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, etc. They’re all good at targeting the younger crowd so they can think liberal. Brainwashing them into thinking liberal and they’re doing a very good job at that.

Most everyone I know personally in my life, including family members of mine have pretty liberal views. I maybe one of the few conservative ones left around here. I may have said I’m not gonna be on either side politically but I’m still gonna have “conservative” views if that makes any sense. The thing is, young people are so easy to target. They are so easy to control and easy to manipulate. That’s why left-wing politicians go after them. It’s how left-wing politicians win elections, ya know? Like I said, they target young people to get what they want. They prey on the young. Prey on the misinformed. They know young people are slow learners.

If you support people like Bernie Sanders then you don’t know anything about the economics and you don’t know anything about government overall. If you want more proof of that, most liberals that support Bernie Sanders don’t even know what “socialism” and “communism” even means. You ask them what “socialism” and “communism” is, many of them don’t usually answer the question. They don’t even know what “Democratic socialism” is either. They usually listen to what their Bernie Sanders says and they believe everything he says. Those Bernie lovers don’t care to do any research or not to make sure what he said was right.

That’s the problem with today’s liberals. They don’t care to get themselves informed. They don’t care to do their research outside of the media. They don’t think outside the box. They only listen to what their candidates say and what the media says. They’re easy to target ’cause they don’t get themselves educated. If they would get themselves educated and learn then maybe they would be a lot smarter at supporting candidates but right now, they’re horrible at supporting candidates and politicians. Always supporting the wrong people. They’re always supporting corrupt politicians, criminals and communists.

If I ever get kids of my own someday, I’ll do my best to raise them to become smart and intelligent. I’ll make sure they won’t grow up to be naive and dumb like most people are these days. I believe that’s why we have too many young uneducated people these days ’cause of bad parenting. They never cared to teach their children and most children growing up to have bad grades. Now it’s gonna get even worse with Common Core being around.

Most Americans that support Donald Trump, we know how to support the “right” candidates and we know what’s right for the country. That’s what supporting the Donald is all about. For once, I feel like I’m voting for the right person.

There are too many misinformed young people in this day and age, it’s crazy. Facebook is proof of that. We’ve got to do something about the way young people look at politics ’cause they’re a piece of work to debate with. Many of them don’t believe that Obama is evil and don’t believe he’s destroying the country. Many just want to blame Bush & Republicans instead. We gotta teach them to stop being so one-sided somehow. That’s a part of why we need Trump in office. Soon you’ll realize he’s the right guy.


It’s pretty obvious Obama hates conservative people, we all know it!

Obama didn’t care to attend the funeral of Margaret Thatcher either. He also never gave any acknowledgement to Navy Seal Chris Kyle as well. So Barack Obama refusing to give any compassion to people with conservative beliefs that just passed away says all about the man. He hates conservatives. It’s pretty obvious I would say. Obama has always been a pretty one-sided guy. Why are liberals in America are always so one-sided? It’s because liberals are just like him. They’re one-sided people ’cause he is.

Obama is always talking positive things about liberal politicians and never talking anything bad about them except the only time I remember him disagreeing with a liberal politician is Elizabeth Warren over the TPP trade but that’s about all. Yet, Obama is always being disrespectful to conservatives. Him being afraid of Donald Trump also speaks volumes of how Obama hates those conservatives.

We can’t have a president who is on one side. Many would accuse Donald Trump of staying on the right but not really. If you’ve been paying attention, Trump has always said he gets along with both liberals and conservatives so he always respected both parties. Trump’s vision for America is in the interest of the country not for the party if you know what I mean. He said repeatedly that no matter what your political views are, he wants to make America Great and Safe again for all… not just for a certain party.

Obama has always been disrespectful and hateful towards conservatives. There are a few things that we know what Obama hates: Conservatives, Christians, white people and most importantly he hates America. Obama loves liberalism, homosexuals, Muslims and terrorists. Quite sad I would say.


Why you shouldn’t listen to liberal opinions or viewpoints…

Liberals are very one-sided people. They’ve always have been and always will be. I ignore liberals like the plague these days. I don’t debate them at all. Why? Read Laura Ingraham’s tweet above and you’ll see why. It’s a proven fact that liberals won’t let us have our own opinions or viewpoints. When they disagree with us they’ll do anything to silence us. They’ll go as far as calling us every name in the book like “racist”, “bigot”, “conspiracy theorist”, etc. Whatever they could in order to silence us.

Liberals will only believe what the mainstream media tells them. If you call yourself a “liberal” then you probably get all your political info from sources such as NBC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, etc. You also probably get your info from other liberal rags like the Washington Post, NYTimes, Gawker, Media Matters, TIME magazine and all that crap. Once again, that stuff is not journalism. All they do is just feed ya one-sided views. The mainstream news is so liberal I can’t stand it and anybody that takes what they say seriously is dumb.

I can’t stand it when liberals defend liberal politicians all the time like Bernie Sanders, Hillary, Obama, etc… then they continue to act like the GOP are the bad guys. That’s because the mainstream media brainwashed them into getting them to think that way. Yes, the GOP are bad guys and evil. I would have to agree there but the Democrat politicians are no different. I wish liberals would think the same for Democrats but nope… nothing is ever wrong with Democrat/liberal political figures. They’re just normal people, doing good things for America (sarcasm).

The news is garbage. All of it. When liberals attack a GOP figure like Donald Trump for example and they show me an article that makes him look bad — chances are, that article will come from a liberal source like I listed above. I don’t pay attention to any of it. If you look at the news as something credible then you are really dumb and naive. Once again, I don’t watch or read the news anymore.

I don’t listen to liberals opinions and thoughts. I ignore all of that too. We really got to get rid of this “right vs. left” crap ’cause there’s no such thing. Stop calling yourself liberals. Stop calling yourselves conservatives. Get rid of the labels. I’m not on either side anymore. Liberalism is getting worse in America and conservatism is getting just as bad. All that garbage with Ted Cruz proves how bad conservatism has gotten. Donald Trump proves that the “right vs. left” just doesn’t work and that’s why he gets my full support.


Why are liberals attacking OKCupid’s idea of “Polyamorous” relationships???

OkCupid didn’t create “Polyamorous” relationships. Meaning having multiple sex partners or relationship partners & being in the consent with all. Kind of similar to “open relationship” but a little different.

It may not seem like it but “Polyamorous” relationships do exist in this world which is probably why OKCupid added that feature on there.


I thought liberals were all for “human rights” and “equal rights” stuff. Doesn’t this fall into that? I would say so. I thought they were all for “love is love” but I see liberals bashing “open relationships” and “Polyamous” relationships in facebook.

I don’t agree with open/polyam relationships but if that’s who people wanna be, fine. People can be who they wanna be. Liberals cry that you shouldn’t judge gays or transgenders… well they’re judging people who get into open/polyam relationships which to me is hypocritical of them. If people wanna have multiple sex partners or multiple relationships all at the same time, I have no issues with that at all. Like I said, people can be who they wanna be just like you believe that people have the right to be gay or transgender.

Libtards really are dumbasses, I tell ya.


How to spot libtards on the internet… they’re easy to spot…

I can always easily tell whether or not someone is a liberal on the internet. It’s not rocket science really. I can spot a liberal as soon as they drop a comment on the internet.

How to spot a liberal or a “libtard” (which is a better name for them):

  • They’re always hating on the GOP & conservatives. Always saying positive things about liberal political figures such as Barack Obama, Hillary, Bernie Sanders, etc.
  • They’re always defending gay marriage and things like gender equality and crap like that.
  • Always agreeing with Obama’s policies and agreeing with everything he says.
  • They get all their info from the mass media like NBC, CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, NY Times, NPR, etc. *rolls eyes*
  • Always giving anti-Obama people all kinds of crap and giving them all kinds of hell.
  • Liberals three favorite words that they like to throw around all the time: racist, bigot and homophobe.
  • When someone defends Muslims and calls Islam peaceful…
  • When someone doesn’t believe that Obama and Hillary are corrupted and evil people, they continue to support them anyways.
  • When you try to post an opinion that you have every right to have and someone responds & disagrees with you, they’ll fight and argue with you. Call you names and crap like that. It’s called “intolerance”. They can be cool with you but when they disagree with you, watch out… liberals can be total assholes and douchebags about it. I know from experience

There ya have it, enjoy.


When people claim they are in the “center” of politics, it probably means they are “liberal” and being secretive about it…

Don’t trust people when they claim they are in the center of “politics”. Meaning that some people claim to have some liberal views and some conservative views. Also meaning that they are “independent”. They can’t really make up their minds on what party they belong to so they declare themselves as “center”. You see some “center” people these days and there are more and more people claiming to be “center”.

When this happens, I look at it as these “center” people being secret liberals and they are afraid to admit that they are liberals. I mean, think about it, right? When they claim to have some “conservative” views, I think it’s just a cover that they are liberal and trying to hide it the best they can.

There’s a lot of people who claim they are “center” but still though, most of their political views are pretty left-wing. A lot of them still believe in gay marriage, gun control, abortion and many of them thinks the Republican party are evil but thinks Democrats are good guys. They also believe there is nothing wrong with Barack or Hillary.

I never considered myself “center” or “Left-wing” at all. I’m not ashamed to be “far-right” at all as I’m quite proud of it. A lot of people stay quiet on their “conservative” views ’cause they’re afraid of a liberal backlash. I’m not as you can see. I’m not afraid to be open and honest about my conservative views. I feel no regrets being a die-hard conservative at all. Yeah, there are plenty of people who hate me for it and there are some who love me for it.

Most everyone I know in my life… family members and friends are mostly either die-hard liberals or somewhere in the “center”. I’m probably one of the very few die-hard conservatives around here in my hometown of Greenwich.

So when people claim that they are somewhere in the “center” of political views… don’t always believe them. There are some out there that are afraid to admit to being a full-on liberal. Why? Is it because they’re afraid of being insulted by other conservatives? That’s probably a part of it. They’re afraid of a “right-wing” backlash is probably what it is.

There are also too many liberals pretending to be “conservatives” as well, no doubt about that.

Most people don’t like me for my die-hard “right-wing” views but I’m proud of what I am and won’t apologize for it either. People give me shit for hating on Barack Obama all the time and people give me shit for supporting Donald Trump but I don’t care.

I am who I am and won’t change for anybody. I’m proud to be a “right-winger”.


Does the liberal left love corrupted people in government? I’m beginning to think they do…

So lets make some observations here shall we. We all know that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are both corrupted people… there’s no doubt about that. You can also throw Bernie Sanders in the list. Each time we see the liberal left loving a liberal politician chances are that politician is gonna be corrupted. That corrupted politician will also have ties to communism so I also take it that the left loves communism as well? Does the libtard left hate America as well? Do they even want America destroyed? I think the left knows what Barack, Hillary’s and Bernie’s goals are is flush America down the toilet and that’s what the left wants them to do. Maybe that’s why the left finds all 3 heroic?

You do all your best to tell liberals how corrupted they are, they’ll never listen to you. They’ll defend them no matter the situation. No matter what you say and no matter how much you prove, the left will dispute everything you say. They really are a piece of work. Liberals like to pretend liberal politicians aren’t bad people when they really are. Liberals know they are bad and they know they’re just as corrupted as the Republican party. The left will never admit it.

Any left-wing politician that has a vision of destroying America, liberals will love that politician ’cause once again, they hate America too. You can tell that liberals are anti-America totally. No question about it.

It’s real sad what this country has come to. If you hate America, then get the fuck out. Nobody’s asking you to stay here.