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Get the hint, y’all, most Americans are not on either side anymore…

I’m not the only one who turned my back on Republicans & GOP. Most 90% of Americans have turned our backs on the GOP establishment. Most of us are staying neutral on both Democrats & Republicans. So obviously most of us are not on either side anymore. Think about why Donald Trump is so popular?

Why does the GOP suck these days? Well for one, they didn’t do anything to make Obama get held accountable for his actions when they promised. It was all talk and no action. They got themselves elected for a bigger career opportunity for themselves, they don’t care about the American people at all, obviously. Instead of doing something about Obama, the GOP politicians help him instead. That’s a huge part of why a lot of us are getting fed up with them.

Democrats are just as bad. Make no mistake about it. Both sides are pretty horrible right now. That’s probably why I finally decided, “What the hell, I’m no longer gonna call myself a Republican or a conservative.”

Many of you know that I’m a very anti-liberal person as well ’cause people with “far-left” political views just suck… they really do. They believe that politics is pretty “black & white” when it isn’t. I really wish they would get themselves better informed. Start looking at the “truth” instead of siding with their party all the time. That’s what is pissing me off about this country.

It is possible to get yourself better informed and get yourself out of the “liberal” party. It is possible and people have done it. That’s what happened with Ronald Reagan… he started off as a pretty liberal guy but then started a new conservative movement. It is possible to change your opinions and views.

You don’t need to think “liberal” at all. Do some deep research outside of the mainstream media  and learn to think outside of the box.

To me, it was never “right vs. left” at all ’cause I was always about the truth. This “right vs. left” crap doesn’t work and it’s gotta stop.



The Republican victory made me realize that debating against liberals is a waste of time now…

One thing that the Republican victory did was that it helped us realize that’s it’s pointless getting into political debates with the liberals. I honestly believe that liberals are horrible at political debates. Why do you think they got their asses kicked last Tuesday??? All they wanna do is laugh off at criticism by the right-wingers and defend their precious Obama no matter the situation. I hate discussing politics with liberals for so many reasons. I love debating politics with other fellow conservatives ’cause they are smart people and most know what they’re talking about. Liberals however, don’t know what they’r talking about most of the time.

After the Republican victory last Tuesday night, when Republicans want to celebrate the win, liberals would continue to act like there is nothing wrong with the Democrat party and continue to defend their precious Obama. They’ll respond to Republican posts in facebook ranting and raving about their loss. Once again, I think they’re just upset and jealous. They will NEVER admit that the Republican victory was their fault and will never admit that they had it coming. Yeah, they’re really mad… it’s kind of crazy but they’ll get over it.

My facebook is full of liberal people ’cause I have a lot of people I know in my life with liberal political views. I do have some conservatives on my personal facebook page but not too many, though and they enjoy all of my Obama posts and agree with them. The election helped me realize that liberals are nothing to me. Liberals can be real assholes when they disagree with you. I personally believe that the reason liberals attack Republican’s celebration is ’cause liberals know how we feel about them now and they aren’t liking it. That’s the big dose of karma that I was talking about.

If liberals treated traditional marriage with more respect, didn’t try to take our gun rights away and respect our political opinions then maybe we would have no problem with them. They really did deserve this, though.

I am entertained by the liberals response on this, though as I warned ya the day before to get the popcorn ready. Watching them implode is entertaining as hell.


Liberalism shouldn’t be the center of attention in America, it’s quite sad really…

I’ve said it before and will say it again. During the Bush administration, I had no problem with the Democrat/liberal politics until Obama got elected. These days, it seems that American politics is all centered on the liberals/democrat side. Liberalism is definitely taking over. Barack Obama definitely made the democrat/liberal side a lot worse and he’s definitely trying to make that party bigger. It was him who was successful at making democrat/liberal side look good while he was successful at making the conservative/republican side look like bad guys.

Conservatives should get treated with equal respect. Liberals claim they are all for “equal” rights and all that stuff but it is not equal “rights” when all they’re gonna do is hate on conservatives. They don’t like conservatives ’cause of our views on gay marriage, gun control and they don’t like conservatives ’cause of our criticism against Obama.

Obama being responsible for crimes like Benghazi and Operation: F&F are true… they’re not conspiracy theory at all… it’s just that some people refuse to believe Obama is responsible ’cause those stories haven’t been reported in the liberal biased media like (CBS, CNN, ABC, The Washington Post, NPR, etc.). They refuse to believe anything that’s reported on FOX News.

How come the media haven’t been aggressive on Obama and why they refuse to hold him accountable? It’s because this administration is controlling the media. They’re being told what to report and what not to report. If you want proof of that, most people who work for liberal news media are either married, friends or family members to different Obama admin. officials. I’ll look it up and will post the link to prove my point.

Their job is to make the administration look good and that’s exactly how Obama is getting away with his crimes. That’s why liberals in America refuse to believe that Obama is nothing but a criminal. They only believe what they see in the news which is mostly liberal biased.

There are only very few real and honest journalists left like Sharyl Attkisson who I follow on a regular basis. I enjoy her work. She’s not afraid to report realistic and honest things about this administration. Things that liberal media refuses to report.

The news shouldn’t be centered around liberalism. I could have sworn that the news used to never be this way until Obama was president. Before Obama was president, the news have been reporting stuff on both sides liberal and conservative equally. That’s how it should be in America. Being honest on both parties but nope.

American politics wants to make democrats/liberals look good. If the media would stop protecting Obama and his administration, then Obama would have been gone a long time ago for sure.

If you think all news reported in liberal media as “credible source” then you’re delusional. The last thing you wanna do is believe the media. I don’t watch the news anymore for that reason. The news have been way too liberal for me ever since Obama got elected in 2008.

The conservative party needs to be strong and powerful again. “Right wing” politics will come back and I think we will come back strong in the Nov. elections. We’ll get our Senate back.

This is how Obama is getting away with his bullshit. The media is helping to protect him and cover for him. When Obama’s exposed for his crimes, not only his administration needs to be arrested, I think the journalists in the so called media needs to get arrested too for being involved in the cover-ups for crimes like Benghazi, Operation: F&F, IRS, etc.

It really disgusts me how liberal politicians are never held accountable for their crimes but when conservatives are caught breaking they law, they get punished easily and quickly like Dinesh D’ Souza and Gov. Rick Perry for examples. Liberal politicians like Hillary, Elijah Cummings, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are still standing and they broke plenty of laws.

We can’t have this in America. Liberals making themselves look good while conservatives are being disrespected. It should really be the other way around.

I know conservatives are being disrespected ’cause I got into some trouble over my Obama criticism over the years. I got hollered at by people, some people blocked/removed me in facebook and all kinds of bullshit drama by the left.

I don’t understand why people in America get so obsessed with defending Obama and acting like he’s never in the wrong. It pisses me off, honestly. No matter how much bullshit I get from the left over my Obama criticism, I’m not stopping. I’m just standing up for what I believe in for my country and my home. I’ll stand up and defend America even if I’m the only one standing. I’m not resting until Obama is held accountable for his actions and until America wakes up about him. Defend him all you want to but nothing is shutting me up. I’ll tell the truth about him, no matter the consequences.

Conservatives really need to step up if we want to get big again. We will in the Nov. elections and the 2016 elections. I think we’ll get a conservative president next time around ’cause we really need one pretty badly.


When the left criticizes right-wing presidents of killing people…

Whenever the right calls out President Obama on the murder of innocent Americans, the left will start criticizing right-wing presidents of killing people too. For example, the left will say bullshit like: “Bush did this, bush did that”, “Reagan did this, Reagan did that”, etc. Bush and Reagan is usually brought up by the left quite a lot. For Bush, the left will keep blaming him for “9/11/01” and they would also blame him for the 13 embassies/consulates attacks under his watch. For Reagan, the left will criticize him of the Beirut bombings and the Contra affair.

If that’s how the liberals wanna play games so be it. It’s just that it shows that the left are really jealous of the right and they can’t stand to hear the truth that Barack Obama is a murderous madman. They don’t like hearing it. So all they can think of is to bring up the right-wing presidents crimes.

Yes, past presidents have all had their share of killing people but you can’t compare past presidents to Barack Obama. Barack Obama is a different kind of animal. A different kind of monster. Historically, past presidents who had their share of killing people were mostly done by mistakes or it was time during war. Democrats/liberals worships democrat presidents such as JFK, FDR and Bill Clinton well all three of those men had their share of causing horrible deaths. Look ’em up, it’s all out there.

If they think JFK is so great and so heroic, how come nobody criticized him of the Bay of Pigs or the Vietnam War that was unnecessary? The left thinks Bill Clinton was so great? What about the Waco Massacre under his watch? What about Bill Clinton’s war crimes such as the Kosovo War? What about the NATO bombing in Yugoslovia? What about Operation: Desert Storm??? Bill Clinton did tons of bad things other than the Monica Lewisnky scandal that we all know about.

The left is so misinformed — it’s crazy as fuck.

Barack Obama is the worst of the worst. His goal is to single handedly destroy America. I have been saying for a long time now that Obama is up to the point that he is considered the next Adolf Hitler and it’s true. Other presidents have had their share of committing some horrible crimes that includes George W. Bush and his father… but Barack is evil. He has so much hatred and evil in him, a lot of people aren’t seeing it yet. Obama hates America, he hates white people for the most part.

If you think there is nothing wrong with Obama and think he’s harmless, then you’re a damn ignorant fool. Everybody knows he’s a very dangerous man… they just don’t want to admit it yet. There’s no reason to lie so you can make yourself look good in your political party.

When the truth comes out of Benghazi, that should be good enough to prove to Americans on both sides what kind of man he really is. Just wait for it. It’ll come.



It’s CPAC weekend!!!

It’s a great week for conservatives and right-wingers ’cause it’s CPAC weekend.


I haven’t been watching it on the internet but maybe later tonight, I’ll start watching some of the speeches ’cause there’s a few of them that I want to listen to like Mitch McConnell, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Chris Christie.

I think Rand Paul is scheduled for his speech today which should be interesting. Sen. Paul should be the most interesting one as it will be all over the news. Sarah Palin is scheduled to make a speech on Saturday so that’s gonna be another good one too. I’m also looking forward to Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

CPAC is great ’cause it’s the time where the conservatives/right-wingers can get together and speak their mind on how the nation doing… right-wing style.

This is an event that all liberals “hate”, lmao!

You can expect the Benghazi attacks to be the most talked about topic throughout CPAC, though. It already has been the most talked about topic. Guys like Rand Paul, Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum will be all over Benghazi. They’ll rip President Obama and Hillary to shreds.


Seriously now…

Anybody who believes that conservatives aren’t aggressive and harsh over Obama are delusional. I know for a fact that most ALL of us know he is a dictator and murdering piece of garbage. There aren’t too many right wingers who believes that he isn’t a killer. If you don’t think Obama is a murderer, dictator, war criminal, etc. then you’re not a conservative. Stop making claims that you are. I have a few conservatives in my friends list and they even come to an agreement on how Obama is.

Only liberals would think conservatives aren’t hateful over him. You know that’s a fucking lie. Knock it off. Seriously take a look at conservative forums on the web. We fucking despise Obama. We all want him gone and arrested. We are all ashamed that America elected a madman.

I have been associating myself with other conservatives on the web and in the real world so I know I’m not alone on this stuff at all. Stop pretending that you’re conservative ’cause you’re not. If you don’t believe he wasn’t behind all the scandals and the murders, then you’re not conservative. You’re just a wannabe.

Stop the lies and the hypocrisy. I know a LOT about conservatism than you think and you certainly aren’t one of them if you continue to think Obama is innocent, you don’t deserve to crown yourself a right-winger. Get the hell out of here.