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So glad Trump brought up the Transgenders in sports thing… Best thing he said at CPAC!!!

Yes, I’ve just watched the Trump CPAC speech yesterday evening. His first speech since the losing the rigged election and leaving office of the presidency. As usual, Trump killed it and it was his best speech ever… but I think the best thing he said was that he slammed the idea of transgender women in sports. Everything he said about that was so true. “Biological” males in women’s sports dominating everything, how fair is that? Think about that right? What if you see some full grown man in a woman’s sports uniform in girls basketball this “man” doing the most slam dunks than every girl in that sport? How fair would that be? How fair would it be if in Olympics swimming a transgender winning the most swim races than all the other girls? In powerlifting, what if you see a Transgender woman (biological male) dominating the most weights in powerlifting? Ugggghhhh…. it’s so wrong and it can’t happen in America.

I’m somewhat of a competitive powerlifter, I guess and if I were to do a powerlifting meet with a transgender woman in it then I’m out. If that was allowed in powerlifting competition, I’d probably quit powerlifting.

Right about now, I’m sure the fake news media and leftist haters are calling Trump “transphobic” but whatever… he’s so right to call ’em “biological males” ’cause that’s what they are. Call ’em exactly what they are. Don’t call him “her/she”, call him the exact sex they were born from. It’s not transphobic, it’s the truth.

Anyhow, this “transgender” thing is getting way out of hand. This is not what we should be teaching our children in America. More and more people and full grown adults are transitioning and coming “out” nowadays and it’s disgusting to see all this. What is going on?

You can’t just put on a dress, wear a bunch of make-up and try to speak like a woman and call yourself a woman… as long as you have a dick still then you’re still a man. Period. The same goes for women who transition into men as long as they still have female private parts, they are are still a woman.

We were forced to accept the gay lifestyle and gay marriage, now they’re ramming “transgender” lifestyle down our throats.

I don’t care if you’re gay or bi, don’t care either way but the transgender thing scares me. It’s not normal behavior at all and I’ll always stand by that.

Trump was ballsy to bring up the transgenders in sports topic. Just imagine if he said that while in office of the presidency? Oh man, he would have been in even more trouble so now that he’s out of office, he’s free to say what he wants now so get ready.


Conservatism and Obama…

There were a few certain blog commenters on here who made claims that conservatives/right-wingers are not harsh and offensive when it comes to hate against President Obama. After watching many of the speeches at CPAC over the weekend, that’s not what I see there. Many of the celebrities, well-known politicians who spoke at CPAC… all they did was bash the hell out of Obama. All the right-wingers who spoke at CPAC hate President Obama just as much as I do. Their speeches were pretty hateful and aggressive too. If you watch some of their speeches especially guys like Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, etc. They all ripped Obama to pieces. They were all pretty tough on him. All the stuff they said about Obama were pretty much the same stuff I’ve been saying about him on this blog. The proven fact is that all right-wingers despise this man, President Obama. All of us are with each other that Barack Obama is nothing but a dictator, socialist, liar, etc. Whatever you wanna call him these days.

If you call yourself a conservative and if you’re offended at the Obama hate and you think it’s wrong. You’re no conservative. You’re a weak one at best. If you think there is nothing wrong with Obama that if you think he has done nothing impeachable or committed no horrible crimes… then you don’t deserve to crown yourself conservative or even libertarian. I just find it hilarious some people make claims that they are a conservative and they continue to act like Obama does nothing wrong no matter the situation.

All conservatives are on the same page about Obama. Other right-wingers have no problem with my hate against him ’cause they agree with pretty much everything I say.

To those who claim that conservatives aren’t hateful and aggressive over Obama is a fucking lie… and you know it. I think you guys are just saying that stuff just to try and shut me up about Obama, well, it’s not working. I’m never gonna shut up about him until this man is held accountable for all the things he have done. If you don’t like my Obama hate, it isn’t that difficult to ignore or to quit reading my blog altogether. Leave if you don’t like it. You guys know nothing about conservatism even if you think you do.

That’s the problem with the whole left and right thing. Even the conservatives who spoke at CPAC are bothered with the left-right division of politics. They want us all to get together and unite!!! Doesn’t matter who’s left and right. Reagan started the conservative movement for a pretty good reason and we all respect the hell out of him.

We are in need of a right-wing Senate and we are in need of a right-wing President in the White House. The people who spoke at CPAC knows that conservatives are in trouble and the left is winning. That’s part of what these CPAC events are for is to help promote conservatism and get it out there more. Liberals are horrible people… they really are a piece of work. Even the people who spoke at CPAC knows that liberal media is getting pretty bad.

I enjoyed listening through the CPAC speeches over the weekend. I saw some of Sarah Palin’s speech last night and she killed it like she usually does. I’ll watch the rest of her speech in youtube today. There are still a few other speeches that I wanna listen to in youtube as well.


This is my 2nd favorite speech at CPAC, way to go Tara Mack!!!

Tara Mack is probably the youngest person working in Congress (she’s 30). Here’s this gorgeous lady giving an inspirational speech about liberalism and conservatism. She’s trying to send a positive message that we should be compassionate and humble to those who disagree with us. I think what she’s saying in this speech is that she doesn’t like how liberals are treated like they’re special and wonderful while they look at conservatives as selfish and bad people. She’s trying to make a point that conservatives care about all people. She’s trying to send the message that conservatives aren’t as bad as you think.

Her speech is inspirational ’cause instead of complaining about how bad America is and railing against President Obama, she decided to send a more positive message.

Other than Rand Paul being my favorite speech at CPAC, Tara Mack would have to be my second favorite.

I spent some some listening to some CPAC speeches in youtube today: Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen.  Mike Lee, Sen. Paul Ryan, Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump and maybe a few others. All good stuff but I think Rand Paul and Tara Mack would have to be my favorite.

Sarah Palin later this evening at 6. She’ll be the good one and she’ll get the CPAC audience all fired up. Can’t wait to listen to Sarah!


Last day of CPAC…

Today is the last day of CPAC. There’s a couple of speeches I wanna catch today. Newt Gingrich’s speech is scheduled for later this afternoon at about 12:45, I think. Sarah Palin’s speech is not ’til later this evening around 6 when “CPAC” closes. Sarah’s the last one to give a speech so I guess they booked her as the headliner/main event, ha!

Sarah’s speech should be the good one. I hope she mentions Benghazi, she probably will. Sarah’s speech will probably be all over the news and social media when it’s all over with.

To clarify things on my thoughts on religion, I’m not an atheist. Maybe that was the wrong word to use, admittedly. I do believe in God and Jesus…. I just don’t like church. I do believe and support religious rights and all that stuff so I still count as a conservative.

Here’s Rand Paul’s CPAC speech from yesterday if you missed it, worth watching… trust me!!!


More on CPAC…

So this afternoon, I was pretty bored so I decided to catch some of the speeches for CPAC live-stream on the internet.

I caught Dinesh D’ Souza’s speech, the guy who made “2016: Obama’s America” movie and he has a new movie coming out called “America”. Dinesh was saying stuff about how Obama wants to transform America in a negative way. Like how Obama wants to ruin America and all. Dinesh was also promoting his new movie, “America”. He also explained how Obama was upset at his movie, “2016: Obama’s America”, and Dinesh said, “If Obama’s upset at that movie, wait until he sees my new one.” Of course, the audience gave him a roar of applause for that one. I thought Dinesh gave a good speech. It was short but he did a good job.

I also caught a live performance of an acoustic musician who was singing conservative political songs.

There were also a couple of women who worked from Congress who gave interested conservative speeches. Can’t remember their names but their speeches were good.

I also caught some of Rick Santorum’s speech. Even though Rick Santorum isn’t everyone’s favorite, he still gave a great speech. He was talking about how he doesn’t just want his party to be winning, he wants all Americans to unite and win together. While he thinks that bashing President Obama is good and too easy, he just wants America to be a country again. I supported Rick throughout the 2012 Elections and still support him now after his speech today.

I also caught Rand Paul’s speech, and I think he gave the best CPAC speech so far. When you look at that guy you can already see that he has President written all over him. He delivered an incredible speech. Rand Paul is a professional speaker. He spoke from the heart. He wasn’t reading off of anything either. No teleprompter or any of that stuff. He had his eyes set on the crowd instead of looking down like he was reading off of something. Rand Paul was talking NSA, government spying, the 4th Amendment, imprisoning US citizens without trial, the President shredding the constitution, etc. Rand got the loudest cheers from the crowd than any other politician who spoke there.

I watch some of their speeches today and think to myself: “Wow, even they know that conservatives are in trouble”. It’s true. Most of the conservative politicians who spoke today knows that liberal media is getting horrible. Even some of them said it shouldn’t be a left/right thing, we all should unite and get our country back. They even want liberals to wake up and be on our side.

America’s in deep trouble. Everybody knows that all this administration wants to do is destroy this country. All this stuff that Obama is doing is no accident. All of this stuff is intentional and he knows exactly what he wants. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Obama wants to kill us all. Someday we’ll be a nation where we no longer have homes and no jobs at all.

Rand Paul said that we should be afraid of a government who imprisons US Citizens without trial. Even if this criminal/terrorist maybe a bad person, they need a trial ’cause what if this person is innocent and they didn’t do it? What would make this country look like if we gave a criminal the death penalty and he turned out completely innocent after his death? What if it turned out that Osama Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11 after all? Bin Laden could be a perfect example of this ’cause it’s been said that this administration just killed Bin Laden without trial with no actual proof whether or not he was responsible for 9/11.

I’m gonna try to catch Sarah Palin’s speech tomorrow and you know that she’s going to do nothing but rail against Obama. That should be entertaining.

I’m proud to be a die-hard conservative.


It’s CPAC weekend!!!

It’s a great week for conservatives and right-wingers ’cause it’s CPAC weekend.


I haven’t been watching it on the internet but maybe later tonight, I’ll start watching some of the speeches ’cause there’s a few of them that I want to listen to like Mitch McConnell, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Chris Christie.

I think Rand Paul is scheduled for his speech today which should be interesting. Sen. Paul should be the most interesting one as it will be all over the news. Sarah Palin is scheduled to make a speech on Saturday so that’s gonna be another good one too. I’m also looking forward to Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

CPAC is great ’cause it’s the time where the conservatives/right-wingers can get together and speak their mind on how the nation doing… right-wing style.

This is an event that all liberals “hate”, lmao!

You can expect the Benghazi attacks to be the most talked about topic throughout CPAC, though. It already has been the most talked about topic. Guys like Rand Paul, Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum will be all over Benghazi. They’ll rip President Obama and Hillary to shreds.