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Trump pulls Paul Ryan’s Obamacare 2.0 bill to try to oust him as House Speaker???

LOL @ all you liberals declaring victorious over Trump’s ACA repeal fail. Did the left win? Not so fast!!!! Trump is just playing with you and messing with your head.

Is this Trump’s way to oust Paul Ryan as House Speaker? To replace him as House Speaker and then try to repeal the ACA?

Read this article and pay attention. I agree with you that the Republican healthcare bill is disastrous and even Trump agrees. The Paul Ryan healthcare is horrible aka Obamacare 2.0.

This is a work of genius by Trump… IT’S STRATEGY. Trump’s got a plan to get Paul Ryan out to a better healthcare plan that we all would be happy with


It’s clear that Trump doesn’t like the Paul Ryan “Obamacare 2.0” so once again, Trump a hero saving us from a disastrous healthcare bill.

Get Rand Paul’s healthcare plan introduced to the House and then we’ll see how quickly everyone gets on board! I like Rand Paul’s plan better.


See? Politics isn’t a “left vs. right” thing… some in the GOP are slamming their own party…

I don’t like Rand Paul anymore but what he said is spot on…


The GOP have been helping Obama arm our enemies like Syria, Isis, etc. Terrorists have gotten much stronger is not because of Democrats in Congress… Republicans have been on it too. John Boehner, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, etc. All helped terrorists get stronger. We have a lot of war mongers in the GOP for sure. I’m not denying that at all.

Plus, many in the GOP are attacking Rand Paul saying that he is unfit to serve the White House and I sort of agree.

Who do I want for president next time? I think I already have decided on somebody but I’m not gonna publicly endorse somebody yet until this person makes the announcement. No it isn’t Rick Santorum although I supported him the last election. I won’t support him this time. I have someone else in mind for president and it isn’t who you think it is.


Rand Paul wins the CPAC straw poll again… no surprise there…

It’s no surprise to see that Rand Paul won CPAC again this year. He’s been winning the CPAC straw poll since 2013 and like I said, his popularity started going up after his 13 hour filibuster on the drones and other foreign policy stuff. Why does Rand Paul keep winning the CPAC straw polls every year? It’s because he’s the best at political speeches. Not afraid to tell the truth even if people don’t agree with it. He tells it like it is every time. He also cares for the American people and their privacy which is what he’s fighting for. Other Republicans are not doing enough to give us our privacy back and Rand Paul is the only one.

I think I’m done watching CPAC speeches. I only watched some of them like Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Joni Ernst, Ben Carson, Laura Ingraham, Jeb Bush, Gov. Rick Perry, and Tomi Lahren. That’s all I believe.

Who do I think delivered the best CPAC speeches? My favorites were of course: Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Ben Carson and Tomi Lahren.

Sarah Palin was okay this year but she was honestly kind of weak. She was strong last year but this year her speech was kind of boring.

Yeah, I did watch the Jeb Bush speech and that speech was horrible. Jeb Bush is an asshole and we don’t need another RINO Bush in the White House. RINO, meaning a Republican politician who also have some views that are aimed at the left. Jeb Bush supports illegal immigration and actually supports giving drivers licenses to illegals and jobs for them too. That was good enough for me to hate him immediately. Even though I’m a Conservative, I’m no fan of Jeb Bush either and do not want that asshole in the oval office.

Yep, I think it’s safe to say that if we DO have an election in 2016 if Obama doesn’t declare “martial law” that is… I’m rooting for Rand Paul and Scott Walker to make it pretty far in the elections. I know liberal media are making Scott Walker look bad but that’s actually good. As long as Scott Walker is all over the mainstream news, liberals are just giving him another reason to be president so it’s actually helping him, not damaging him at all. I like both Rand Paul and Scott Walker. We’ll see how they do in 2016 if there is an election.

Hopefully Obama will step down in 2016 so there can be an election. Obummer needs to learn that the presidency isn’t all for himself. That egomaniac. Hopefully he smartens up and gives other people a chance.


Rand Paul’s speech at CPAC 2015 is here…

Great speech by Rand Paul at CPAC 2015. He killed it once again like usual.

He’s so right that our privacy are being invaded by our government like with all the scandals going on and stuff with the NSA, IRS and the regulation of the internet and all that stuff.

He also brought up Benghazi and says that Hillary should not even be running for president at all ’cause she didn’t lift a finger to save Ambassador Stevens and the three other American men who were killed at the compound.

Speech is worth listening. I think Rand Paul is my no. 1 pick for the oval office, this man needs to be in the White House.


Rand Paul gets standing ovation and chants at CPAC today…

I haven’t been watching the CPAC speeches on live-stream but I’m gonna wait for all those speeches to get on youtube but so far, Rand Paul seem to have gotten the strongest response for his speech even though I didn’t watch it yet. Rand Paul got a standing ovation from the crowd and he got chants of “President Paul” from the crowd.

Rand Paul may as well be our next president and this is proof that he could be our next leader. Rand Paul has gained a lot of popularity ever since his 13 hour filibuster back in March of 2013.

“President Paul” sounds good to me. I’ve had my eye on this guy ever since his 13 hr. filibuster two years ago. I think those Democrats being in government power are done. There is no doubt in my mind that Rand Paul is gonna be our next president.

Hopefully, Hillary won’t be in the election at all. She shouldn’t even be running when she should be in prison for Benghazi. Hopefully they do lock her up before 2016.

I’ve been a Rand Paul fan for a long while. I’ll listen to his speech soon as I’m sure it’s pretty good.


My top 6 favorite CPAC 2014 speeches (in order)…

All morning on this Sunday, I spent some time listening to more CPAC speeches. I think I’m done listening to CPAC speeches, and I wanted to point out my 6 favorite ones that are worth listening to. I listened to quite a lot of speeches over the weekend and here are the 6 best speeches in order:

  1. Rand Paul – I’ve had my eye on Rand Paul ever since his 13 hour filibuster from last year. Since then, I’ve always believed that this guy is going to be our next president in 2016 and I still feel that way about him. His speech at CPAC was pretty powerful. Talking about the government spying, wiretapping of phones, imprisonment without trial, and other issues. Rand Paul was very confident in his speech. He told the truth with no fear, spoke with no teleprompter. Loved how he quoted Pink Floyd. Rand sounded pretty angry in his speech and he sounded pretty serious. Any politician who can speak without reading off of anything is a true politician. 
  2. Sarah Palin – I love Sarah!!! Suck it haters! People hate Sarah ’cause it’s true that she drives the liberals crazy. She’s a hero to the conservative community but a villain to liberals. She was very entertaining during her speech as usual and as expected she gets the audience fired up every time. She was very confident in her speech too. I loved her take on the “Green, Eggs & Ham”. She was pretty funny too. She killed it in her speech like she usually does. I also hope she decides to run in 2016 and it’s looking like she might. 
  3. Sen. Ted Cruz – Love him or hate him, Ted is getting pretty popular in the politics world. He also spoke with no teleprompter and was pretty confident in his speech. Attacked the Obama administration on a lot of things like Obamacare and things like that. He also knows that our government is broken and corrupt. I thought his speech was pretty entertaining as hell. He kept it fun and enjoyable. 
  4. Tara Mack – A young congresswoman who works for the House. Her speech was inspirational ’cause she was trying to send a positive message that conservatives aren’t selfish and we actually care for all people. She may have slammed Obamacare a little bit but her speech was a positive message and I respect her for that. She now has my support. I hope she goes forward in her political career and hopefully one day, she runs for the Senate. 
  5. Dr. Ben Carson – He’s a black conservative who can’t stand Obama. His speech was inspirational ’cause he talked about how he can’t stand political correctness. He also talked about how he is not all for gay-marriage. He says that gays deserves their free rights. I agree that gays deserve free rights but he says that gay-marriage doesn’t belong to homosexuals. In other words, he defended traditional marriage which is great. He also urged us conservatives to never feel intimidated by the left attacking our views in politics by simply saying, “Never let the left shut you up”. Great advice, I must say! I would say that Dr. Carson would have made a great first black president but instead we get a Muslim immigrant in the White House killing people and doing whatever he wants with the law. 
  6. Gov. Rick Perry – Perry’s speech was kind of short but also entertaining as hell! He gave us some hints that he may run for Prez in 2016. He also talked about a bunch of stuff how we need to defend our country and make the USA great again by saying, “It’s time for a little rebellion”. Another great Perry quote, “We just need to change the presidency”. 

There ya go. I’ve seen a bunch other speeches but the ones I listed I was the most impressed with.

Will we get a republican/conservative/libertarian president in the White House in 2016??? I’m hoping and praying. I think the conservative movement will be BIG in 2016 and we could win again. Of course, I have a feeling that won’t happen and we will probably end up getting another liberal/democrat prez in 2016. If not Hillary, we will get another liberal in the White House. If we do get a conservative/libertarian president in the White House in 2016, I’m sure the left will whine about it and cry for impeachment. The left can be pretty hateful and ignorant. Conservatives are true patriots and we care for our country. We believe in the constitution. We believe in limited government and personal responsibility.

We just want America to be great and strong again like we once were. The left knows we are in bad shape… they just don’t want to blame everything on the Obama administration. The left tries to get me out of the right but it’s never happening. I will always think gay marriage isn’t normal. I will always disagree with abortion. I will always disagree with immigration reform and amnesty. I can’t stand how liberals look at conservatives as bad guys. It’s gotta stop. Seriously.


Last day of CPAC…

Today is the last day of CPAC. There’s a couple of speeches I wanna catch today. Newt Gingrich’s speech is scheduled for later this afternoon at about 12:45, I think. Sarah Palin’s speech is not ’til later this evening around 6 when “CPAC” closes. Sarah’s the last one to give a speech so I guess they booked her as the headliner/main event, ha!

Sarah’s speech should be the good one. I hope she mentions Benghazi, she probably will. Sarah’s speech will probably be all over the news and social media when it’s all over with.

To clarify things on my thoughts on religion, I’m not an atheist. Maybe that was the wrong word to use, admittedly. I do believe in God and Jesus…. I just don’t like church. I do believe and support religious rights and all that stuff so I still count as a conservative.

Here’s Rand Paul’s CPAC speech from yesterday if you missed it, worth watching… trust me!!!