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Rand Paul wins the CPAC straw poll again… no surprise there…

It’s no surprise to see that Rand Paul won CPAC again this year. He’s been winning the CPAC straw poll since 2013 and like I said, his popularity started going up after his 13 hour filibuster on the drones and other foreign policy stuff. Why does Rand Paul keep winning the CPAC straw polls every year? It’s because he’s the best at political speeches. Not afraid to tell the truth even if people don’t agree with it. He tells it like it is every time. He also cares for the American people and their privacy which is what he’s fighting for. Other Republicans are not doing enough to give us our privacy back and Rand Paul is the only one.

I think I’m done watching CPAC speeches. I only watched some of them like Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Joni Ernst, Ben Carson, Laura Ingraham, Jeb Bush, Gov. Rick Perry, and Tomi Lahren. That’s all I believe.

Who do I think delivered the best CPAC speeches? My favorites were of course: Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Ben Carson and Tomi Lahren.

Sarah Palin was okay this year but she was honestly kind of weak. She was strong last year but this year her speech was kind of boring.

Yeah, I did watch the Jeb Bush speech and that speech was horrible. Jeb Bush is an asshole and we don’t need another RINO Bush in the White House. RINO, meaning a Republican politician who also have some views that are aimed at the left. Jeb Bush supports illegal immigration and actually supports giving drivers licenses to illegals and jobs for them too. That was good enough for me to hate him immediately. Even though I’m a Conservative, I’m no fan of Jeb Bush either and do not want that asshole in the oval office.

Yep, I think it’s safe to say that if we DO have an election in 2016 if Obama doesn’t declare “martial law” that is… I’m rooting for Rand Paul and Scott Walker to make it pretty far in the elections. I know liberal media are making Scott Walker look bad but that’s actually good. As long as Scott Walker is all over the mainstream news, liberals are just giving him another reason to be president so it’s actually helping him, not damaging him at all. I like both Rand Paul and Scott Walker. We’ll see how they do in 2016 if there is an election.

Hopefully Obama will step down in 2016 so there can be an election. Obummer needs to learn that the presidency isn’t all for himself. That egomaniac. Hopefully he smartens up and gives other people a chance.


Tomi Lahren, only 22 years old delivers a great speech at CPAC…

This girl is awesome. She’s only 22 years old, a young conservative girl. This speech seems to be more aimed toward people who are “millennials” meaning someone who is between the ages of 18 – 33 years old like she explained in the beginning.

She talks about war on women and birth control stuff. She also calls out the hypocrisy when liberals calls Republicans “Old, white and rich males”. She calls out Obama and his bad policies, she calls him out hard. She also doesn’t agree with getting free stuff from the government like free community college and “net neutrality” and all that garbage.

She talks Obamacare too.

There’s a lot of young people around their 18 – 30 years of age range who are really misinformed with politics and I remember that nobody cared about Obamacare until Zach Galifianakis made that “Two Ferns” video with Obummer himself. Remember that? I swear that young people never knew about Obamacare until that “Two Ferns” video came out. Once that “Two Ferns” video came out, a lot of young people in Facebook started putting up posts that they signed up for Obamacare and I’ll never forget that. Obummer targeted young people with Obamacare ’cause he knows they are naive and dumb.

This is a speech that liberals are gonna hate but worth watching. I like young conservative people and there aren’t too many of those out there. Most young people are “liberals” these days ’cause they’re really misinformed with their politics. That inspires me to write another post about that, young people and their political views and I’ll have another post about that soon. We definitely need more “young” conservatives in this country. I think most young people turned into liberals ’cause of the mainstream media and things like “Common Core” where most of them learn from.

This girl is smart and she knows what she’s talking about. It’s a shame her speech got only about 60 views, though. Plus, she’s gorgeous as well. I give her a whole lot respect for not getting herself into the liberal world. She’s awesome. She earned a follower on twitter.


Scott Walker’s CPAC 2015 speech has president written all over him too!!!

After watching Governor Scott Walker’s speech at CPAC 2015, I am now a fan of him and I think he’d be my second choice for the oval office. His speech is worth watching too.

He didn’t stand behind the podium, stood out in the audience and spoke with no teleprompter. That’s a real politician right there. He spoke loudly, clear and was aggressive.

His speech is worth a watch.


Rand Paul gets standing ovation and chants at CPAC today…

I haven’t been watching the CPAC speeches on live-stream but I’m gonna wait for all those speeches to get on youtube but so far, Rand Paul seem to have gotten the strongest response for his speech even though I didn’t watch it yet. Rand Paul got a standing ovation from the crowd and he got chants of “President Paul” from the crowd.

Rand Paul may as well be our next president and this is proof that he could be our next leader. Rand Paul has gained a lot of popularity ever since his 13 hour filibuster back in March of 2013.

“President Paul” sounds good to me. I’ve had my eye on this guy ever since his 13 hr. filibuster two years ago. I think those Democrats being in government power are done. There is no doubt in my mind that Rand Paul is gonna be our next president.

Hopefully, Hillary won’t be in the election at all. She shouldn’t even be running when she should be in prison for Benghazi. Hopefully they do lock her up before 2016.

I’ve been a Rand Paul fan for a long while. I’ll listen to his speech soon as I’m sure it’s pretty good.