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We finally have tax reform… historic week in DC…WOW!

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This week is a historic week in DC. It’s very exciting. We finally have tax reform which is long overdue. We’ve been trying to lower taxes in America for over a decade and we finally did it thanks to Trump.

I’m not a big fan of Speaker Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell like most Trump supporters, but it’s really nice to finally see those two guys working with the president for once. If it wasn’t for Trump then Ryan and McConnell wouldn’t have gotten tax reform for us; they would have still been “all talk, no action” losers. Well Trump changed that and made the GOP controlled Congress get to work which was amazing to see! It is nice to see a GOP Congress do something for the people for a change.

See how amazing of a negotiator Trump really is? This guy is serious and he’s no joke… that’s why he got our vote.

Ever since the tax bill has been signed into law, already positive results started coming out of it. AT&T announced they’ve giving away bonus’s for their employees for Christmas and other companies raised the minimum wage for $15 pr. hr. Liberals fought so hard for $15 pr. hr. minimum wage jobs and they’re getting exactly that. So Merry Christmas, everyone!

It is no surprise that the left and Democrats don’t support lowering the taxes. These are coming from the same people who supported Bernie the Socialist and Hillary who both wanted to raise taxes so I guess the left prefers higher taxes more. Oh well, fuck them. They’re so one-sided all the time, it’s crazy. They’re against every GOP and Trump policy. That’s how one-sided they really are. There’s nothing the GOP and Trump can do to make them happy ’cause all they do is cry, cry, cry.

My question is, when liberals start noticing that their paychecks at their jobs are starting to get bigger in 2018 and they get bigger tax returns back from their W-2 forms, will they thank Trump for that?

The tax reform and jobs bill is not only good for your paychecks at your jobs you work, it’s also good for entrepreneurs. You own your own business? Well now you may be able to afford to keep your business alive. The bill is also a good opportunity for more job openings in America.

Admittedly, I have been unemployed for a long while ’cause why? It was a bit of a challenge to get a job under Obama and it maybe easier to get a job under Trump. I would absolutely love to get a full time job and start making good money again myself. Here’s hoping and I’m gonna start job hunting again in 2018.

This is what making America great again looks like y’all. Trump has been accomplishing so much in a year and it’s worthy enough for a vote for a re-election in 2020. TPP withdrawal, soaring economy, ISIS is crumbling and now Tax Reform. Next up we need to replace Obamacare and get the Border Wall then we’ll be good. Trump is doing everything we elected him to do.

I don’t regret my Trump vote at all and would gladly vote for him again in 2020. Suck it haters.


Trump pulls Paul Ryan’s Obamacare 2.0 bill to try to oust him as House Speaker???

LOL @ all you liberals declaring victorious over Trump’s ACA repeal fail. Did the left win? Not so fast!!!! Trump is just playing with you and messing with your head.

Is this Trump’s way to oust Paul Ryan as House Speaker? To replace him as House Speaker and then try to repeal the ACA?

Read this article and pay attention. I agree with you that the Republican healthcare bill is disastrous and even Trump agrees. The Paul Ryan healthcare is horrible aka Obamacare 2.0.

This is a work of genius by Trump… IT’S STRATEGY. Trump’s got a plan to get Paul Ryan out to a better healthcare plan that we all would be happy with


It’s clear that Trump doesn’t like the Paul Ryan “Obamacare 2.0” so once again, Trump a hero saving us from a disastrous healthcare bill.

Get Rand Paul’s healthcare plan introduced to the House and then we’ll see how quickly everyone gets on board! I like Rand Paul’s plan better.


That’s why I didn’t want Trump endorsing Paul Ryan and John McCain, see what happens when you trust someone so easily???

While I do love Donald Trump and all, he just needs to realize that he can’t trust people in politics and I think he’s learning. I knew he shouldn’t have endorsed Paul Ryan and John McCain during the primaries to get them re-elected. Trump endorsed them hoping to unite the GOP to defeat Hillary but instead, I see Trump declaring war against the GOP which is a good thing really. Trump should have never trusted Paul Ryan and McCain in the first place. You can’t trust politicians at all ’cause many of them are corrupted. I had a feeling that Ryan and McCain were gonna stab Trump in the back after Trump endorsing them for their re-election. When Trump endorsed Ryan and McCain, Trump supporters went crazy over it and thought it was a good thing. I never thought it was a good thing. I began to feel a little worried about Trump ’cause he’s trying to team up with two guys who shouldn’t be trusted at all. Now look what happens… Ryan and McCain both dropped support for Trump after that locker room banter tape got out.

That’s the deal with politics, ya know? You’re gonna deal with a lot of crazy people you can’t trust at all and all this stuff could overwhelm you. Trump needs to realize that if he wants to get himself into politics which is a dangerous game. All Ryan and McCain just did was proved how horrible the GOP is. I hate the GOP just as much as liberals do so I’m not on one side at all. Are the GOP conservative like a lot of people mistakenly believe? No. The GOP has been becoming more liberal than ever which comes to a term known as RINO. A RINO is a GOP person pretending to be conservative when he’s not really. They still have some liberal views. Ryan and McCain are a couple of RINO’s as an example.

I think Trump isn’t messing around anymore, though which is a good thing. Trump needs to stop being too nice to people in the GOP but I don’t think he’s gonna be nice anymore. I know Trump tried to unite the GOP but many GOP people are NeverTrump idiots still so it’s gonna be hard to unite. That’s why when Trump gets elected, he needs to fire all of them. Clean house and get rid of them all. Start over again with a clean slate in order to make America great again!


The media hates Paul Ryan just as much, they’re only siding with him to make Trump look bad…

We all know that the media hates everything Republican and everything GOP. The media defends people like Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz and other Republicans ’cause simply put, they are NeverTrumpers. The media will do anything to get Trump out of the election so the media are in bed with those who hates Trump. It’s really quite sad.

Paul Ryan’s victory today was no surprise, really. There’s still a chance to Dump Ryan, we gotta get him out as House Speaker somehow. I just read the election process of the House Speaker. Only members of the House can vote for House Speaker, not us. The House Speaker elections happens every two years. The Speaker of the House is chosen every midterm election. Paul Ryan became House Speaker in Oct. of last year so he’ll be House Speaker for two more years until the next midterm elections. It’s all up to the House members if they want to dump Ryan or not. We can still get him out somehow by getting members of the House to vote him out. I wasn’t sure how the House Speaker election process works but I just found out by doing a little reading.

Paul Ryan is corrupt. Nobody cares about the will of the people.


The government could steal another election by illegally making Speaker Paul Ryan president!

The government was successful at stealing the 2008 election by illegally making Barack Obama president, what’s stopping them from doing it again? They could do it again by making the new House Speaker, Paul Ryan the GOP nominee at the Convention and Paul Ryan could be the next elected president too. So no matter who your candidate choice is whether it’s Trump, Cruz, Kasich, Bernie and Hillary… none of them could make it ’cause the government could illegally make Paul Ryan president which is a shame.

Why? It’s simply because Paul Ryan didn’t campaign for his presidency at all. He didn’t have anything to do with the primaries/caucuses and he could be the next president anyways. I’m pretty sure the US government tried to extend Barack Obama’s presidency somehow but it looks like they couldn’t do it so they try to find some shady ways to make some other corrupted person president of the United States.

If you’re hoping that your choice of candidate could be the next one, don’t get your hopes up guys. None of them could make it ’cause of Paul Ryan. Like I said before, a Paul Ryan presidency would be Obama 2.0. Paul Ryan is gonna be worse than George W. and Obama. If Paul Ryan’s the next one, we’re done.


I don’t get why the government has such a hardon for Paul Ryan. Maybe it’s because Paul’s ideas and political views are similar to Barack Obama’s. Paul is too friendly with Obama. Paul is Obama’s ass kisser and lapdog.

Hopefully Paul Ryan could get stopped and let the candidates get a chance at the nomination.


Maybe Paul Ryan could turn out to be a great House Speaker after all, he’s on a roll!!!!

Like most people in the conservative community, I was skeptical of Paul Ryan becoming the new House Speaker simply because he supported the TPP and Illegal Immigration. Maybe there is hope for Paul Ryan after all ’cause what he’s doing here is pretty awesome. Maybe he could be a better speaker than John Boehner after all? After the Paris attack, you can’t blame people for being scared of Syrian refugees being poured into the US which is happening now as I type this.


Sure enough, libtards wanna stick up for those Syrian Muslim refugees. What is the reasoning for Obama wanting to bring Syrian refugees in the US? I think it’s the beginning of the US turning into a Muslim state. He’s already at work on that right now. The US will soon turn into a Muslim caliphate ’cause of it. Sharia law will take over the US. That will mean the US Constitution will be dead and Obama will be King of America, he will continue to stay in power.


Paul Ryan rips into IRS Commissioner about missing Lois Lerner e-mails…

I’m not a big fan of Paul Ryan but what he did here was good stuff. The IRS Commissioner is just another lying snake protecting Obama. I bet Lois Lerner’s hard drive wasn’t destroyed at all and locked away in a secret spot. What’s new with Obama? He has a whole gang of people covering for him. Damn. Barack must go through a lot of work to get all of these people to cover for his crimes and scandals. Nothing will come out of this just like nothing will come out of all other his other crimes and scandals. Just proves even more that Barack is guilty of everything.

I wonder if Barry O’ will capture the top suspects of the IRS targeting and make a bunch of claims that he’s gonna get to the bottom of the IRS crime. I’m being a smartass, yeah, I know.




The Brock likes Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan being VP running mate…

I’m not a big Romney fan, but I’m voting for him anyway just to help get rid of Obama, but Romney, just got a little tiny bit of respect from me after his announcement of his choice for VP running mate. Paul Ryan is a cool guy and a good politician. I think that’s good enough to make me want to vote for Romney. Paul Ryan seems to be great at economics and knows what he’s doing. He could teach Romney a lot.