The government could steal another election by illegally making Speaker Paul Ryan president!

The government was successful at stealing the 2008 election by illegally making Barack Obama president, what’s stopping them from doing it again? They could do it again by making the new House Speaker, Paul Ryan the GOP nominee at the Convention and Paul Ryan could be the next elected president too. So no matter who your candidate choice is whether it’s Trump, Cruz, Kasich, Bernie and Hillary… none of them could make it ’cause the government could illegally make Paul Ryan president which is a shame.

Why? It’s simply because Paul Ryan didn’t campaign for his presidency at all. He didn’t have anything to do with the primaries/caucuses and he could be the next president anyways. I’m pretty sure the US government tried to extend Barack Obama’s presidency somehow but it looks like they couldn’t do it so they try to find some shady ways to make some other corrupted person president of the United States.

If you’re hoping that your choice of candidate could be the next one, don’t get your hopes up guys. None of them could make it ’cause of Paul Ryan. Like I said before, a Paul Ryan presidency would be Obama 2.0. Paul Ryan is gonna be worse than George W. and Obama. If Paul Ryan’s the next one, we’re done.

I don’t get why the government has such a hardon for Paul Ryan. Maybe it’s because Paul’s ideas and political views are similar to Barack Obama’s. Paul is too friendly with Obama. Paul is Obama’s ass kisser and lapdog.

Hopefully Paul Ryan could get stopped and let the candidates get a chance at the nomination.


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