Thoughts on this whole Trump vs. Cruz mudslinging over their wives… Ted Cruz started it, y’all!

Whether Ted Cruz had anything to do with this at all either way, it doesn’t matter. Ted started this to begin with. I can see why Donald Trump would get upset ’cause it’s never cool to talk about anybody’s wife in a negative direction, ya know? Ted was the one who started it but sure enough, everyone wants to make it look like that Mr. Trump started it. That’s what it’s supposed to look like. Ted started it and the media wants to make it look like that Donald started it. The way I’m looking at it is, they’re just desperate in trying to make Donald Trump look misogynistic over women. Just their sneaky little way of trying to make Donald look like a sexist pig. Media tried to make Megyn Kelly look like a victim and now they’re trying it with Ted’s wife, Heidi. Whatever it takes to make Trump look sexist and misogynistic. That’s basically all they’re trying to do, really.

Everyone wants to make Donald Trump look hateful over women when he’s not really and you know it too. Women don’t hate Trump ’cause it’s been proven time and time again that there’s A LOT of women who love Trump. Trust me on that folks. As a matter of fact most Trump supporters are women. Trump is actually very popular with women than men actually. Do your research. Online, you’ll see female Trump supporters everywhere.

All they care about is taking Trump out of the election, they don’t care what it takes. You can attack Trump all you want to but all you’re doing is helping him. The more you attack him and tr to make him look bad, you’re just giving him an excuse to get him elected president. Sometimes bad publicity is good publicity, right?

How would you like it if someone made fun of your wife or girlfriend and talked about them in a negative direction? You wouldn’t like it would you? Hell no.



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