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Ted Cruz destroys Mark Zuckerberg over censorship of conservatives and Trump supporters on FB. This is a must watch!!!

I’ve always known that Facebook has always been a cesspool for liberal bias… twitter is pretty much the same thing. My support for Ted Cruz has been on and off over the years but I think it’s back on again. This video is amazing! Ted Cruz destroys Mark Zuckerberg over censorship of conservatives and Trump supporters on facebook.

In this video, you see Ted Cruz not being afraid to call out Zuckerberg to his face about conservative censorship on FB.  Ted tries to ask him about if FB is a neutral public forum but Suckerberg couldn’t answer the question. He goes off by saying it’s for all ideas and makes a bunch of excuses that FB doesn’t accept “hate speech”, “nudity”, “terrorist content”, blah blah blah so you can see that Suckerberg is clearly denying liberal bias. So Ted Cruz here gives some examples of conservative censorship and you can clearly see Suckerberg couldn’t answer that one. Suckerberg continues to deny liberal bias on facebook as you can see. Since Suckerberg continues to deny it, Cruz gets on to Suckerberg even more by asking him if he’s aware of any liberal pages been taken down by FB and Suckerberg of course, says “No”. Suckerberg clearly couldn’t answer that one and was completely stumped. Cruz just wanted to prove his point about liberal bias on FB and did that beautifully.

This video is golden… I had to watch it a couple of times. This is Ted Cruz defending conservative freedom of speech. Ya know… Freedom of Speech works both ways. It’s not a one way street for liberals, but FB, twitter and other social networking pages wants to make it like that.

I was once a victim of conservative censorship on FB. One day I’ve had something weird happen to my FB and then I looked in my Support Inbox in the settings and FB sent me a message saying they’ve taken a post down due to nudity. I’m like, “What?”. I’m pretty sure I didn’t post nudity at all ’cause I know it’s the rules of the TOS. I was pretty sure FB has taken down a post with conservative views or I’ve posted something positively about Trump.

Anyway, it is interesting though how people want to deny liberal bias on social networking. If you want to continue to deny it then why is it that conservatives and Trump supporters are always getting punishment and liberals get no punishment? Liberals are always saying hateful and abusive things to people everyday, you try to report them and nothing happens to them. It’s always the right-wing community getting punishment by the staff. I’ve always believed that social networking pages just wants to destroy conservatives and they are in bed with liberals.

Why is there liberal bias in social networking? Elections is the key, I must say. It’s how they try to make Democrat politicians to win elections. They want to make it seem like conservatives don’t exist and that’s why they censor them. Not only the mainstream media is corrupt to the core, social networking is corrupt to the core too.

I think FB should be shut down and I could care less if it goes ’cause FB is garbage anyways. Always has been and always will be. Liberal bias on FB is not the only reason why it sucks so much. FB is garbage ’cause people are crazy. Too much negativity, soap opera and drama… plus I’m tired of all the baby pics, animal pics and stupid memes.

Can we bring the old myspace back with Tom running it, please? I really miss those days. The old myspace was better. It’ll be great if myspace made a comeback.


Trump supporters need to relax on Ted Cruz, I think Ted is trying to unite us!

So Ted Cruz appears to be on the Trump Train finally and he endorsed Trump. Yeah, it appears that many Trump supporters are angry at Ted  for this. The only reason they believe that Ted is only doing this ’cause they believe Ted thinks he’s going be victorious in this election or something like that.

I don’t think so. For once, I think Ted did a good thing here and I’m willing to give him a chance. Maybe Ted Cruz is just trying to unite the conservative party? Ever since Ted started attacking Donald Trump, he totally divided the conservative movement. Maybe Ted is just trying to get us all back together. Get together and unify the party so we can help destroy Hillary.

As soon as Ted endorsed Trump, all the Trump supporters were quick to badly judge Ted. I can understand how Ted is not to be trusted ’cause I don’t like him either but I’m giving him a chance this time.

Maybe Ted felt bad for getting on the Donald Trump hating bandwagon and wanted to have a change of heart? Ya know, he was part of Trump’s GOP pledge too so maybe Ted is trying to stay faithful to that?

If you call yourself a Trump  supporter, you’re not a true Trump supporter if you don’t support all Trump endorsements. Sorry but I’m not afraid to say that.

I think Ted just wants to bury the hatchet with Trump. Rubio already buried the hatchet with Trump so why not?

Isn’t that what all the Trump supporters wanted from Ted? They wanted Ted to respect Trump and now they’re getting that. Trump supporters are still angry.

It’s funny ya know. Ted Cruz endorsed Trump and the media freaks out. Trump supporters even freaked out too. The same with Trump’s conservative enemies like Glenn Beck, he didn’t like Ted endorsing Trump too.

What Ted did was pretty awesome and I mean that too. I maybe a Trump supporter myself but I’ll admit that sometimes other Trump supporters can drive me crazy. I don’t agree with everything they do.


Thoughts on the Ted Cruz speech from RNC last night…

I’m sure you all are wondering my thoughts on the controversial speech that Ted Cruz did at RNC night 3 last night so here it is.

So I think Lyin’ Ted just committed political suicide last night. All the Trump supporters were wondering what Ted would have to say at the RNC since Trump himself invited him to speak. As you can hear in the speech below, Ted only mentioned Donald Trump’s name once when congratulating him on winning the nomination. That’s it, Ted only said Trump’s name once.

Trump signed a Pledge in which you can see above that if a Republican candidate doesn’t win the nomination then they must endorse the official GOP nominee which Cruz never did. Cruz never endorsed Trump once but instead Cruz talked about himself most of the time. Cruz walked out to the stage with a standing ovation by the audience and got booed at the end of the speech simply because Cruze didn’t endorse Trump when he was supposed to. Ted lost the nomination this week miserably so he goes on stage and only mentions Trump’s name once?

Ted really is a piece of garbage and last night proved that. He calls himself a constitutional scholar but I don’t see that at all.

I can’t stand Ted Cruz, he needs to get deported back to Canada where he belongs. He really is a narcissist and egomaniac.

What’s even better is that Ted was in a hurry to finish his speech as soon as Trump was entering the arena. He’s such a coward.

This guy is a desperate loser. He’s just another politician who cares about himself and not the people. It’s clear that Ted Cruz wants to be president pretty badly… well it’s never gonna happen now so good luck with that Lyin’ Ted, you piece of shit. Ted is such a douchebag. Ted is not gonna win elections by continuing to hurt the American people. He needs to show class and respect like what Donald Trump does. Trump is classy, Cruz is trashy.


Now that Trump is gonna be the GOP nominee for sure and Lyin’ Ted is done, time to focus on Hillary…


From this point forward, I think I’m gonna keep my focus on bringing down Hillary like everyone else. Now that Trump is gonna be the nominee for sure and Lyin’ Ted is finally done… time to move on to something else and focus on bringing down Hillary. That’s more important than anything. We can’t have Hillary as president.

While I’m sure there’s still gonna be some delusional Hillary supporters, remember she still has blood on her hands over Benghazi. That’s the only reason why I don’t want her as president is ’cause of her Benghazi responsibility. If Hillary gets elected then you elected a murderer. They don’t giver her the nickname “Killary” for no reason.


Yesterday was a very good day… take that Trump haters!!!

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day for the primary election ’cause Trump won Indiana and Hillary lost to Bernie. WOW! While I’m no fan of Bernie Sanders, I was actually happy that Bernie won Indiana and I really mean that too. It’s proof that beating Hillary can be possible. Mr. Trump is now the presumptive nominee and even Reince Priebus is admitting that. Now there is no chance of a contested convention at the RNC like all the haters were hoping. Mr. Trump is gonna get the 1237.

The American people has spoken. We all want Mr. Trump as the next president and it’s gonna happen. This is a big middle finger to all the Trump haters who thought he couldn’t get the 1237.

Yesterday was a good day for sure. It made me happy. I might make a celebration video a little later.


Ted Cruz keeps claiming that NY Times has a tape of Trump but I won’t believe it until there’s proof…

Lyin’ Ted is still going around making ridiculous claims that the NY Times has a tape of Trump saying that he won’t build a wall and won’t deport illegal aliens. Well if that claim is true then why hasn’t Ted proved it yet? Why hasn’t the NY Times released the tape yet? I know why NY Times hasn’t released the tape ’cause there probably isn’t one. The tape doesn’t exist. Ted probably made that claim up hoping to get Trump supporters to get them to change their mind about supporting Trump but it isn’t happening. None of us are falling for Ted’s bullshit.

Today Ted Cruz lashed out at Donald Trump in the media calling him a pathological liar and narcissist. LOL, really? Ted just explained himself ’cause he’s the one who is the pathological liar and narcissist, not Donald Trump.

For Ted’s nonstop attacks and accusations at Donald Trump, Ted lost a lot more support in Indiana today and here is the proof:


As you can see, Donald Trump is kicking ass in Indiana today. Cruz and Kasich are done. Those two jackasses are gonna have to drop out after their defeat in Indiana today. I don’t see how they could continue after today.

Ted thinks he’s gonna take Trump’s voters by attacking Mr. Trump but instead Ted’s supporters jump aboard the Trump train.

Deal with it, haters. America has spoken and we all want Mr. Trump as president.

I hate Ted Cruz even more now. Can you imagine a Ted Cruz presidency? Cruz will be 10x’s worse than George W. and Obama. Ted really is a piece of garbage. Ted attacks the voters, attacking the American people and that’s what a candidate shouldn’t be doing. That’s a huge part of why Ted is losing more and more support. When you want to become president you can’t be insulting the voters. That’s why Ted lost Indiana today.

Will Ted drop out of the race and team up with Donald Trump to take down Hillary? I don’t know… that will probably never happen ’cause from the looks of things Mr. Trump will not want anything to do with Ted ’cause Ted said some pretty nasty things about Trump’s wife. Ted just wouldn’t stop attacking Trump so I don’t think they’ll ever team up together. We’ll wait and see, though. I hope Donald and Ted don’t team up ’cause that wouldn’t be good for Donald’s campaign.

Gotta love how karma works.


Video: Trump supporter tells Ted Cruz the man himself to drop out of the race…

This video is pretty awesome stuff. A group of Trump supporters confronts Ted Cruz and one guy tells Ted Cruz to drop out to his face. He also wasn’t afraid to call him “Lying Ted” to his face as well. The guy arguing with Ted himself has a lot of balls.

Did I just hear Ted correctly that he was asking those Trump supporters to vote for Ted? LOL! Did Ted actually think those guys holding up Trump signs would vote for him? Ha!

That guy has a lot of balls to say “We don’t want you” to Ted’s face ’cause I would say the same thing if I ever meet Ted in person.

Ted Cruz is still claiming that the NY Times has on tape that Trump said he’s not gonna build a wall and not deport people. I’m not gonna believe that claim unless Ted shows proof of that and so far he hasn’t. How come the NY Times hasn’t released the tape yet? Probably ’cause there is no tape of Donald saying that. Ted is probably making that claim up. I’m betting your money on it.

I can’t wait until the day Trump actually gets the 1237 or more and we can all watch Ted go crazy. Ted will probably end up becoming Donald Trump’s friend after that.


Ted Cruz calls himself a “constitutional conservative” but he cheats elections and not eligible… wtf???


It’s funny to me that Ted Cruz constantly calls himself a “constitutional conservative”. Is he really? From the looks of things, no. Ted is a fraud and a liar. Ted is cheating this election and that is not constitutional. Ted was also not born in America so that’s not constitutional either.

I think the term “constitutional conservative” is pretty fucking stupid to begin with. To me when people call themselves that, it’s you saying “Hey look at me, I know more about the constitution than you do”. Ted claims he’s got the Constitution memorized by heart and carries it everywhere he goes.

Ted Cruz is losing more and more support ’cause his rallies keep getting smaller and smaller… pic for proof:

I can’t stand Ted Cruz and I can’t wait to see his reaction when Trump does get the 1237 which will be pretty soon. Will Ted drop out of the race when Trump does the 1237? He’s gonna have to but if the GOP continues to let Ted run, that would be so wrong.

Ted is a scum bag and anybody who still supports him is a scum bag too.


Ted Cruz is a piece of garbage… he has no chance but he thinks he’s gonna win… is he delusional?

Ted Cruz is too predictable. I just knew that he was probably gonna pick Carly as his running mate. It’s a proven fact that Ted has no chance. He is mathematically eliminated. Ted can never get to the 1237 but he will never admit that. He’s going around continuing to act like he’s going to win. Even though he knows he won’t win, he keeps thinking that he’s going to get the GOP nomination at the Convention. He thinks there’s going to be a “Contested Convention” but there won’t be one at all if Donald Trump is able to get to the 1237 which should be no problem for Trump.

John Kasich backed out of Indiana so Kashich won’t be on the Indiana ballots at all. It will just be Trump vs. Cruz in the Indiana primary which is scheduled for this coming Tuesday. They think that’s gonna help Ted win Indiana but it’s not gonna happen. I’m predicting that Trump is gonna win Indiana, big time. That will show that Cruz and Kasich’s deal would fail. Ted Cruz is losing more and more support because of his deal with Kasich. Now Ted is losing a lot more support ’cause he picked Carly Fiorina as his Vice President running mate.

Seriously? That is an odd team up ’cause both Ted and Carly has different views on Islam. Ted maybe a little aggressive on Islam yes but Carly is too friendly with Islam, though.

If Ted Cruz seriously wanted to take down Hillary Clinton, he would drop out of the race and team up with Trump but he hasn’t done that yet. Ted is definitely desperate. Ted already lost the election but all he wants to do is take down Trump.

Ted is a loser and anybody who supports him and is part of the “Cruz Crew” is a loser too. Ted is an egomaniac and a liar for sure. Ted really needs to get out of the race. Ted is gonna have to get out of the race once Donald reaches the 1237. It’s gonna happen, y’all. Trump will get to the 1237 and delusional Ted doesn’t think he’s going to.

I can’t wait to see Ted’s reaction when Trump does get to the 1237. It’s going to be funny.


People who once supported John Kasich and Ted Cruz are voting for Trump now! Amazing stuff!!!

When will the media and the GOP get the hint that the more they go after Donald Trump, the more they are helping him? This is exactly what’s happening now. Ted and John announced they are teaming up together to deny Trump the nomination at the Convention but even their own supporters aren’t even liking that idea. I look at the official facebook pages of Kasich and Cruz. I’m seeing a lot of former supporters bashing their own candidates. Kasich supporters have turned their backs on Kasich and Cruz supporters have turned their backs on Cruz. Most of them are now former supporters of Cruz and Kasich, they are all voting for Trump now. Pretty amazing stuff really.

Cruz and Kasich keeps losing more and more supporters, aren’t they? They think they’re gonna block Trump of the nomination so one of them could become GOP nominee. Not gonna happen.

Americans wants Cruz and Kasich to drop out but they won’t ’cause they’re desperate. They will do anything to take down Trump and that’s all they care about. I wish they would grow up… drop out and team up with Donald so they can work on taking down Hillary but I don’t see that happening now. All Cruz and Kasich are doing are showing their hatred toward Donald even more and Donald wouldn’t want anything to do with them now.

I think I may as well switch to Independent voter ’cause I’m fed up with the GOP. I might actually do it pretty soon.