Ted Cruz is a piece of garbage… he has no chance but he thinks he’s gonna win… is he delusional?

Ted Cruz is too predictable. I just knew that he was probably gonna pick Carly as his running mate. It’s a proven fact that Ted has no chance. He is mathematically eliminated. Ted can never get to the 1237 but he will never admit that. He’s going around continuing to act like he’s going to win. Even though he knows he won’t win, he keeps thinking that he’s going to get the GOP nomination at the Convention. He thinks there’s going to be a “Contested Convention” but there won’t be one at all if Donald Trump is able to get to the 1237 which should be no problem for Trump.

John Kasich backed out of Indiana so Kashich won’t be on the Indiana ballots at all. It will just be Trump vs. Cruz in the Indiana primary which is scheduled for this coming Tuesday. They think that’s gonna help Ted win Indiana but it’s not gonna happen. I’m predicting that Trump is gonna win Indiana, big time. That will show that Cruz and Kasich’s deal would fail. Ted Cruz is losing more and more support because of his deal with Kasich. Now Ted is losing a lot more support ’cause he picked Carly Fiorina as his Vice President running mate.

Seriously? That is an odd team up ’cause both Ted and Carly has different views on Islam. Ted maybe a little aggressive on Islam yes but Carly is too friendly with Islam, though.

If Ted Cruz seriously wanted to take down Hillary Clinton, he would drop out of the race and team up with Trump but he hasn’t done that yet. Ted is definitely desperate. Ted already lost the election but all he wants to do is take down Trump.

Ted is a loser and anybody who supports him and is part of the “Cruz Crew” is a loser too. Ted is an egomaniac and a liar for sure. Ted really needs to get out of the race. Ted is gonna have to get out of the race once Donald reaches the 1237. It’s gonna happen, y’all. Trump will get to the 1237 and delusional Ted doesn’t think he’s going to.

I can’t wait to see Ted’s reaction when Trump does get to the 1237. It’s going to be funny.


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