There are only 10 states left in the primaries, Trump should win most or all of them…

There are only 10 states left in the primaries, that’s it. Trump should easily be able to get the 1237 or more just in time before it’s all over with. It’s over for Cruz and Kasich. Cruz and Kasich really need to drop out but they won’t ’cause they are desperate losers. Looks like the General Election is gonna be Trump vs. Hillary like I’ve been saying for a long time.

I can’t wait for Trump to be our next Prez ’cause it’s gonna happen, y’all. If you think Hillary has what it takes to beat Trump then you’re delusional. Beating Hillary should be easy for Trump. Even if the Bernie fans don’t like Trump, I have a feeling they’re gonna vote for Trump anyways in order to stop Hillary in Nov. That’s exactly how Trump will win over the liberal vote.

When Trump debates Hillary in the General Election, he’s probably gonna bring up a lot of Hillary’s scandals like the Nixon Watergate scandal, Whitewater, the Vince Foster suicide, Ron Brown, Travelgate, the e-mails and of course, Benghazi. Trump is gonna rip Hillary to pieces and I can’t wait.

Deal with it you ignorant haters… Trump will be the next president of the United States. It’s gonna happen. He will silence all the doubters who thought he wouldn’t make it.



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