Trump wins all 5 states on Super Tuesday, now getting the 1237 is definitely possible!!!

Ted Cruz says that nobody is getting the 1237 and that’s why he and Kasich have teamed up hoping there is going to be a “contested” convention so they can help deny the nomination on Trump. Well looks like that’s not gonna happen ’cause Trump is gonna get the 1237. I take a look at Ted Cruz’s twitter page real quick and he’s imploding, I see. He’s going crazy ’cause Trump won all 5 states and continuing to bash Trump.

Trump is now at 927 delegates and he’ll get to the 1237 easily. Ted and John won’t drop out of the race ’cause they think there’s going to be a “contested” convention if nobody gets the 1237. I see their plan of teaming up together to take down Trump failed miserably, though. Ted and John are a couple of weasels that need to drop out of the race ’cause they got no chance. Bernie Sanders need to drop out too ’cause he also has no chance.

It may as well be Trump vs. Hillary for the General Election like I’ve been predicting for a long time.

People told me that Trump is a plant to help Hillary. They said he was here to help the Democrats well looks like Trump has silenced all the doubters. He silenced all those ridiculous claims. People told me that Trump won’t make it past the primaries well look at him now. Trump has came this far. Trump played the election fair and square while everyone else is obsessed with cheating.

You don’t think Bernie Sanders himself is cheating, hey? Of course Bernie is. I’ll have another post on that soon.

Deal with it, haters. Trump is gonna be the GOP nominee. He’ll be the next president of the United States too ’cause Trump will easily beat Hillary. Beating Hillary will be easy for Trump, trust me.

I’m a proud Trump supporter ’cause I really do believe he’s the best guy. I’m done supporting career politicians. We need a business man president. We need someone with a different vision.



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