Trump supporters need to relax on Ted Cruz, I think Ted is trying to unite us!

So Ted Cruz appears to be on the Trump Train finally and he endorsed Trump. Yeah, it appears that many Trump supporters are angry at Ted  for this. The only reason they believe that Ted is only doing this ’cause they believe Ted thinks he’s going be victorious in this election or something like that.

I don’t think so. For once, I think Ted did a good thing here and I’m willing to give him a chance. Maybe Ted Cruz is just trying to unite the conservative party? Ever since Ted started attacking Donald Trump, he totally divided the conservative movement. Maybe Ted is just trying to get us all back together. Get together and unify the party so we can help destroy Hillary.

As soon as Ted endorsed Trump, all the Trump supporters were quick to badly judge Ted. I can understand how Ted is not to be trusted ’cause I don’t like him either but I’m giving him a chance this time.

Maybe Ted felt bad for getting on the Donald Trump hating bandwagon and wanted to have a change of heart? Ya know, he was part of Trump’s GOP pledge too so maybe Ted is trying to stay faithful to that?

If you call yourself a Trump  supporter, you’re not a true Trump supporter if you don’t support all Trump endorsements. Sorry but I’m not afraid to say that.

I think Ted just wants to bury the hatchet with Trump. Rubio already buried the hatchet with Trump so why not?

Isn’t that what all the Trump supporters wanted from Ted? They wanted Ted to respect Trump and now they’re getting that. Trump supporters are still angry.

It’s funny ya know. Ted Cruz endorsed Trump and the media freaks out. Trump supporters even freaked out too. The same with Trump’s conservative enemies like Glenn Beck, he didn’t like Ted endorsing Trump too.

What Ted did was pretty awesome and I mean that too. I maybe a Trump supporter myself but I’ll admit that sometimes other Trump supporters can drive me crazy. I don’t agree with everything they do.


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