Why it’s important to support local music as much as possible…

I love supporting local music. I’ve been a big local music supporter for way over a decade. I love local bands and acoustic artists. Whether they play originals or covers, it doesn’t  matter. I just love music.

I think it’s important to support local music as best as possible ’cause these musicians work hard for what they do. I try my best to make all of them happy by supporting their music. Just by buying their CD’s, t-shirts and going to their shows. You see these days it’s hard to get recognition and it’s hard to get noticed. I do everything I can to help local bands and solo artists out. I just enjoy being helpful.

Each time I go to a local music show, I’ll do my best to make local talent smile by watching their set and after their set, I would support them even more by buying a CD or a t-shirt off of them. When I go to a local music gig, after their performance I usually walk up to the musician and give them a compliment about their set.  That way musicians can go home feeling good ’cause I know bands & musicians don’t get too many people complimenting them these days.

I just enjoy musicians and enjoy supporting them.

Most musicians are really nice and down to earth people though. Many local musicians are pretty humble as well. They don’t take themselves seriously at all. Many local bands around here are not worried about fame or making lots of money at all. They just want to play music and that’s the end of it.

Yeah, I know not all musicians are gonna be nice, though. Some can be assholes and can be a bit egomaniacal but those are the ones you want to ignore.

Supporting local music is good for ya. Another reason is that Albany is not that much of a music scene and it’s hard to get people to support your music so I do all I can to support local bands.

Local bands really love it when you support them. When you show a band your support, they’ll do what they can to give back to ya like free stuff, shoutouts at their shows or even better they can become your friend too.

Supporting local bands is awesome. I would like to go out and see more live local music ’cause I would love to get my chance to see Candy Ambulance and Dryer live. Two other local bands that I love.

I enjoy getting CD’s and other merch from local bands. Whether they give me their stuff for free or not, it’s all good. I don’t mind paying local bands “money” ’cause they really deserve that and need it too.

Over the weekend at the Eastbound Throwdown festival, I bought 6 local albums from four different local acts. Eastbound Throwdown was a total blast. I’ll write a full post about the festival with pics and video tomorrow.



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