Think I’m pretty much done with Apple Music streaming, don’t really need it…

So I let my subscription for Apple Music streaming go and let it run out. I don’t think I’m gonna get it back either.  I don’t really need online streaming services ’cause in my opinion, they’re pretty pointless. Apple Music streaming can be pretty frustrating admittedly. A lot of glitches and problems still. So I got out of Apple Music streaming and went back to regular Itunes. So instead of streaming albums online, I’ll go back to buying albums from Itunes on a regular basis which I like better.

Online streaming of albums is trying to change the world but I think it’s gonna fail. Another reason I don’t agree with online streaming services anymore is ’cause I would rather own the album for myself ’cause you don’t own the album when streaming online. Streaming online is kind of like a video rental store which is what I don’t like about it. I would rather buy the album and own it for myself.

So I think I’m done with online music streaming services for good, I think.

While I did used to stream music on Spotify and Apple Music, it was a good opportunity for me to listen to albums I’ve always wanted to hear and I got to hear a lot. I got to stream the entire discography of albums by my favorite artists and bands which was pretty cool anyways.

On top of that, I think it’s better to buy albums off of Itunes as a way to support the artist ’cause they need it. I’m coming to a realization that online streaming services are pretty unfair to the artists.



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