Eastbound Throwdown review… yes, I went and it was a blast…

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Driftwood takes the stage at Eastbound Throwdown.

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The band Eastbound Jesus held their 2nd annual, “Eastbound Throwdown” festival. This time it was a two day festival with camping and all. Lots of bands on the bill and plenty of things to see and do at the festival. The festival took place at Irwin Farm in Salem, N.Y.

Yes, I went and stayed the whole weekend. It was a blast too and I had a lot of fun. The guys in EBJ did a great job putting together their own festival. I was impressed. It was all very professional. It was more than just music. You can also eat food there, play games, drink all kinds of alcohol and just hang out with people.

I got to hang out with plenty of people I already know and got to meet some new faces as well. Did I get drunk and get myself hammered? You betcha I did drink quite a bit so I admittedly did get pretty wasted. I’m not much of a drinker at all but once in a blue moon won’t hurt, ya know? I just wanted to have a blast and get a buzz on.

I got to be a part of the EBJ Throwdown staff so I got to hangout backstage and stuff. Even though I was allowed to go backstage with a pass and all, I didn’t hang out backstage all that much ’cause I was too busy watching all the talent on stage out in the audience. I’m a huge local music supporter and I like watching musicians play. When I did go backstage, I would go back there and talk to the bands after their performance to give them compliments and stuff.

While I think all talent at EBJ Throwdown were great, I was most impressed with the North & South Dakotas, Driftwood, The Mallet Brothers Band, Pitchfork Militia, the Blind Owl Band, Green (local cover band) and of course, EBJ kills it like they always do.

They did a great job with the stage, sound, lighting and the scheduling of bands. The bands appeared on stage right on schedule so it was all done perfectly and professionally. A lot of people showed up at the Festival too so it was pretty successful. They really pulled it off beautifully.

While the bands were playing I did dance a lot myself. I danced to Green,  Blind Owl Band, The Mallett Brothers and of course, EBJ. I danced like crazy to EBJ on Friday night but the second night EBJ took the stage, I was standing this time and then I watched the rest of the EBJ show on night 2 at the top of the hill ’cause I got too tired out from all that crazy dancing. Yeah, I did dance with a couple of drunk women which was fun.

What I like about EBJ shows is that their fanbase are a bunch of cool people. They just get together, act all weird and crazy and just have a blast. Getting rowdy and crazy is a small part of what their shows are about really. EBJ fans look out for each other which is cool. Just dance with random people and act all weird. EBJ shows are all about having fun. If you want to act all silly and dumb at EBJ shows, go ahead. 🙂

EBJ Throwdown was a total blast. If you want to see a lot more pics and video, check out my Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/p/BK0xMQiA4hA/?taken-by=kevbrockmusic

This Throwdown was definitely way better than last year’s and definitely looking forward to next year.




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