Yes, Rosie O’ Donnell deserves to get attacked by Donald Trump, she had it coming and she started it to begin with…

On last night’s presidential debate, Hillary predictably accused Trump of saying nasty things about women and calls him a misogynist and all that stuff. *yawn* What else is new? Trump tries to defend himself by saying that he only said nasty things about Rosie O’ Donnell. Which is true.

Everybody wants to believe that Trump is a misogynist and the NeverTrump idiots think Trump hates women. So tell me, was there any other women other than Rosie O’ Donnell that he talked trash to? Well Megyn Kelly maybe but any others? No. I bet you can’t find any others. Why? It’s simply because Mr. Trump is not a woman hater. He only goes after the women who attacks him first. Women shouldn’t get a free pass for attacking men.

On top of that, Rosie O’ Donnell started the feud by attacking Trump personally. Rosie criticized Trump for not stripping Tara Conner the crown after she was tested positive of cocaine and Trump let her keep the crown. Rosie was upset about that so she called him a “snake-oil salesman” which pissed off Trump.  Then she went on to say untrue things about his personal life like his alleged affairs which also set Trump  off. The reason the feud started was it wasn’t because of Rosie being upset about Tara Conner being allowed to keep the crown, it was because she said false statements about Trump’s personal life and financial matters.,,20005103,00.html

So Trump hates women for calling out a woman for attacking him? Trump has every right to go after people who “slanders” him. Rosie slanders him and she thinks she can get away with that. The NeverTrump idiots are now feeling sorry for her? Wow. The NeverTrump idiots feels sorry for anybody who attacks Trump first and they don’t like it when he decides to retaliate.

When people say hurtful and offensive stuff about me, I’m not going to respond to it so kindly. If you attack me personally, I’m probably gonna attack back. You have every right to do that. It’s about sticking up for yourself and that’s what Trump does. He sticks up for himself whenever he’s attacked by other people.

So was Trump attacking Rosie and calling her names justifiable? Absolutely! Nobody likes being accused of cheating and having affairs and all that stuff. So what Rosie said about Trump back then was inappropriate and I can’t blame Trump for attacking back ’cause I’d do the same.

Rosie is a bitch. I never liked that stupid cunt and she continues to be a bitch today.

Donald Trump goes after anyone who attacks him first. He has always bee like that. He’s one of those guys that if you respect him, he’ll respect you in return.

If someone attacks you personally, you have every right to attack back shouldn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman. Woman shouldn’t get away with their bullcrap either.






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