People who once supported John Kasich and Ted Cruz are voting for Trump now! Amazing stuff!!!

When will the media and the GOP get the hint that the more they go after Donald Trump, the more they are helping him? This is exactly what’s happening now. Ted and John announced they are teaming up together to deny Trump the nomination at the Convention but even their own supporters aren’t even liking that idea. I look at the official facebook pages of Kasich and Cruz. I’m seeing a lot of former supporters bashing their own candidates. Kasich supporters have turned their backs on Kasich and Cruz supporters have turned their backs on Cruz. Most of them are now former supporters of Cruz and Kasich, they are all voting for Trump now. Pretty amazing stuff really.

Cruz and Kasich keeps losing more and more supporters, aren’t they? They think they’re gonna block Trump of the nomination so one of them could become GOP nominee. Not gonna happen.

Americans wants Cruz and Kasich to drop out but they won’t ’cause they’re desperate. They will do anything to take down Trump and that’s all they care about. I wish they would grow up… drop out and team up with Donald so they can work on taking down Hillary but I don’t see that happening now. All Cruz and Kasich are doing are showing their hatred toward Donald even more and Donald wouldn’t want anything to do with them now.

I think I may as well switch to Independent voter ’cause I’m fed up with the GOP. I might actually do it pretty soon.



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