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Ted Cruz destroys Mark Zuckerberg over censorship of conservatives and Trump supporters on FB. This is a must watch!!!

I’ve always known that Facebook has always been a cesspool for liberal bias… twitter is pretty much the same thing. My support for Ted Cruz has been on and off over the years but I think it’s back on again. This video is amazing! Ted Cruz destroys Mark Zuckerberg over censorship of conservatives and Trump supporters on facebook.

In this video, you see Ted Cruz not being afraid to call out Zuckerberg to his face about conservative censorship on FB.  Ted tries to ask him about if FB is a neutral public forum but Suckerberg couldn’t answer the question. He goes off by saying it’s for all ideas and makes a bunch of excuses that FB doesn’t accept “hate speech”, “nudity”, “terrorist content”, blah blah blah so you can see that Suckerberg is clearly denying liberal bias. So Ted Cruz here gives some examples of conservative censorship and you can clearly see Suckerberg couldn’t answer that one. Suckerberg continues to deny liberal bias on facebook as you can see. Since Suckerberg continues to deny it, Cruz gets on to Suckerberg even more by asking him if he’s aware of any liberal pages been taken down by FB and Suckerberg of course, says “No”. Suckerberg clearly couldn’t answer that one and was completely stumped. Cruz just wanted to prove his point about liberal bias on FB and did that beautifully.

This video is golden… I had to watch it a couple of times. This is Ted Cruz defending conservative freedom of speech. Ya know… Freedom of Speech works both ways. It’s not a one way street for liberals, but FB, twitter and other social networking pages wants to make it like that.

I was once a victim of conservative censorship on FB. One day I’ve had something weird happen to my FB and then I looked in my Support Inbox in the settings and FB sent me a message saying they’ve taken a post down due to nudity. I’m like, “What?”. I’m pretty sure I didn’t post nudity at all ’cause I know it’s the rules of the TOS. I was pretty sure FB has taken down a post with conservative views or I’ve posted something positively about Trump.

Anyway, it is interesting though how people want to deny liberal bias on social networking. If you want to continue to deny it then why is it that conservatives and Trump supporters are always getting punishment and liberals get no punishment? Liberals are always saying hateful and abusive things to people everyday, you try to report them and nothing happens to them. It’s always the right-wing community getting punishment by the staff. I’ve always believed that social networking pages just wants to destroy conservatives and they are in bed with liberals.

Why is there liberal bias in social networking? Elections is the key, I must say. It’s how they try to make Democrat politicians to win elections. They want to make it seem like conservatives don’t exist and that’s why they censor them. Not only the mainstream media is corrupt to the core, social networking is corrupt to the core too.

I think FB should be shut down and I could care less if it goes ’cause FB is garbage anyways. Always has been and always will be. Liberal bias on FB is not the only reason why it sucks so much. FB is garbage ’cause people are crazy. Too much negativity, soap opera and drama… plus I’m tired of all the baby pics, animal pics and stupid memes.

Can we bring the old myspace back with Tom running it, please? I really miss those days. The old myspace was better. It’ll be great if myspace made a comeback.


Censorship and liberal bias on twitter a huge problem???

I’ve been noticing a lot of Trump supporters and conservatives on twitter getting censored like crazy. Your twitter account would either get on lockdown or get suspended permanently. This have been going on since Milo has gotten permanently banned off twitter.

Here’s what a lockdown twitter account would look like. When your account is on lockdown, only your twitter followers can see your twitter. People outside won’t be able to see it for 24 hours.

This is what a permanent suspension would look like. Saltwater Patricia has been a popular Trump supporter on twitter and her account got suspended for no reason at all:

People may say that Trump supporters and conservatives get censored off twitter ’cause they break the TOS but they never do. We know the TOS and rules of twitter. We know how to follow them. We never really post anything offensive or abusive… it’s just that I think it’s obvious that twitter is scared of conservative opinion. Period?

Liberals post offensive & abusive shit all the time. Everyday but you try to report them, nothing ever happens to their account. Liberals don’t go to twitter jail but Trump supporters and conservatives do.

Thankfully, my twitter account hasn’t gotten censored yet but if it ever happened to me, I’ll probably be done with twitter for good and I’m serious about that. These things have been happening to a lot of Trump supporters on twitter.

Liberals leave conservatives death threats, gives us threats of violence and they say all sorts of offensive stuff to us all the time but they don’t go to twitter jail? Yet they censor conservatives for speaking out on politics?

Also, twitter continues to allow Muslims post photos of dead bodies and shit, nothing happens to them either.

Liberals want to view the world how they see it but they need to learn not everyone does so they need to get over themselves.


Even other conservatives can be misinformed with their politics too, not just liberals…

A lot of people will say that liberals are dumb and misinformed. They are, I’ve always been saying that for years and I still stand by it but don’t get me wrong, folks. I also believe that a lot of conservatives can also be misinformed with their politics too. So see, guys? I’m not on one side at all. I’ve vowed earlier this year that I’m gonna start being realistic on both sides of the spectrum so I will do just that.

You know how that some liberals can be out of touch with reality when it comes to Barack Obama? Well some conservatives can be the same way. While it’s a fact that a lot of conservatives hate Barack Obama, I feel that a lot of them are not tough enough on him. I’m noticing that a lot of conservatives are pretty weak when it comes to Obama bashing. Even some “right-wingers” believe that Obama was born in America and some don’t think he’s behind Benghazi and all that stuff. I can go on and on. I just believe that a lot of conservatives out there are pretty weak on Obama and they’re not tough enough on him like I am.

More evidence is that “conservatives” can also be dumb & uneducated is that many of them support Ted Cruz when they shouldn’t have. 1) Ted is not eligible, go ahead and support a Canadian when a foreign person shouldn’t be president. 2) Ted supported Obama’s TPP trade 3) Ted is also weak on illegal immigration and amnesty, he seems to support it. So is Ted all tough and aggressive on government corruption like “right-wingers” claim? Not a chance. Ted is not really all that “conservative” either. He’s also a sellout RINO and conservatives naively thinks he’s a die-hard “right-winger”.

A lot of “right-wingers” support Marco Rubio too when they also shouldn’t have. For one, Marco is also not eligible for the White House and he’s also weak on amnesty. So no thanks to Rubio.

There’s also a lot of conservatives who hate Donald Trump and I believe they’re not real “conservatives” when they do. Donald Trump is the true conservative than all the GOP candidates. When other “right-wingers” hate Donald Trump, it shows that they can be misinformed and dumb as well. It means that some of them still have some “liberal” views.

This is why I have decided not to align myself with a certain party, ya know? As of this point, I’m pretty neutral on Democrat and Republican. I’m the true “conservative” than most out there. That’s why I support Donald Trump ’cause I know he’s the true blue conservative than all the others. I know a true conservative when I see one and Ted Cruz isn’t.

Yep, I’m beginning to realize that some so-called conservatives can be dumb and misinformed as well. This election is proof of that. People can be misinformed with their politics on both sides of the spectrum, yes.

I’m all about the truth when it comes to politics. I try to keep everything real as possible. I don’t care if people disagree or how offended people get. The truth is gonna get told even if it’s too extreme or it may hurt some. Don’t care either way. As you can see, I do a lot of research and get myself informed before I express my opinion in which a lot of people don’t do these days. Pretty sad too.


Liberals hate toward conservatives on social networking… why???

It really bothers me and entertaining at the same time how liberals really hate conservatives whether in facebook or twitter. I can’t tell you how many times people with liberal views added me in facebook/twitter for a while then all of a sudden they decide to delete me/block me ’cause they realized I have conservative views. Probably because they felt easily offended that I bash Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. When liberals don’t block me, they usually call me out and bash me in return instead of getting into a civilized debate which most liberals don’t know how to do. All they do is call you bigots, racists or conspiracy theorists.

It really is funny how liberals call you conspiracy theorists when they are the biggest conspiracy theorist out there. They wanna blame George W. on 9/11/01 and that’s one of the biggest conspiracy theories out there. I’m sure there’s more. Liberals have no right to accuse conservatives of believing in conspiracy theories when they do the same with 9/11/01. It’s hypocritical for sure. Make no mistake about it, liberals have conspiracy theories too and they always pretend that they don’t. Their belief in GMO’s that make our food unhealthy, that’s conspiracy theory too. So yeah, they do believe in them.

I’m used to people shitting on me for my conservative views but that’s okay. I’m entitled to my own opinions and views and I don’t speak ’em out to make friends. I think the only reason that libtards hate conservatives is ’cause they know we’re correct most of the time. They just can’t take the truth and that’s the end of it. We’re focused on being honest and real while the left is full of lies and delusions. They despise us ’cause of our views on gay marriage, gun control, abortion, etc.

Us conservatives just can’t seem to get a break from these liberals. They attack us at every turn. They attack me on my blog too. I would say that if we’re getting them mad, then we must be saying the right things. Liberals are so misinformed ’cause they rely on info from the mainstream media. They don’t think outside the box and don’t care to get themselves educated. Libtards are pretty nuts, man. They are getting even nuttier too. They are being taught that way by the media and Democrat politicians.

What bothers me even more is their continuing support for Obama & Hillary. They attack us for bashing them too. When us conservatives speak out on what’s going on with the country, we’re not doing this to get all over liberals and bring them down. No way. That’s not our goal. Our goal is to educate people and wake people up. That’s all we’re doing pretty much. Giving people a reality check but we’re getting really fed up with the left ’cause they refuse to listen to us. Instead, they only believe what the media tells them. They view that as credible source but when it comes to us on the right, they look at us like we’re a fucking joke. We’re only try to help ’cause we care for our American people regardless of the party. If the left wanna hate us, then we’ll hate them in return. That’s how it goes.

The intolerance of the left have gotten much worse. After the gay marriage ruling, all the Bruce Jenner stuff, the Charleston shootings, etc. This country has gone batshit crazy. When will this country ever calm down ’cause we deserve some peace for once? As long as Obama is still in office, we’re never gonna get that.


Don’t argue with the liberal left, unless you wanna get called a bigot or whatever names they call you…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice, civil and adult debate in politics without the left attacking you and calling you names? That’s why you shouldn’t debate or argue with them at all. Just get your opinions and views on things, don’t reply to liberals at all. These days, talking to liberals is like talking to a brick wall.

The problem is, they (the left) will only agree with their views. They won’t agree with anything on the right at all. They really are one-sided people. Like I said, they only side with views on the left.

When George W. was president, debating politics used to be fun and enjoyable! Now it’s not, under Obama! You wanna tell the truth about Barack, Hillary and other liberal politicians be prepared to be attacked by left-wingers. You wanna disagree with their views, be ready for a liberal backlash. It’s called, “intolerance” like I’ve said many times.

They hate Republicans and they see nothing wrong with the Democrat party at all. To them, everything about the Democrat party is heroic and they feel Democrats are doing good things to America.

Yeah, sure, liberals are gonna accuse us “right-wingers” being one-sided but we’re not at all. We’ve been disgusted with our own party and not afraid to be vocal about it. We know the Republican/GOP side is broken & corrupt, we’re not fucking stupid, ya know? We’ve been upset with the GOP lately ’cause they’ve been helping Obama on a lot of things most notably the TPP trade. We’ve already turned our backs on the Republicans. Most of us did. It’s true!!!

Why won’t liberals turn their backs on the Democrat side? Why won’t liberals be realistic with their own party? That’s one thing I can’t figure out.

To them, there is nothing bad about the Democrat party at all. They’ll support all of Obama’s bad policies and support Obama’s ideas for America even though they it’s been proven they are bad. Each time someone attacks Obama’s policies, liberals will be quick to defend it.

This country has gone batshit crazy for sure. You wanna support right-wing politicians or candidates, liberals will attack you for that too when you should have every right for an opinion.

I stopped debating with liberals a long time ago and feel really GOOD about it. Don’t debate with them. They’ll make your head spin. They drive you crazy ’cause they enjoy it. They’re always gonna think they’re right no matter what they say. They’ll call you names, accuse you of watching FOX News and all that immature shit. They really are the most immature people I’ve come across. Ignore them all, the liberals. Pretend they’re all dead. You can tell ’cause I don’t allow ’em to post on my blog anymore. They are getting worse.

I can see why conservatives are quiet on their views lately so they can avoid a liberal backlash. Don’t be afraid to get your voice heard. Don’t let ’em win.



We The People, can not let ourselves get defeated by stupid idiot liberals…

Liberalism is indeed taking over this country. You can take the blame on that on our mainstream media and career politicians. Most people that I know in my life have liberal political views. Too many have liberal political views.

If you think for one second that I’m gonna allow myself to get silenced by stupid idiot liberals when it comes to hating on Barack Obama and me being against all this “equal rights” crap they do, then think again. I don’t give a fuck how offended or pissed off liberals get. I’m gonna tell everything like it is. To me, it don’t matter anymore. Whether people are conservative or liberal, the truth is gonna get told either way.

Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t hate every liberal view… I do agree with them what Edward Snowden did was a good thing. I also agree with liberals that Obama should tell us what’s inside those TPP documents. That’s about all but their views on gay marriage, transgender, their hatred toward the police, abortion and all that stuff is what I will always disagree with. I will always be against their support for Barack Obama and defending him most of the time.

We The People cannot be silenced by these stupid, intolerant, uneducated and misinformed libtards. Yeah, I call them a bunch of names because seriously they deserve it.

Don’t let them think it’s okay to control you and bully you. Don’t ever cave in to them. Stick to your guns. Always tell it like it is. I’m not afraid of truth at all but it appears that these freakin’ liberals are. That’s why they get mad and all they wanna do is argue with you like pre-school kids.

People wanna continue to call Bruce Jenner courageous and brave for transitioning into a woman? When will people who tell the truth ever be looked at as being courageous and brave? Honestly, you cannot deny that truth telling takes a lot of balls. Instead, people look at truth tellers like bad guys and enemies. That explains why I have too many haters. Telling the truth and being real will get you a lot of haters.

I’ve had too many people refusing to support me ’cause I’m anti-Obama and anti-liberal but that’s okay. Fuck ’em. I don’t do this to make friends. I do this to wake people up of what’s going on with this country and trust me, I’m not stopping. I’m a patriot and a Constitutionalist is why I do what I do.

Always tells the truth. Liberals really are taking away our freedom of speech and it’s real sad. Seems like Liberals are only allowed to have Freedom Of Speech. When we’re against their views, they’ll do anything to silence us. Really can’t stand it and it’s pissing me off. Don’t let ’em win, yo. You can tell I never did.


It’s funny that liberals posts stupid memes like this… hypocrites like they always are!!!


Liberals never ceases to amaze me. Here they are, posting this stupid meme claiming that people should treat others the way they want to be treated. Well, they should heed the same fucking advice. They probably do treat people how they want to be treated but NOT everybody. Yes, they treat other liberals, gays and all kinds of other people with respect but they don’t treat “Conservatives” and “Republicans” with respect at all. Treat others how they want to be treated? What about “right-wingers”?

Yeah, liberals can be “cool” to “right-wingers”, I’m not denying that but when they disagree with us on a certain topic, it’s amazing how hateful and disrespectful they can be. They’ll throw their temper tantrums at us and call us every name in the book. They are pretty hateful and spiteful people. They can be that way when we criticize their Barack & Hillary… they can be that way when we have opposing views on gay marriage, Obamacare, gun control, abortion, etc.

Yeah, like the meme says which I agree with, “respect” is earned you fucking liberals. You want us “right-wingers” to respect you well let us have our damn opinions and views on certain topics ’cause that’s a huge part of why we are all getting fed up with you. You think we’re gonna ignore the hate and bullying you gave us over the years under Barack Obama as president? What about all the hate and disrespect you gave to Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, Trump, etc.? You didn’t treat them the way you would wanna be treated.

Stupid liberals trying to look like the innocent victim here. I’ve gotten so much shit from liberals over the years under Barack Obama as president. It’s crazy and I’ll never forget it.

Liberals treat people the way they wanna be treated? LOL!!! Oh hell fucking NO, they don’t! They don’t at all. As long as you agree with them, they’ll be fine.


Actually, conservatism still dominates the country and here is proof of that…

A new poll has been released trying to determine which side is more popular: Conservatives vs. Liberals. It turns out that Conservatives still dominates the country; however, liberalism has risen to %24 since 2012.


It may seem like that liberalism is more popular than conservatism ’cause that’s how the media likes to promote it as. The mainstream news media is so liberal bias, it’s crazy. If you want conservative news you tune into FOX News.

This is why a lot of people still have a hard time trying to figure out what kind of man Obama really is ’cause the mainstream media refuses to report all the bad stuff about Obama. On news stations like NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. you’re never gonna see headlining stories about Barack & Hillary being responsible for Benghazi, Obama being born in Kenya, Obama murdered his gay lovers to hide his homosexuality, Obama’s ties with Muslim Brotherhood, Obama ordered “Operation: F&F”, Obama murdered Loretta Fuddy, Obama behind the IRS & NSA scandals, etc. in the mainstream news. You might see that stuff on FOX News but everywhere else, no. The mainstream news media like to treat Obama in a positive light that’s why some mistakenly believe that Obama is a good president.

These days if people find out if you’re conservative, you’ll get all kinds of hate and disrespect. This is why conservatives keep their conservative beliefs to themselves because they are afraid of a liberal backlash. I wish more conservatives would grow a spine and speak out against Obama and the radical left in our country.

As you can clearly see, I’m openly conservative and not afraid to say that I am so I’m willing to take some heat from libtards.

It’s interesting how conservatives get so much disrespect and hate. You wanna bash Obama, get ready for a lot of bullshit from libtards. That’s what libtards do, they will do everything in their power to defend and protect the president. They go around attacking conservative facebook pages and internet blogs. I know from experience ’cause most of my blog readers are “liberal” sadly.

I’m not ashamed to be conservative and I like who I am. I’m proud of it. I believe in traditional marriage, I believe in the second amendment, I believe in small government and I believe that abortion is murder. If people don’t like it, here is a big middle finger to all of them.


Is there any real truth to politics anymore??? I vote no…

Everybody wants to tell their own version of the truth in politics. Is there any real truth to politics and government discussion in this day and age? The way I’m looking at this is that there is no such thing as the truth anymore and here’s what I mean…

Politics today is so divided. Everybody knows that. Seems like the left and right is a big thing these days. The left and right have opposites of opinions on everything. The two parties each have different thoughts and views. To explain exactly what I mean…

The right wants to believe that President Obama is an evil tyrant and dictator who is set out to destroy America. The left wants to believe that there is nothing wrong with Obama. The left knows that America is in bad shape but they never want to blame it on him. The left wants to blame it all on the Republicans in Congress and blame George W. Bush. My point being, the right thinks dems/liberals are the badguys while the left  thinks conservatives/republicans are the badguys.

Here are some more specific examples:

Lets take this immigration reform stuff as a perfect example. The right don’t agree with Obama’s immigration reform plan. They don’t agree with Obama’s amnesty and his border plan. They also don’t agree with him going on with the Immigration Reform without Congressional approval. The left thinks the right are a bunch of badguys for Obama’s immigration reform plan. They think John Boehner is a coward and corrupt leader just because he disagreed with Obama’s executive actions. The left thinks Obama is a hero for calling out Republicans over Boehner’s lawsuit threat, while the right calls Obama a crybaby and a child.

The Hobby Lobby stuff is another good one. The right thinks the Supreme Court are heroes for giving the smackdown on the contraceptives over Obamacare but the left thinks they are evil and disgusting that they ignored human rights for women.

Lets look at Benghazi. The right wants answers and justice for the 4 Americans that were killed. The left wants to act like that Benghazi is nothing. They don’t want to blame Obama/Hillary for the attacks. They want to attack Republicans for dragging it on and making a big deal about it.

The right wants to impeach Obama for all the bad things he have done to America like all the scandals, the lying and disobeying the Constitution obsessively. The left thinks he’s an innocent and harmless man.

Okay, I think you get my point now. It’s all opposites of opinion. The divided parties are messed up, in my opinion. When will there ever be a time when both sides will agree with each other on something?

It’s difficult to tell which party is telling the truth. That’s the point I’m getting at here.

The left doesn’t want to hate on Obama when they should. Obama is making liberals look bad when they are not even realizing it. The left elected Barack hoping he would achieve what they wanted but Barack is doing all of the exact opposite. He’s not making the liberals happy even if they think he is. Barack hates America. He doesn’t like either party. He’s making both sides look ridiculous.

People in politics are confusing and crazy. That’s why I stick to my guns when I make my views and opinions, ya know? I don’t need to side with others truths. The left really believe in their truths. The right really believes in theirs. I like to tell my truth and that’s the end of it.



Are people really this naive over Obamacare? Wow…


As expected, the health care website went down just before the deadline. Like a lot of people, I think it was on purpose so the Obama administration can have an excuse to extend the deadline.


Here’s the full .pdf of Obamacare which I plan on reading:

Click to access PLAW-111publ148.pdf

I plan on taking the time to read the whole thing this week. It’s over 900 pages long, though. I’ll take some notes while reading it and write my thoughts down on the blog.

It’s interesting how people criticize my health care when I bash O’care though. I would rather be on the health care I have now instead of getting my life destroyed with O’care. O’care was never meant to help people. It’s just the Obama administrations shady way of making more money. Again, just part of Obama’s plan in destroying America.

You can’t believe this is a legit health law just because the government says it is.  I understand people have health problems and can’t afford medical bills on their own but there are other options. O’care isn’t the way to go.

To those who make claims that it’s a good law, let me tell you something. That’s how the Obama administration wants to make it look like. They try to make it a good law. Those who believe it’s a good law and pretty loyal to it just don’t realize all the bad things hidden in the law. There are way too many secrets in the law people don’t know about.

When Republicans/conservatives try their best to warn people and tell the truth, they usually get bullied and made fun of by the left. We tried our best to talk people out of enrolling but talking to the left is like talking to a brick wall. There can never be an intelligent debate without the right getting insulted by the left. When republicans/conservatives trash this law it isn’t about hating on Obama. It’s about you. Us “right-wingers” care about people no matter what party you belong in and we just don’t want your life getting in danger over Barack Obama.

They’ll wake up once they realize their medical bills and taxes has gone sky high. They’ll wake up once they realize they’ll lose everything they got over it. I’ve read that once you enroll, there’s no backing out. I heard it’s very hard to cancel out of it if you change your mind. So think twice before going for this.

Whatever, ya know? People in politics are messed up and delusional. People are really weird. There are plenty of people who don’t deserve to be debating in politics ’cause many are horrible at it. People will never agree with you on anything… they will only side with everything on their political party which is sad really.

“Right-wingers” care. There’s no hating from any of us at all.