Are people really this naive over Obamacare? Wow…


As expected, the health care website went down just before the deadline. Like a lot of people, I think it was on purpose so the Obama administration can have an excuse to extend the deadline.

Here’s the full .pdf of Obamacare which I plan on reading:

Click to access PLAW-111publ148.pdf

I plan on taking the time to read the whole thing this week. It’s over 900 pages long, though. I’ll take some notes while reading it and write my thoughts down on the blog.

It’s interesting how people criticize my health care when I bash O’care though. I would rather be on the health care I have now instead of getting my life destroyed with O’care. O’care was never meant to help people. It’s just the Obama administrations shady way of making more money. Again, just part of Obama’s plan in destroying America.

You can’t believe this is a legit health law just because the government says it is.  I understand people have health problems and can’t afford medical bills on their own but there are other options. O’care isn’t the way to go.

To those who make claims that it’s a good law, let me tell you something. That’s how the Obama administration wants to make it look like. They try to make it a good law. Those who believe it’s a good law and pretty loyal to it just don’t realize all the bad things hidden in the law. There are way too many secrets in the law people don’t know about.

When Republicans/conservatives try their best to warn people and tell the truth, they usually get bullied and made fun of by the left. We tried our best to talk people out of enrolling but talking to the left is like talking to a brick wall. There can never be an intelligent debate without the right getting insulted by the left. When republicans/conservatives trash this law it isn’t about hating on Obama. It’s about you. Us “right-wingers” care about people no matter what party you belong in and we just don’t want your life getting in danger over Barack Obama.

They’ll wake up once they realize their medical bills and taxes has gone sky high. They’ll wake up once they realize they’ll lose everything they got over it. I’ve read that once you enroll, there’s no backing out. I heard it’s very hard to cancel out of it if you change your mind. So think twice before going for this.

Whatever, ya know? People in politics are messed up and delusional. People are really weird. There are plenty of people who don’t deserve to be debating in politics ’cause many are horrible at it. People will never agree with you on anything… they will only side with everything on their political party which is sad really.

“Right-wingers” care. There’s no hating from any of us at all.



8 thoughts on “Are people really this naive over Obamacare? Wow…”

    1. I always knew it was bad, I just never cared to talk about it in the past but now I am. What made me finally speak up about it? Probably because Obama was successful at targeting young people through that Zach Galifianakis video. Plus, the mainstream media hype approaching the deadline. O’care is pretty fuckin’ scary stuff. Incredible how many support it. Incredible how blind and ignorant people are.


      1. This health care law has socialism and communism written all over it. It’s a crossover between the two.


    1. I’m not alone that O’care is a trainwreck, dude. It’s not just right-wingers either. There are even people on the left complaining about it too. Look at Barack Obama’s official facebook page and you can see a lot of complaints there. You and your idiot friends are just scared of the truth.


      1. Each time somebody brings up my personal life about this will just be ignored and deleted. Just proves you can’t hold an intelligent debate, none of you.


    2. I understand that those who signed up for O’care already knows that this law is garbage but even that’s a terrible idea. You honestly think this health bill is gonna help you? Give it time, bro. You’ll be on facebook crying about it soon enough. Wait for it.


  1. If folks had put as much time arguing and fighting against obamacare as they did chasing the ghosts of the BC on F&F they may actually have been able to stop it.

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